You’re home late one night, in bed with your wife, relaxing after a hard day, when suddenly you hear something. You both jump up, and your wife says: What was that? Naturally, you perk up your ears and try to sort out what that noise was, hopping is not a stranger in your house.

Sound familiar? I bet it does. I’ve been through this countless times and luckily every time there hasn’t been any threat. But, in some cases, it can be. Break-ins happen all the time in America, so one day the sound you hear, might not be the cat disturbing the photos in the living room.

When you’re lying in bed sound asleep, you are extremely vulnerable for many reasons: the clothes you wear give little to no protection, you having nothing on your feet and if you’re suddenly woken you might be groggy and disoriented

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to fend against a criminal in your own home, it’s best to be prepared and have everything you need within reach. Most people use their nightstands to store the most useless stuff you can come across during a home invasion scenario (books are a prime example of that).

In order to have any chance of making through a home invasion alive, its best you keep these items in or on your nightstand:

  1. Gun

This should be your go to option when it comes to home defense. Bringing a baseball bat to a gun fight isn’t a very smart move. Criminals usually pack some heat and it’s best to level the field. If you have kids, make sure that you keep the nightstand locked. A gun comes most useful during invasion, but only if you have mastery over it.

  1. Flashlight

This is a double-edge sword. On one hand you’re making your location known to any intruders, but at the same time, you’ll be able to see what you are shooting at. When investigating the source of the sound is always best to see what’s and more importantly who’s about.

The last thing you want to do is to accidentally shoot one of your kids or a friend that’s sleeping over.

  1. Knife

A gun and a knife? … Yes! You never know exactly what’s going to happen in a home invasion. Maybe the guy is out for blood and storms into your bedroom. You might not be able to get your gun, but the knife on the nightstand is the perfect back-up.

  1. Phone

Unless you have a fancy smartphone that doubles as your alarm clock, you probably don’t keep your phone near you when you go to bed. Well … you should. Because you might find yourself trapped in your own bedroom and you’ll need a way of alerting the authorities. Here’s a tip: even disconnected phones can still dial 911.

  1. Shoes

Getting out of bed barefoot to see “what that sound was all about” isn’t a great idea. The intruder may have broken a window to gain access and going through that area will prove dangerous. Also if it comes down to a fight, you’ll need to wear something that will protect your feet and offer you some traction. Keeping a pair of shoes next to the bed that you can easily slip in (and no, slippers aren’t an option) is a great idea.

I know … I know the last one wasn’t really something to keep in the nightstand, but it’s in the same ballpark. If you don’t’ already have these items in hands reach from your bed, then I suggest you do in the future.

You never know if the next bump in the night doesn’t have some sinister motives behind it.

What other items should you keep near your bed? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. I keep a chemlight, you can throw it to distract the intruder to give you a little time to get your gun and your plan f action started. Also if you wake up and the power is out you can use it and save your batteries in the flashlight.

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