There’s no need to worry if your feet and hands are feeling colder than the rest of your body.

In fact, these two extremities have a good and natural reason why they feel this way.

According to Alyssa Tucci, nutrition expert at Compass Nutrition in NYC, “our hands and feet get cold in the winter because our body prioritizes keeping our vital organs like our heart and lungs warm,” which results in decreased blood flow to these outermost body regions.

The arms, feet and ears have the most thermoregulatory receptors of any other body part.

This leads to a redirection of blood flow from these regions to the core of your body, explains Michael B. Gottschalk, a surgeon at Emory Sports medicine Clinic.

However, that doesn’t mean blood flow neglects these extremities. In fact, blood flow of your body is a decisive factor for warmth in those regions.

So, the better your heart health is, the better the blood flow in your body.

  1. Try some heart-healthy foods

In order to boost circulation this winter, one of the best things you can do is to eat foods that do your heart good, and don’t confuse this with a metaphor.

Nutritionists advise that you eat foods such as fatty fish, fruits, veggies, nuts and olive oil in order to tend to your heart’s needs.

They are essential to a proper circulation and subsequently boost your blood flow, leading to better temperature regulation and more warmth in the limbs.

So, the next time you go shopping this winter, look for heart-healthy foods like salmon, walnuts, bananas, low-fat yogurt, raspberries, dark chocolate, oatmeal, and olive oil.

  1. Wear better gloves

If you want to keep your hands warm this winter, you’ll have to sacrifice the low-price-tag gloves for something that’s really practical and will actually keep your hands warm.

Your best choices are fleece or bunting gloves, and mittens for the ladies.

If your hands get wet, which is very likely in the winter, a heavier fleece will generate more warmth for your hands than lighter materials like polypropylene or Capilene.

As for mittens, by not separating your fingers from each other, your hands will generate more heat. The extra warmth will come at the expense of finger dexterity, so make sure to use them in appropriate situations.

  1. Spice things up

Weather it’s your food or drink, remember to sprinkle the right kind of spices in there to boost your body’s warmth.

Brigitte Mars, expert nutritionist at the American Herbalist Guide, suggests you drop a pinch of the following spices in your foods and drinks to spike your body heat this winter: black pepper, garlic, horseradish, cardamom, cayenne, and ginger.



  1. Rest with your socks on

I know it can limit your sensory perception and not heat things up that much when it comes to romance.

But I assure you that sleeping with socks on when temperatures outside are below freezing will heat up your body.

Drag those socks over your tootsies and the feeling of cold is likely to disappear.

If you still don’t feel the effects, try wearing woolen socks over a liner pair and see the difference.

  1. Let technology come to your aid

You can always heat up your indoor space with an electrical heater, or by lighting up a fire if your house is equipped with a fireplace.

However, when going outdoors you’ll have to rely on innovations like the portable hand warmers that will provide heat to your hands in no time.

No worries, there’s also a solution to warm your feet up. You can grab a pair of heated insoles with smart-charging technology that will go a long way in your struggle against cold weather.

  1. Drink hot beverages

Drinking tea is not only healthy for you, it will also surge your body temperature considerably.

Make sure to brew at least a cup of tea each day, especially during winter. Invest in a quality thermos and carry that heat with you wherever you go.

Studies have shown that people who hold warm drinks are perceived as more joyous and approachable, so you might as well make new friends while at it.

If you’re looking for the perfect winter tea, you might want to try the matcha tea due to the plethora of antioxidants it contains and because it boosts your metabolism.

  1. Do sports!

Even basic workouts like stretching your body, swinging your arms or doing squats will pump that blood up your veins.

Since it’s winter, you have a large variety of sports to choose from, so you can boost your blood flow and overall health while having tons of fun.

As you may already know, doing sports releases endorphins – morphine-like substances produced by our bodies that relieve pain and makes you feel euphoric.

So, you won’t just feel great, you’ll also heat up in no time and feel relieved. All it takes is a bit of exercise, especially in the winter when most people tend to hibernate.

Employ these tricks and you won’t feel too much of a difference between seasons.

You’ll also stay in top shape all winter and will turn your body into an optimal heat generator.


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