Whether you are living in an urbanized or rural environment, there will always be dangers lurking outside your household.

A common misconception is that people living in rural areas require less protection because most crimes happen in the city.

This conception is far off from the truth, as there are less police stations you can rely on, and if you are leaving remote and a home invasion occurs, chances are there won’t be anyone near to witness it or offer you aid.

Taking care of your homestead could often turn into a one-man endeavor, and you’ll require all the essential resources and know-how to keep you away from harm’s way, as well as shield your valuables and those you hold dear.

With this said, if you can provide the resources, I’ll come up with a thorough plan on how to secure you rural property.

  1. Enforce the entrance with heavy duty doors and locks.

Your exterior doors reflect how much you treasure your safety. It may also be an indicator that you hold wealth behind your walls.

Nonetheless, having an enforced door will do much more good than harm because it will discourage possible intruders from breaking in, or stop home invasion attempts due to its “bulletproof” design.

Having an old wooden door will likely invite intruders to try and break in, while a consolidated one can discourage a home invasion attempt.

Choose heavy duty doors made out of adamant, high-quality materials. This way it will cost a burglar precious time when trying to dislodge or open it, or even hinder such an attempt entirely.

Secure them using locks whenever you are away from your rural property. Keep those locks on at any time for the rest of the exterior doors on your barn, basement, and other buildings on your property.

If you treasure your security more than your pocket’s content, then make sure to select sophisticated locks with one-stand pass codes or fingerprint unlocking.

  1. Install ‘smart lighting’ to expand the area of visibility.

Rural settlements don’t benefit entirely from industrial lighting after the dusk sets. Street lamps usually light the areas near the main roads, so the rest of rural properties must be enhanced with smart lighting by their owners.

Since most home invasions happen during night time, you’ll need to have great visibility over your rural perimeter to not be surprised by any burglar hiding in the dark.

Motion activated lighting is your best bet in this case. Think of it this way: a possible thief might not know where all your lights are located, and crossing an area with motion lights nearby might surprise him to a point where he’ll become frightened and abort mission.

Install motion lights in low visibility places, such as corners of your homestead, barns, garages, sheds, or spots close to a forest area.

  1. Get your hands on a rural surveillance camera system.

What’s the difference between rural and urban systems? Well, rural systems work without WiFi coverage and without power!

This surveillance system is your best bet against burglars. Opting for the all-in-one cellular system will actually tend to all your needs.

This system working in 4G LTE data and solar energy or battery power creates its own hotspot network to operate on. The solar energy and cellular network will make you undependable of any WiFi network and local grid electricity.

The system works like a charm for any farm, wood cabin, or just about any remote place out there.

  1. Place security signs around your property.

This is more of a protective measure. Placing for example a security sign warning of dangerous dog(s) will stop a possible home invasion attempt by instilling fear in the mind of a possible thief.

You can also install a panel on your front yard boasting about the security measures you have in place.

A good example would be signs displaying messages such as “Highly sophisticated cameras in use/ Trespass at your own risk,” or “You haven’t lost your way, you’re trespassing.”

Actually, only your own imagination can limit you in this case.

  1. Erect a fence that says “wrongdoers are unwelcome.”

Of course, this is only metaphorically speaking. Building an imposing wall is indeed one of the most efficient methods towards discouraging intruders.

Make it like crossing the boarder illegally by planting thorny bushes all across, as well as placing barbed wire on top of it to make sure no one is allowed that way.

Many fences work great. I would go for one with metal spikes if you have your property covered by lush vegetation, otherwise I would go for the wall-like fence.

It all depends on your location, risk evaluation, and resources. Balance these thoroughly before erecting your very own great wall.

  1. Keep a close eye on your property.

If you are paying frequent visits to your rural homestead or you are living there permanently, there’s a good chance you know the lay of the land.

In this case, setting signs across the most out of reach parts of your properties and keeping a close eye on them being broken will hint at possible intruders.

Other than this, you’ll have to remain vigilant and pay close attention to everything that’s not in place. If you find something unusual, keep an eye on that spot with regularity. And don’t forget to report it to the police if you feel there’s any danger lurking near your rural settlement.

These tips should keep any prying eyes away from your belongings and should discourage anyone from attempting to break into your home.

If you reside in the country side, keeping a pair of man’s best friends will also prove valuable against any unwanted visitor.

Next time let’s discuss about survival techniques that help you get out of tight spaces. You’ll never know when such skills will be needed.

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