While some people would never trade their big-city lifestyle for backcountry living, others could never imagine a better existence than living remote in nature.

Times have changed, and you’re now able to earn a more-than-decent living away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

In the past, everyone who lived in the countryside was drawn to the big cities because they could find work and a better living habitat.

However, more and more people now are drawn by the serenity of living in seclusion.

And for good reason, since modern technology has made it easier than ever before to build a basic dwelling that covers nearly all of your human needs.

Coupled with the fact that remote jobs are a REAL thing now, living off the grid is becoming every prepper’s ultimate goal.

While laws in some states forbid you from establishing a remote house if it’s not tied to your main property, there are still many areas with laws that encourage you to settle remote.

Even more, if you don’t want to abandon your current state and household, it’s still a great idea to link an emergency tiny house to your property for when SHTF and things become unsustainable.

One of the great things about remote houses and off-the-grid living, besides all the benefits that silence and nature provide, is the fact that you can build a functional dwelling on a limited budget.

To get a better idea of how cheap a tiny, remote house can go for, as well as how comfortable and cosy it feels inside, let’s have a look at what this family has achieved for less than $10,000.

Keep in mind that most of the materials have been recycled or upcycled to fit their specific needs, and they completed the entire construction process by themselves, which adds another entire layer of satisfaction.

In the wake of another crisis, being self-sustainable is vital for overcoming the challenges that may arise.

While most people take their safety and access to unlimited resources for granted, preppers are aware that society is only hanging on by a thin thread right now, and that effective, contingency plans are a MUST-HAVE in these times of uncertainty.

Taking the extra safe route and establishing your own remote dwelling, away from the prying eyes of the government and other misguided people, may not be for everyone.

However, ensuring that you have a bug out location, be it tied to your property or in another safe place, should be mandatory for every conscious prepper out there.

Harnessing the technology of today will allow you to become independent when it comes to natural resources.

With a solid renewable electrical grid, you’ll be able to power your entire household and even your business, despite your physical whereabouts.

And this may be the extra edge you need to survive when others in society are desperately struggling to get even basic resources.

Even if nothing catastrophic is set to occur in the near future, you can still enjoy a healthy and much more relaxed existence with a remote dwelling.

Of course, living remote is not for everyone. But have you considered living like this? Or maybe you’ve been planning it for years and are one step away from putting your strategy into practice.

I, for one, gave up the big city life a while back and would never trade my new, remote lifestyle for anything else.

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