Whatever we choose to do with robots when the next world war breaks out will not lead to anything good, believes an ex-Army Ranger, Paul Scharre, author of Army of None: Autonomous Weapons and the Future of War.

His concern stems from fear that machines won’t be able to have human emotions and therefore decide between a moral or immoral thing.

In combat, this kind of behavior will undoubtedly lead to numerous collateral victims. Since the robot behind the deed would belong to the military, there would be nobody on who to throw the blame on.

This unfair advantage can be exploited by any state or organization involved in the open conflict, which will lead to dire consequences in the ranks of civilians.

On the other hand, warfare combat may become increasingly accurate, with robots delivering thunder blows to key points, thus reducing the risk of unnecessary bloodshed.

However, if equipped with automated weapons, there’s no saying the massacre robots may cause in battle.

Just think of when the machinegun first reached China and killed the last of the samurais. And now picture a world war, man alongside and against machines, fully weaponized robots.

Do you think we’ll stand a chance?

You would think of hiding inside caves or mountains, but machines can fly and have night vision and heat sensors.

Will there really be any places for humans to hide?

And I haven’t yet mentioned artificial intelligence. With technologies like quantum computing and blockchain, artificial intelligence will train in the next decades to overthrow human intelligence for good.

When sentient A.I will merge with war-type exoskeleton and with access to unlimited resources, there’s no saying how humans will be able to stop them.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motors, has stressed numerous times that regulations need to be put in place to hinder the rate at which A.I. progresses, as well as its future use.

He foretold that it’s extremely likely that, at some point in the future, someone will use A.I. as a weapon, and only after a great tragedy had occurred will humanity turn its attention on containing this force. But it will be too late!

Scharre has also stressed that, when machines become sentient and act without human judgement, these robots will behave in ways hard to understand by humans.

If soldiers on the battlefield may “choose between various shades of wrong”, machines will most likely follow strict orders with no restrictions.

You can view Scharre’s reasoning, who is also a defense analyst at the Center for the New American Security, in a YouTube interview with Zach Weissmueller.

Whatever the future may hold, we can only speculate. The real and biggest challenge ahead is to get in shape and start building a solid bug out location that will at least delay your demise some years.

Thinking of robots on the battlefield, not to mention robots snooping around, or robots merging with humans, is a thought difficult to bear.

OUR SURVIVAL MISSION IS REAL. You’re not only building your pension retreat, you’re preparing the future shelter of your beloved ones.

So, don’t hesitate to dedicate yourself to survival practices. The race for the dominant species on this planet has begun.

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