In developing countries, such as India, people are seen as mere commodities or, in other words, Guinea pigs.

In over 80% of the cases, people are unaware of the fact that they are indeed participating in clinical trials and that they may be signing their siblings’ or their own death certificate.

India is considered a testing ground, characterized by modern facilities (that the Big Pharma companies invested in) on one hand, and poor and uneducated people who cannot afford medical care and are desperately seeking for it, on the other.

Usually, most parents are tricked into believing that they are signing the necessary vaccination forms for their new born babies, but in fact, uneducated people who cannot read are giving their written consent for their babies to take part in clinical runs, thus allowing doctors to scar them for life, in one way or another.

In India, doctors are perceived as almighty gods, who know better. This is the main reason why patients put all of their trust into their doctors, without asking too many questions and strongly believing that the doctors will cure them or their children, or at least, receive treatment to prevent future diseases. Given these circumstances, doctors do not bother to tell people more about the clinical trial forms and simply expect their patients to sign them.

The boy that got scarred for life


The case of a little boy whose parents signed the consent forms (written in English) without even blinking, is one particular example of what is currently happening in India.

What they believed to be vaccine-related documents were in fact consent forms for a clinical run testing the poliomyelitis vaccine on their few-days old son.

This vaccine is considered safe only when it is administered to children over six weeks old. Two years after the clinical run, the little boy shows signs of slow development on mostly all areas.

Why doctors do it?


In India, doctors can make up to ten times more money whilst running medical trials than by running their own medical practice, which is one of the main reasons enabling the Big Pharma companies to see India purely as a testing ground and its people as easy targets.

Clinical trials are conducted in a cruel manner and babies play the role of the Guinea pigs, in most cases. Thus, without being able to give their consent, they are exposed to various clinical trials, which affect their long term development.

Without the ability to speak or concentrate, children grow up both mentally and physically challenged. In their state, they will never be able to successfully finish school and find a well-paying job in order to sustain a bright future, much brighter than their parents’.

Like in any other country, in India, it is illegal to test drugs on patients without informed consent. For most of the people it is particularly difficult to understand what a clinical test is and what it implies, given the fact that ordinary people do not really have access to education.

However, the Big Pharma companies do not admit to breaking the law in any other way and affirm that they are complying with all the necessary requirements. And there seems to be no method though which they can be caught. The level of corruption is so high that post-mortem investigations are not even conducted in India. Moreover, the families of the deceased receive no compensation whatsoever.

It is now safe to admit that the Big Pharma companies step on a trail of dead bodies left behind in their quest for more money. What is worse, no-one is accounted for the disaster and grief that families experience.

The new born children are not the only Guinea pigs pharmaceutical companies use. The most vulnerable people, including the sickest ones are also being tested on.

The Bhopal chemical disaster


For instance, in 1984, the entire city of Bhopal was seriously affected by a cloud of poisonous gas leaked from the nearby factory producing pesticides.

Bhopal inhabitants were not able to see or breathe properly due to it. Two decades later, the terrible effects of the gas leak are still very much present, as over 100,000 victims are still experiencing the side effects caused by that particular hazard, which released over 40 tons of poisonous gas above the city.

To make matters worse, the unluckiest of the victims did not receive the medical care they urgently needed, but instead were tricked into taking part in clinical runs.

The new Bhopal hospital that was especially built to help the victims of the Bhopal catastrophe free of charge, used its patients as testing puppets. The doctors demanded the families to sign some no question asked forms.

However, the families of the patients were 100% convinced that their siblings were receiving the treatments they needed. Even in this case, none of the deaths that occurred post hospitalization (implicitly, post trials) have been investigated.

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  1. I have always heard that the Bhopal factory was sabotaged. A valve on a pipe which transferred the product from one process facility to another was opened and the gas was allowed to run off all night. While it was still owned by Union Carbide, it was pursued relentlessly by the Indian government and press. Within a few years it was sold to an Indian company, after which the prosecutions and claims ceased. Some of the families received compensation from Union Carbide, which also built the hospital especially for the victims. After the plant was sold, the hospital was sold to the Indian government, maybe national, maybe state, and it simply became another money-making operation for those who controlled it. Also, after the plant was sold, all compensation to victims ceased, as it was from then on the responsibility of the new owners to follow through.

  2. This is why we need change in every area of our government and every where else this is so cruel, my heart is out too these people and kids, stop using our lives as meaning nothing, WE matter!

  3. There are reports of such violations of informed consent for clinical trials or other research in some locations right here in the USA.

  4. Diabolical. Judegment day is going to be rough!!!

  5. Its disgusting to see the inhumanity to man practiced by money hungry companies; like Big Pharma.

  6. To me, this is murder in the 1st degree! These doctor’s know exactly what they’re doing. Yes, maybe English is a well known & spoken language for many in India, but one whom doesn’t know how to read period definitely won’t be able to read English. I don’t know the Hindi language, so, it would be foreign to me period, especially to read. These innocent people & their families are victim’s of trickery lies trusting their doctor’s are kind, caring & compassionate doctor’s, when in fact they’re hurting many for money, the root of all evil !! They’re killing and permanently disabling babies, children & adults. This disgust me & is a sickening problem that needs to be fixed! ! These doctors have to answer to God when their judgment day comes & I don’t think God will take murder & abuse lightly…

  7. Hi Jason,
    Did you know that since 1940 the pharmaceutical companies along with the cia and FDA and other companies and certain nazi war criminal scientists that were given name changes and protected so they could work with those said companies to create all types of toxins they called science and began testing on people in this country since1940s exposing us to you name it just to watch what happens check it out for your self about the 44,000 page file they had to release after being sued some if the things I read makes me sick what do you think trying to force parents to vaccinate their children are about also I remember in grade school them giving us live polio vaccines that had caused exposure to other live viruses that caused others to become sick all though I never knew that at the time and my parents weren’t aware of it either when they signed those permission forms as well

  8. It is sad that the Hippocratic Oath has been watered down from the original text, it stated “Nor shall any man’s entreaty prevail upon me to administer poison to anyone; neither will I counsel any man to do so.” I believe if it must have been modernised it should have been kept true to it’s intent.
    It is a sad reflection of the capitalist system that Dr’s who were once respected by all are now prostituting themselves to drug cartels.
    It is even sadder that the collages who teach (what is considered by many to be medicine) are subservient to grant funding from the same drug cartels who are teaching the medical prostitutes!
    I believe medicine is as much a religion as a science and that one day people will look back in horror at the so called medical treatments carried out my doctors today.

  9. Note the doctors participate in these studies in order to make more money. Keep this in mind if you are asked, even in the USA, to participate in medical device, pharmaceutical, or procedural studies. Money is the reason for the device manufacturer who needs to complete research (costs lots of money) and start making money. Money is the reason extensive human studies are done on medications (again the cost of research is astronomical) and the company developing a new drug is in business to make lots of money. All investigations are done by the company who developed the device, medication, or procedure. The research is slanted in the direction which is most beneficial to the company. The horror here is that the companies involved in these human research trials in India originate in the USA. They are not allowed to do human trials unless volumes of studies have produced results indicating the end result justifies the study. If there are ethical restraints in action in the human research studies in India, they seem to be pushed to the side, again for cash. Perhaps the article should go on in another expose which identifies these businesses so those of us with a conscience and love of humanity can pick other options for our own health than those questionable and unethical companies and participating doctors.

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