Have you been prepping for the end times?

Do you feel like the end draws near and there’s so much to do in order to stay out of harm’s way?

If this applies to you, you might be interested to know about this group called “the wastelanders” that has everything they need already stacked up, and are only waiting for the shit to hit the fan.

If you don’t believe in the imminent apocalypse, this is still extremely thrilling to watch!

A consistent band of brothers and sisters dressed in post-apocalyptic garb extracted directly from the Mad Max series have made the Mojave Desert their temporary headquarters.

Once a year they gather for a full weekend to boast their wasteland decorated buggies and rugged clothes and accessories.

In a grand display of post-apocalyptic everything, the wastelanders gather to discuss the latest survival tactics.

They describe themselves as “the jugglers, the burners, the raiders and the elite,” and their settlement in the desert grows bigger one year after another.

Don’t get fooled by their fierce appearance, as they are just kind-hearted regular folk with a sense for roleplaying.


Well…that’s until the craved apocalypse hits, so it’s good making friends among them while there is still time.

Leaving the jokes aside, I believe the Wasteland gathering is worth looking into, as there are plenty of people looking absolutely prepared for the grand finale.

Meeting with the wastelanders will offer the perfect opportunity to learn some fresh survival tactics, as well as sharing your know-how and upgrading your current tactics.

It is also the perfect opportunity to make allies for the end days, or simply befriend people with whom you have numerous things in common, at least regarding survival.

The Wasteland weekend happens once a year, and tickets are usually sold out weeks prior to the gathering.

Close to 4,000 wastelanders have joined forces in 2017 to express a unique post-apocalyptic visual experience.

You’ll need a costume to attend the meeting, but considering that you could pick mostly anything with insulation during an end-days scenario, it won’t be so hard making up your mind about what you’ll be wearing at the meeting.

If you look at yourself as a true survivalist and you’re on the lookout for a tribe to spend time with and exchange tricks of the trade, or you simply want to evade the modernist routine of daily life, then the Wasteland weekend will tend to all your needs and desires.


Until the summer arrives, let’s update our survival skills for the proving grounds of the Mojave Desert.

I bet it is going to be a thrilling and enlightening experience.

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