The food that you can buy in a modern supermarket is just a pale copy of the natural food that it tries to imitate.

Look beyond the fancy packaging and you will find just traces of the natural ingredients that particular food should contain. It’s mostly a mix of non-nutritious chemicals and processed natural ingredients that, at the end of the day, will endanger your health.

The most alarming difference between processed and natural food is the quantity of white, refined sugar that’s to be found in the former. White sugar is public enemy No. 1 in modern medicine, but big food is oblivious to this and keeps poisoning people on a daily basis.

While natural foods also contain sugar, the concentration is nowhere near as high as the prevalence of refined sugar in processed foods. Here are some of the most dangerous processed foods in terms of sugar concentration and a natural alternative for them.

Boxed cereals are packed with sugar, although the advertising is trying to convince you that they’re healthy. There’s about 15 grams of sugar in half a cup of cereals, which quickly adds up to a lot of sugar per month (especially for the digestive system of children).

A healthier alternative is homemade granola. This great breakfast is obtained by roasting oats and nuts and fruit. Granola does contain sugar as well, it’s true, but it’s packed also with healthy antioxidants and heart-friendly ingredients. There’s truly no comparison between boxed cereals and homemade granola, that’s for sure.

Regular candy is packed with sugar, but you already know that. Everybody knows that. The problem is that it’s very hard to come up with an equally tasty alternative to traditional candy, but that’s healthy, right? In fact, dried fruit is just as good (if not better) than candy and contains about half the sugar.

After all, why go for “orange” or “mango” flavor when you can get the real deal? Probably the healthiest candy replacement you could go for are raisins, which don’t contain too much sugar and are very rich in antioxidants.

Canned fruits seems like the cheap and convenient way of having a variety of fruits at your disposal year round, but in fact you’re just welcoming more sugar into your house and your diet. A can of fruit contains just as much fruit as it contains syrup, which is basically just liquid sugar. Have you noticed how peaches, apricots and even apples are sweeter out of the can? Well, that’s because of all the syrup.

Eating the actual fruit will reduce the sugar intake by more than half. Adapt to seasonal offerings in terms of fruit rather than eating the same fruit groups year round out of the can!


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