Imagine that you’re camping on a remote piece of land…  

In perfect seclusion as the guitar plays a song everyone knows, and the bonfire sparkles while the moon rises overhead. And the wine keeps pouring.

An exhilarating feeling embraces everyone as you sing together and breathe deeply to catch the fragrant smells inundating your nostrils.

This is life, some would say. This is bliss. It’s food for both the mind and body.

Despite how we choose to call the thrill of camping with our friends and family, there’s no denying that camping is an important part of your lifestyle… at least when the weather allows for it.

And people need an escape from the mundane so badly that when they do go camping, they try to make it the best experience possible, so they spice things up accordingly.

The outcome can go either way, and this is exactly what these photos of wild campers have to say.

1.Don’t let the weather forecast limit your camping experience

If you’re living in a rainy area where spontaneous downpours can happen at any time, checking the weather forecast before heading to your camping site is irrelevant.

Instead, it’s better to always go prepared with a few camping essentials that’ll make your experience a breeze.

In rainy areas, always bring an inflatable boat with you. And to be truly prepared for a downpour, bring a hammock and a tarp as a backup plan to keep you dry and above ground.

2.When things get messy

I don’t know exactly what made this man depart with such a haste or if the mud splash on the tents were deliberate.

Such situations are hard to predict, so the only thing you can do is not upset any of the fellow campers who own a vehicle.

Stay on the safe side if you wish to remain clean!

3.There’s a solution for tent temperature!

Well, there are actually a few solutions, but bringing an A/C unit with you is a truly remarkable and ingenious feat.

4.There’s still hope if you forget to bring your tent

Leaving your tent at home (because you were in a rush or had things on your mind) is not necessarily a disaster.

If you have friends that you can rely on, then they’ll gladly share their tent with you…just look home many people can fit inside one of these tents.

5.Who would have thought what great camping potential a toilet has.

Consider keeping the next one you’ll replace. It has the best 2-in-1 functionality for the avid camper.

And don’t forget to clean it properly before doing anything.

6.Camping is not for everyone

Make sure you don’t force your pets to come along camping with you if they don’t like it.

You’ll figure out that last detail after your first camping trip with them.

7.When the uninvited guest is snooping around

Those sneaky horses will always come looking for their apple treats.

If you like animals and have enough supplies, make sure to feed them as far as possible for your tent…otherwise they’ll come back for more.

8.Camping as a way of life

Hanging in a hammock in the middle of nature is one of the most relaxing activities you can take part in.

But when there’s no more thrill left in that, you can take hanging to the next level…just make sure you know what you’re doing and that you have a first aid kit nearby…just in case.

9.When you got a new Lambo and want to do everything with it

Why not share the joy of camping with your Lambo and use it to do things that trees would be the logical choice.

But I guess sharing is caring.

10.When you cannot split between work and your passion for camping

Don’t let your clients down, not even during your holidays.

11.DIY projects have become such a hype

Don’t trust all the DIY projects out there.

This one looks like it was meant to test your emergency supplies and reflexes.

Or maybe is just the mobile home of a gymnast or circus guy who knows how to keep the balance.

12.When you make the bicycle part of yourself

This guy has a tender way of holding his bike and has clearly more affection for it than for his girlfriend. 

13.Treat your dog right!

Do it for the priceless mug it makes…and for the gratitude you’ll receive afterwards.

I don’t know if it works the same way for cats though.

14.Teach your kids to be responsible from an early age.

I’m still trying to figure out is this is an example of parenting done right or wrong…hmm.

And the list of funny camping moments ends here. 


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