There’s a thin layer between remaining on the right path and losing your way when you’re out there in the wild.

Things can take unexpected turns in a blink of an eye when you’re out striding through the woods.

Be it lack of focus, nightfall, injuries, or some wild animals giving you a real scare, you could remain trapped in the woods for an undefined span of time.

Official reports reveal that, each year, over 50,000 rescue missions of lost travelers are underway.

This means that remaining trapped out there is a real possibility, regardless of your skillset.

Unpredictable, even life-threatening events can occur at any given time.

So, to withstand the challenges that might arise, you’ll have to be prepared in advance.

That, if you treasure your life above everything else.

With this said, I’ve come with a few incredibly useful tips that will make your survival race less overwhelming.

1.Vegetation can provide great insulation.

You might be shaking and feeling your body depleted of resources to a point where it doesn’t provide anymore heat.

There’s nothing else to wrap around you, and the immediate outcome is desperation.

Now, just breathe in for a second, and look around for any vegetation like grass, branches or flowers that smell nice and are not stingy.

Grab a handful of them and stuff them underneath your clothes.

They will provide additional insulation, especially during those cold mornings when day breaks.

2.Grate the plastic on a guitar pick to ignite a fire faster and easier.

As you may know by now, camping is nothing without the sound of the classic guitar.

So chances are that at least one guitar pick will be laying around your camp at any given time.

The content of guitar picks is usually rich in cellulose, an organic compound that will ignite with ease.

Use your pocket knife to obtain just a few shreds and then watch how fast it will burn.

3.Alleviate annoying insect bites using a pinch of toothpaste.

Regardless where you are traveling, you will most likely always carry a toothpaste tube with you.

Since most formulas contain menthol, you can safely apply it on any insect bite marks to soothe the annoying itching side effect.

That’s not all.

Toothpaste is known to have additional anti-inflammatory effects, so the redness and the swelling will also be less acute.

4.Use a strip of cloth to filter dirty water.

If your lost in the wild, remaining hydrated will be the biggest challenge.

In case there are no streams of fresh water nearby and you can only rely on dirty, contaminated water, all you need is to improvise two recipients and rip a piece of cloth from your t-shirt.

Placing the dirty water container slightly above the empty one is all you need to take care of.

Then simply dip the piece of cloth into the water and place the other end into the empty recipient.

5.Desinfect scratches using ChapStick lip balm.

This trick is just a replacement for your first aid kit, which should be mandatory in every prepper’s backpack.

In case you don’t have one at hand for whatever reason, you can apply lip balm on any minor open wounds resulted from cutting or scratching yourself.

The active solution inside the lip balm will reduce the chance of an infection, while also sealing the affected area.

6.Distinguish between a venomous and non-venomous snake bite.

Keeping your cool after a snake had bit you is the right thing to do.

Maybe you couldn’t see the specimen that did you harm, so the next thing to do is inspect the wound up-close and see if it was a venomous bite.

You can read a more detailed overview by accessing this article.

Note that this is relevant if the snake bites you by the skin directly, and not through your clothes!

7.Put a halt to bleeding using a tampon.

If the snake was venomous, it will surely cause lots of bleeding.

But that’s not the only case you could end up with a bleeding limb.

To combat this right off the bat and not lose much blood, look for a tampon and apply it on the wound.

It will absorb all the blood and aid you in sealing the wound faster and with more efficiency.

Those were the nifty survival tricks of today. I really hope they’ll be of great use to you when the time comes.

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