Today I will tell you why living off the grid is very important if you want to be a survivor, and also what exactly you need in order to be completely off grid.

There are a couple of factors you need to consider when talking about off grid living. This doesn’t imply you go and live somewhere in Alaska without seeing any people, just polar bears.

Off grid means you are living somewhere remote, where no one knows who you are, there is no way to track your cell phone, and you don’t have to adhere to all the rules of society.

There are also a lot of advantages when living off grid. For example, imagine if a crisis comes along and people in the city are left with no internet for an indefinite period of time. Can you foresee the hell that will break lose? People go nuts even when they have no internet for ten minutes, let alone a couple of weeks or even months.

If something bad happens and you are living somewhere in the mountains, then you will be perfectly safe and you will have time to prepare a strategy for the future.

So, what exactly do you need in order to be completely off the grid?

Well, for starters, you will need a piece of land somewhere in the mountains. Or at least in a village well hidden, not easily accessible with a car or other vehicles.

You will then need a source of electricity to power up all your devices. A great option is to use solar power, because it fits into this whole off grid picture.

You can also use wind turbines, assuming you are in a place where there is a lot of wind. You can also use both, so when there is no sun, you have a backup plan and vice versa.

The next step is building your house. You can do it using different concrete materials or bricks, but you can also build it by using wood. I would advise to seriously think about the material you will use.

So, before you start, I advise you to read some books about it or ask other people living remote about how they built their houses.

Water System

You will also need a good source of fresh, clean water. After all, water is the source of life and you can’t live without it very long.

When choosing a piece of land for your off-grid settlement, be sure you have a river nearby. You will also need water to wash your clothes, shower, and also prepare you food.

Make sure you will not neglect this, because there is one thing when you have a river near you and another when you have to walk or drive a couple of miles to get to one.

Food Supplies

Talking about food, you’ll need to be prepared to scavenge for your own food, and in case something bad happens, maybe even hunt for it.

One of the most consuming activities you will need to do, while living off the grid, will be to try and procure your own food. Remember that you are not in the city anymore where you can go to the supermarket and easily buy some GMO food. No, you are living remotely so you will need to find food, or better yet find some locals who will sell you some organic food.

You will also need to make your own farm at some point and nurture it wisely. After you grow your first crops, you can even take it and trade with the locals, maybe even make a small profit out of it.

Waste Disposal System

Let’s not forget about your waste disposal system. If you plan to live off grid, you will definitely need to think about this.

You will also need to reduce your water consumption, because at some point water could become a scarce resource. Here you can do different hacks, like using the water for cleaning your clothes or shower to also flush the toilet or water the garden.

As you can see, living off grid requires a lot of work and you will have to really make an effort to achieve this.

I believe it is really worth it in the end, and it is doable, especially for a person with the right mindset and the will to escape society or whatever calamity will affect the world.

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