The fact that we don’t find it as simple as it once was to eat healthy is something everyone knows; but do we know all the consequences we expose ourselves to? Have you ever wondered what happens in the long run if you don’t fuel your body with what it needs to maintain a balanced diet?

Read the article and find out how your everyday habits influence not only, but also the community and society you belong to.

Having poor eating and lifestyle habits will imprint your well-being at one point in your life – it’s either a few extra kilos, a health problem or a loss of vitality, but recent studies have shown that our brains get affected, too, along with different capacities and abilities.

Pete Estep, a Harvard Biologist, has drawn to our attention the fact that life expectancy can be misleading, and has introduced a new concept, of “mind span”. The concept refers to the period that our brains are healthy, active and work in the proper manner, regardless of our lifespan.

But in order to have a healthy brain activity, you must watch your diet and everyday habits very carefully. Two of the primary energy sources for the brain are Omega-3 fatty acids and glucose, so if it gets deprived, that will alter your cognitive performances. But what are we actually eating?

The FDA regulations are loose enough concerning foods and dietary supplements. Many of the substances that are FDA-approved are thought of being linked to different diseases. For instance, the MSG (monosodium glutamate) is one of the most controversial substances on the market. Although it is marked as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe), many studies and empirical cases have proven that it is harmful and addictive.

Veggie Thins Ingredients
Veggie Thins Ingredient list (those marked in red are harmful, but FDA approved; those marked in blue are not harmful unless consumed in large quantities) 

Once entered into the body, it affects the brain in a manner that enhances the taste of the food you are eating and contains the MSG. It will feel like Heaven for your taste buds, and your brain will become addicted to that food, of which you will want to consume more and more. The real danger occurs because MSG is an ingredient found in most highly processed and unnatural foods, so the major damage consists in the large quantities of sugar and fats intake as a side consequence.

Another vastly known substance that is GRAS is carrageenan. Even if the specialists have marked it safe, it has carcinogen potential consumed on the long term, even in moderate amounts. Even if supporters claim that it is a vegan, natural substitute for gelatin, keep in mind that not everything that is natural is automatically healthy for you.

These are only two of the most common substances met in almost every food. High levels of sugar (that has been as well empirically listed as addictive as heroin), uncanny levels of trans fats (especially margarine) or potassium acesulfame (a synthetic sweetener)  are just a few of all the substances you fill your body with unknowingly, leaving less and less space for the nutrients it needs.

Paying attention to the ingredients of the food or supplements we buy is a major step towards a better life. Considering, though, that FDA has failed to protect our health, it would be safer to check out the EU standards for foods, drugs and supplements, as they are more restrictive, and could give you better hints concerning your dietary choices.

What other widely-spread substances have you found as threatening? Did you have any uncommon experience with them? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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