Living the American Dream is something most of the non-Americans long for, but what they miss out is the fact that we, too, have to deal with bureaucracy – and it’s a drag most of the time.

For instance, the future of small businesses is already, and will be majorly influenced by the Presidential Campaign, and by the winner itself further on.

One by one, the candidates have deserted the race, leaving Clinton, Sanders and most probably Trump the only nominees for the title. But let’s see first a few criteria on choosing the candidate that best suits your interests. Take these aspects into consideration as following:

  1. Foreign policy – good relationships with neighbors are essential for maintaining a positive status-quo, but also to support economic growth. Pay attention to the remarks each one of them makes.
  2. His political influence – how many adepts do they have? What kind of people is supporting them – are they influential as well?
  3. Their Government programs – what do they want to implement regarding Health Care and Social Services? What do their programs contain?
  4. Fiscal Organization – knowing how to operate a budget is critical, as it will make the difference between thriving and bankruptcy
  5. Jobs Opportunities – are directly linked to anterior remark. The lower the unemployment rate, the better for the country. Both in the public services or in the private sector, we need more job opportunities.

Furthermore, the newly-chosen President, along with his team, will inevitably affect the stock market as well, so choose your portfolio wisely.

Supporting small businesses, on the other hand, means knowing the business universe and way of working, so having an experienced background is a great advantage. Trump is the most likely to encourage and help the growth of small businesses, and a Manta poll has revealed that 38% out of 815 people that have a new business running, trust him with their vote.

Who do you think is the most suitable candidate to support the economic growth of US through small businesses?

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