With the 5g internet grid about to become reality, the increased radiation levels from the sun and the latest rumors about aliens, you might want to have sufficient tin foil hats to secure your survival.

Of course, you shouldn’t ignore the other, more important uses of aluminum foil as well.

All jokes aside, this particular material will definitely come in handy once SHTF.

In fact, there are so many use cases for aluminum foil that some preppers say it could become as valuable as gold once society collapses.

Today, we’re going to focus on some of these cases, and we’ll see how aluminum foil can help you with more than just deflecting radiation or alien signals.

While things are still holding steady, you can find aluminum foil in abundance and can get it for a really good price at nearly any dollar store.

The one thing to keep in mind when purchasing aluminum foil is to get the thickest one possible.

You’ll understand why in just a few moments. Now, let’s take a look at some of its most popular uses.

1.Scrubbing. When it comes to outdoor activities that every prepper enjoys, cooking eggs and bacon in a cast iron frying pan is at the top of the list. However, cleaning the mess stuck on the bottom of the pan can be a pain.

For this reason, having a roll of aluminum foil with you is like bringing your own steel wool. Just ball up a few sheets in your palm and start scrubbing the sticky mess on the frying pan. Remember that it will work on anything that’s not scratchable or with a “non-stick” layer.

2.Camping tools. How many times have you found yourself in the wild equipped with everything except utensils for eating? I know it happened to me quite often until I finally learned this easy hack.

If you carry a roll of aluminum foil with you, there’s no need to stress about forgetting these things anymore. Why? Because you can make many practical tools out of aluminum foil, including eating utensils.

Remember those recipients they serve you in at food courts?

They’re sometimes made of aluminum foil. And you can make them with only a few folds. You may be in need of a fork, plate, spoon or bowl. In fact, there’s almost nothing that aluminum foil can’t fold into.

And you can also teach your children this helpful survival trick.

Even more, if you find yourself in the wild without a frying pan, just wrap some aluminum foil around the forked arms of a stick and you’re all set to cook up a delicious meal.

3.Grinding stone. Yes, you heard that right. By folding a few sheets of aluminum foil, you’ll have an effective grindstone that you can use to sharpen your knife, scissors, and even a hatchet.

If you have a knife or axe, simply rub the sharp edge on a thick layer of folded aluminum foil and you’ll improve their sharpness.

For the scissors, just cut through the folded layers of foil a couple of times and there you have it. It’s that easy.

Now, don’t expect your tools will be able to splice a hair in half, but you’ll certainly notice the difference, especially if you’re sharpening a dull object.

4.Gap fixer. You can stuff a few sheets of aluminum foil to cover tiny gaps like a balancing chair or table, but it’s the electric conductivity that makes it a great fix for electronic devices.

The most common and practical use, in this case, is when you’re having trouble with batteries (like with a remote control or flashlight). Sometimes they won’t fit right anymore because of loose springs and your devices start to malfunction.

Just fold a piece of aluminum foil until you have a pad of the right dimensions and squeeze it between the battery and the spring. Voila! Now your device should work again.

5. Preserver. It’s common practice for some people to wrap their food in aluminum foil, both for cooking purposes and to store an already-cooked meal. However, another nice thing you can do is wrap steel-wool with aluminum foil to keep it from rusting and toss it in the freezer after using it.

If you have steel-wool soap pads, add one layer of aluminum foil underneath to prevent rust and increase its lifespan. You’ll still have to periodically remove the water from within though.

Whether these useful utility examples of aluminum foil should convince you to stock up for when SHTF is entirely up to you.

However, these examples are just the beginning –

There are countless other things to do with aluminum foil if you only use your imagination.

With that in mind, aluminum foil should be an essential item to have not only for when things become messy, but also when you’re going camping or when you need to improve something around the house.

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