For as long as we live, we all need to eat. Humankind relies on food in order to survive. This is a well-known fact. Therefore, the agribusiness has proved to be quite a profitable industry, especially nowadays.

In this new era of consumerism, we are driven by ads and commercials and make decisions based on appearances. If we pick the most beautiful clothes, why shouldn’t we do the same for groceries?

Nowadays, fruits, vegetables and cereals are all visually enhanced by biotechnology. As defined by the UN Convention on Biological Diversity, biotechnology refers to “any technological application that uses biological systems, living organisms or derivatives thereof, to make or modify products or processes for specific use.

However, change is not always for the best. Meddling with the food genetics may result in people developing a large spectrum of diseases after consuming the chemicals contained in different GM products. The birth of the biotechnology has created controversies and engaged both activists on one side and Public Relations and governmental specialists on the other.

One global company using PR campaigns and spins (created and implemented by Hill + Knowlton Associates) supported even by the government is Monsanto, a corporation that started off as a chemical company. Monsanto is well known for its Agent Orange, Bovine Growth Hormone (BGH) patented seeds and the Roundup solution that keeps crop predators at bay.

For those working in the agricultural industry, it is common knowledge that after the crops have been harvested, farmers usually collect the seeds and re-use them the following year. However, Monsanto has changed this practice as farmers using the corporation’s patented seeds are required to buy new seeds every year due to the agreement farmers are indirectly forced to sign, as you will see below.

In this way, the organization boosts its profits year after year. In order to gain profit, Monsanto and other similar corporations, practically destroy our health through GMOs.

The company developed a type of genetically-altered seeds that are better protected by their internal structure than crops are by the Roundup solution. What does this entail? That what we eat is more contaminated than Monsanto’s weed killer solution, which is considered to be one of the most toxic substances in the environment?

Due to the pollination process it seems that even the organic crops are affected by the GM seeds. By laws of nature, the birds and the wind transport the contaminated seeds onto the organic crop. For the organic farmers whose lands are situated in the vicinity of the GM crops this represents a huge problem. They will most certainly argue with Monsanto’s representatives and be accused of using the altered seeds without paying for them.

No matter how much the farmers would fight back against this injustice, the lab analysis of the sample collected from the organic field will determine the existence of the patented seeds. There is little to no legal method for the farmers to avoid paying royalties towards Monsanto. It is also believed that this practice bankrupted many farmers who committed suicide in order to get rid of the debts mounting each day.

While the actions Monsanto run literally lead a part of the farmers to a safe death, others decided not to respect the agreement stipulating that GM seeds are to be used only once, and replanted or even sold the seeds. As a result, the company created the “suicide seeds”, which had only one cycle of life; thus, the seeds were no longer usable after the first harvest. It seems as if the seeds are a bit too toxic to consume. Can we at least choose if we want to include in our diets the products of these seeds?

This is indeed another current problem involving Monsanto, highlighting the lack of properly labeling the products containing GMOs. A relevant question arises: How can we protect ourselves if we do not even know what we eat? All of a sudden, we may found ourselves either developing a strong resistance to antibiotics or carrying allergens and developing asthma.

Why doesn’t anyone do something in this respect? The answer may come as a shock. Nobody can. Section 735, also known as the Monsanto protection act, protects the company, as well as any other big biotechnological corporations against being persuaded in court and enables them to continue selling the patented seeds.

Monsanto also appears to be coordinating the programs that American televisions air. To be more precise, Fox News producers Steve Wilson and Jane Akre were dismissed after refusing to stop investigating the topic of bovine growth hormone (BGH), another Monsanto product that is said to cause serious health issues, such as diabetes, cancer and even obesity. Another side effect of consuming milk or beef pumped with BGH resides in the fact that triggers early puberty. Although approved by the FDA in 1993, the BGH was forbidden by the European Union, Israel, Canada, New Zealand, etc.

Some also argue that Monsanto aims to be in complete and utter control of the global food supply. This may be true, given the fact that this giant agro-business has patented the seeds which are genetically engineered to outgrow the organic fruits and vegetables.

Does Monsanto even support environmental sustainability, as it claims to? Independent research has proven otherwise. Considering all these wrongs, it comes as no surprise as to why Monsanto has won the title of “Most Evil Corporation” years in a row.

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