Keeping yourself alive while wandering through the unknown is challenging enough, but do you know how to help yourself and profit of all the leverages Mother Nature offers you? Do you maximally use the resources you have available?

Today we’ll talk about how caves can be a great hideout spot if you approach it wisely, but keep in mind that it can all turn against you if you’re not careful.

Rule #1: Never proceed inside a cave without being well prepared

If you don’t have a light source and spare batteries or fuel, it’s better to stay out. Caverns are the definition of danger, but if you know how to tackle them, they will turn into a friendly environment. Make sure that you also have food and water supplies as you enter, or that they are quickly reachable.

Rule #2: Stay calm

You will encounter lots of dangers and unknown paths as well. Don’t lose your grip and focus on finding the solution to any situation may occur, especially if you’re injured or trapped. Clear thinking is the only way out, both of the situation and the cave.

Rule #3: Mark your path with easily-recognizable hints

Scratching arrows on the floor or the walls is the first option you have, but add a personal mark to distinguish between where you’ve been and where others have. If you have personal and original items, you can dispose of, tie them or leave them behind. Just make sure they can’t be moved somewhere else by animals or other people who entered the cave later.

Rule #4: Keep yourself dry

It’s no children’s play that caverns are dark and cold, and you will put yourself at risk of hypothermia. Once you decide to embark on this trip, avoid cotton clothes, which and will favour releasing your body heat, and orient towards polyester and synthetics. Even if you sweat, they will protect your skin and the heat loss will be considerably lower.

Rule #5: Restrict your food, water, and supplies

Make sure that you always have extra resources, especially if you can’t regularly provide any more. In the case of danger, your body must be well fueled with both nutrients and water, and you must be able to see your surroundings.

Of all your supplies, lighting is essential. If you’re out of light, the best thing to do is crawling your way out of the cave and find yourself another shelter or source of light.

What kind of challenges have you faced when you ventured in a cavern? How did you cope with them? Tell us more about your experience in the comments section below.

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