If you despise cold weather and feel like hibernating the entire cold season because the freezing temperatures are not for you, well, you’re not alone.

However, since you’re a prepper and you put a high price on outdoor activities, you can’t stay locked indoors forever.

To tackle winter asthenia and freezing temperatures altogether, I’ve compiled a list of things to employ in order to boost your winter tolerance.

  1. Switch your conventional gloves with mittens

Sure, you’ll lose all the finger dexterity, but you’ll increase the warmth of your palms and fingers.

Your limb extremities lose lots of heat, that’s why it’s vital to insulate them properly.

Gloves offer a great layer of protection, but switching to a thick pair of mittens will keep your hands warmer because the fingers won’t be split apart.

This article provides all the reasons why you should choose mittens over gloves.

If there’s no need for your fingers, you can sacrifice that dexterity for an extra layer of warmth.

Switch between gloves and mittens whenever the need arises.

  1. Invest in waterproof footwear

During winter, you’ll often see rainy and snowy days. Whatever the case, your feet will soak in water unless your footwear is waterproof.

Needless to say, this will instantly affect your body heat, making you feel uncomfortable, cold, and you may even catch a cold.

Your feet are furthest from your heart, which means that blood flow from your heart will reach this extremity the hardest. For this reason, you’ll have to take extra care of your feet.

It’s advised to buy a waterproof pair once every two years to make sure the waterproof cover is still reliable.

Add additional insulation layer by covering your feet with an extra pair of woolen socks over your socks.

  1. Purchase a pack of hand warmers to defrost your body

For those of you who work outside during winter, these items will come as the Holy Grail of ingenuity.

Freezing temperatures can get to you and temporarily cripple your arms and legs.

To avoid this unpleasant feeling or to defrost after cold exposure and be rapidly able to use your arms and feet again, make use of these eco-friendly, easy-to-use hand warmers.

Just shake them for a few seconds and apply them to any freezing part of your body. It will make you feel warm again and restore your dexterity.

  1. Get yourself a quality thermos

There’s a good, simple reason why thermoses have different price tags – the more expensive they are, the longer they keep your drink warm.

Why would you want to go the extra mile and invest in a quality thermos?

Because it will keep your drink warm for longer. It will also keep your hands warm.

And, according to this research, people holding and/or sharing hot beverages with others are perceived as more content and approachable.

So, if you want to keep your body warm and make new friends at the same time, spend that extra buck on a reliable thermos.

  1. If it just started snowing or you’re expecting snow, park your car outwardly towards the street

If the clouds are about to start pouring snow from above, then you should park your car outwardly facing the driveway.

This goes extremely handy when you are on an abrupt or L-shaped driveway.

This way of parking will not only save you time, but also possible trouble that may occur as you turn your car over.


  1. Get an extra dose of vitamin D

Since the Sun is only showing up from time to time during winter, and the timeframe when you can enjoy it is also limited, you won’t receive the daily dose of vitamin D that’s so vital for your body.

To continue having a balanced vitamin D intake, you’ll have to compensate by eating foods rich in it.

Ashley Laricsy, director of nursing at BrightStar Care’s Novi, recommends eating “foods like tuna, salmon, oranges, or even oatmeal with some sort of fresh, frozen fruit.”

These foods should be enough to revitalize your body and mind during this cold season.


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