You must have experienced first-hand the negative effects of the 2008 economic collapse! It is said to have been orchestrated by bankers, point blank, which have been acting on behalf of the elite groups using financial upheavals and its repercussions (riots, wars) to inspire fear and modify the collective society psychology, whilst perpetuating the ultimate goals: money and power.

Washington supports Wall Street, no matter what, as The Federal Reserve’s actions go hand in hand with those of the stock brokers. “How so?” you will ask. Well, the Federal Reserve has never been subject to an audit, which provided an excellent smoke screen for national cover ups, involving Wall Street banks, such as Goldman Sacks, which was never indicted of economic implosion, even though the evidence suggested it.

Ron Paul, former US Congressman, tried to pass on the HR 1207 Federal Reserve Transparency Bill, but his project met with resistance and was never materialised. This strong resistance can be traced back to the “Savings and Loan” crisis, in the 1980s, when over 1,000 bankers were prosecuted and imprisoned.

However, at the same time, the government took precautionary measures and implemented new investigation rules in order to make it increasingly difficult to punish the culpable bankers, thus continuing to support Wall Street.

By 2008, different marketing strategies highlighting just how easy it is to take a bank credit had been implemented. The banks were marketed as providing the necessary help to increase life standard conditions. The creditors were over the moon: the more money people borrowed from the banks, the better the redistribution of income (interests would increase).

However, without a proper form of risk protection (i.e., establishing credit limits) banks suddenly found themselves in a difficult situation, unable to recover liquidities, which in most cases were invested (and stuck) in commodities (i.e., real estate properties). In order to minimise their losses, properties have been seized and sold for much less than their initial net value. Consequently, the inability of many to pay back the consumer credits led to a rampant indebtedness of the whole world.

Soon after, the bankers came forward and blamed the population for the deep economic collapse, for not borrowing money and not giving the recovery process a chance, which is a blatant fallacy, aimed to shift the blame away from bankers and place it on innocent people who were mere victims of the 2008 recession and not the architects of it.


We may be on the brink of another stock market crash or even a prolonged 2008 financial repression

Alan Greenspan – former Federal Reserve chairman

And we are to expect another financial bang in the near future. According to Alan Greenspan, former Federal Reserve chairman, the central bank will experience a “significant market event”, with negative repercussions in the future. We may be on the brink of another stock market crash or even a prolonged 2008 financial repression.

What does this mean for the American people? Dr Paul Craig Roberts believes that the repression is conducted and maintained on several different fronts, through:

Manipulation of the “free” markets by the international group of banks.
The off shoring of the middle aged class: by moving production to cheap-labor countries, such as China or India, Americans are denied the right to make a self-sufficient living. One would think that the jobs of the specialists working in the IT sector would be secure.

However, that does not seem to be the case, either. For example, in 2014, Southern Edison California outsourced IT specialists from India, after having previously dismissed its domestic experts.

Wall Street specialists forecast that a new financial crisis is bound to happen in September 2015. Warren Buffet, Mark Spitznagel (famous fund manager who predicted the 2008 crisis), Marc Faber (Swiss fund manager), they all agree.

In addition, Alan Greenspan and Paul Volker (former Secretary Treasury) advise us that what is about to come may be far worse than the Great Depression. In other words, we will experience the beginning of the end through worker compensation (and implicitly, a destruction of the US middle class), collapse of our financial institutions and currency, political instability closely related to riots, and in worst case scenario, war.

Prepare for the worst.

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  1. As you prepare for the economics of financial collapse and the resulting chaos, please consider the spiritual implications as well. God is still in control – of everything. And it does not matter in the least whether you believe that or not. The book of Revelation in the Holy Bible will tell you the specifics of the end times, which could be the present time, and let you in on the controlling forces in the spiritual world which are manipulating the flesh and blood men and women in our physical world. Star Wars had it right, there is a fierce battle going on between light and darkness, good and evil. We’re in it, willing or not, and it’s a very wild ride.
    The books of Jonathan Cahn, The Harbinger and The Mystery of the Shemitah, give startling proof of God’s total control over the affairs of men. If you want to come out ahead, alive, loved and not condemned, please have a serious talk with God. Feel free to tell God if you don’t believe, He already knows that. With a humble and contrite heart tell Him you come pitifully short of His glory but would like to believe that God still loves you, and that you would like assurance of that love. Jesus, God’s Son, died and shed His innocent blood to cancel out the sins of all mankind, but we must accept that gift and believe it in order to receive our pardon. Jesus is risen, seated at the right hand of God in heavenly places (Ephesians 2:4-8). Believers are already there with them, because they asked and God gave them faith. We’re in two places at once? How can that be? I don’t know, but I believe and so can you. Just ask.

    1. I totally agree, Ruth. I stumbled across this website a few days ago and it blew my mind. It explains exactly how the bible predicted all these events.

      The site is

      Check it out… It left me speechless

    2. She is right on Acts 10:42,Preach,warn,love the Sacred Sinner of whom we once where.

  2. what kills me is there sending tech jobs to India and that in turn leaves the American worker ‘s jobless. i hate it every time i need tech support for my pc, or other electronic tech device you get a guy from India dueing our jobs. they are hard to understand and they can get rude. they also rip you off on there prices for software support. I paid $200.00 to have microsoft windows esential virus protection installed on my pc. i watched the guy, got to the web site and it said low low low free download. it cost $32.00 for the software. they will screw up your pc so you keep comming back.

    1. It’s just another part of the scheme to control the economy … and us with it

    2. Punisher : Sorry to hear you got scammed.

      We get the Indians calling to Australia saying they are from Microsoft all the time alerting you that you have a virus and they are here to help….Its just a big scam. there are lots of Free anti Virus and anti malware programs you can download. I was in the security software business and I now use free Avast and MalwareBytes for Malware removal. Also use CCleaner to clean register problems – best free stuff around. Also check out Virus Bulletin for un Bias report of best security software see

  3. If you want to understand the Global Financial System then you need to read or listen to “The Creature from Jekyll Island” by G Edward Griffin. Ed is old man now but he has been speaking about what’s been happening for years and is an expert on the inside workings of FED and the financial system and how the whole thing has been playing out through 100’s of years. You will never look at history the same way after listening to this book!! Alan in Australia.

  4. Here’s my 2 cents worth. I am sick and tired of folks who live in all-white neighborhoods(or all-Jew)lecturing me on how I should be required to integrate and let folks from other parts of the world in to do jobs that I apparently won’t do. I have shoveled sewage in triple-digit heat index just to work off back rent. I can’t find any work but apparently a Korean, Mexican, or etc… can walk in , get a tax-free business and live high off the hog simply because he came from an impoverished nation, and I was “born privileged” . I am sick and tired of this nation having to kow-tow to other nations. We have had left-wing extremists as president. Maybe it’s time to try a right-wing extremist. We need to quit trying to police the world and maybe even trading with them. This tax code of ours that stacks 8-10 ft. high is ridiculous. Our tax code should be 1 sentence long. Shut down the ports, tell China to @#$% themselves, secure the borders, close every last embassy, bring every last GI home, etc.. We can be self sufficient. Oh, and another thing, one well placed MOAB on the Fed, print our own currency, …I know this is wishful thinking

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