The weather is becoming increasingly wild one year after another. 

Although President Trump has denied the effects of global warming (and he might have good reasons for this), the climate is clearly changing, and this is due in most part to us.

With extreme events occurring worldwide much more frequently than in the past, it seems like the Earth is trying to send us a last warning before the sixth mass extinction.

Since most of the ruling class don’t care much about this potentially cataclysmic event (because they have seed banks and luxurious bunkers), it’s up to us to prepare for the worst to come.

To get an idea of how drastically the planet and climate have changed, I’ve outlined 7 recent events that fall outside the realm of normality and are extremely unusual.

Let’s start off with the latest survey of U.S. beekeepers. You probably already know that without bees, plants won’t flower and the Earth will become barren in no time.

#1 Well, the grim news is that 37 percent of all honeybee colonies in the U.S. have vanished due to the unfavorable weather this winter.

Of the more than 319,000 managed bee colonies in the survey, 37,7 percent were lost over the winter. This represents the largest die-off since the survey began (in 2006), and a full 7 percent points higher than the previous year.”

Having fewer honeybees is more than just an ecological problem, it’s also an economic one: Every year, honeybees contribute a nearly $20 billion value to U.S. crop production.”

#2 And as one of the most beneficial species of insects is hanging by a thread, their good-for-nothing counterparts, the wasps, have found these year’s temperatures so appealing that they’re thriving and building “super nests.”

The Southern United States is teeming with wasps. One expert describes how dozens of supersized nests have already formed in his area…and the situation looks troublesome for everyone living in the area…

As the winters become milder in the south, Mr. Ray says “the queens are the only ones to have an antifreeze compound in their blood,” and they’re the ones able to “start a colony from scratch in the spring.” 

With our climate becoming warmer, there might be multiple surviving queens producing more than 20,000 eggs each,” Mr. Ray added.

#3 In the middle of the country, a gruesome event is taking place – giant black vultures are eating farmers’ livestock alive!

The bad part – nobody can take action against them as the vultures are a “federally-protected” species and you risk years in jail if you kill them.

The event looks like a precursor of the end-days, which seem to be coming closer and closer.

They’ll (the vultures) devour slimy newborn calves, full-grown ewes and lambs alive by pecking them to death…First the eyes, then the tongue, then every last shred of flesh.”

And there isn’t much defense against black vultures and turkey vultures, both of which are federally protected and cannot be killed without a permit.”

#4 Water on the east coast is becoming perilous… Americans are literally falling victims to “flesh-eating bacteria” that lurk inside the waters.

A woman who cut herself while walking along the water on the Florida beach died after contracting necrotizing fasciitis, becoming the latest victim of the flesh-eating bacteria.”

Lynn Fleming, from Ellenton, about 15 miles north of Sarasota, fell and cut herself while she was walking at Coquina Beach on nearby Anna Maria Island two weeks ago.”

The CDC recommends people with open wounds to steer clear of costal waters, especially swimming pools and lakes.

#5 Cockroaches are also becoming an increasingly dangerous issue this year, despite ongoing efforts to eradicate these buggers using toxic chemicals.

Unfortunately, cockroaches that have so far withstood all eradication attempts have grown immune to insecticides and are becoming invulnerable, according to some experts.

The day that squeamish humans – and exterminators – have long feared may have come at last: Cockroaches are becoming invincible.”

Or at least German cockroaches are, according to a new study. Researchers have found that these creatures, which have long been a prevalent urban pest, are becoming increasingly resistant to almost every kind of chemical insecticide.”

#6 A historic heat wave hit Europe at the start of July. 

Temperatures have soared to new record highs in France, where thermometers have recorded a sweltering 114 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Hundreds of firefighters battled on Saturday to contain wildfires in southern France as a stifling heatwave bought record-breaking temperatures to parts of Europe, killing at least three people in Italy.”

In the Gard region, where France’s highest temperature on record was registered on Friday at 45.9 degrees Celsius, scores of fires burned some 600 hectares (1,5000 acres) of land and destroyed several houses and vehicles, emergency service said.”

#7 And not only Western Europe is roasting under the super-scorching Sun. 

On the California Coast, mussels have literally been boiling in their shells due to the extreme temperatures.

A record-breaking June heatwave has apparently caused the largest die-off of mussels in at least 15 years at Bodega Head, a small headland on the northern California bay.”

And there’ve been reports from other researchers of similar mass mussel deaths at various beaches across roughly 140 miles of coastline.”

Of course, the list of record-shattering events goes on and on, but I believe this is enough to make a good impression of how tired the planet has become of us.

As bodies of water dry out and the land is becoming barren in some places, others are recording heavy downpours, massive floods, and hailstorm the size of baseballs.”

However, this is a topic for another day. For now, you should take preparedness even more seriously and try to shake others out of their sleep.

We could be beyond the point of no return! And the Earth may try to get rid of us soon.

The good part is that humans have always been tenacious and resourceful, so if you’re a skilled prepper you’re likely to survive the hardest of days, even the end-days.

There is a great window of opportunity to survive whatever apocalyptic events might follow, and then live to see and rebuild a new world… 

A better world.

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