Just the other days the hail storm in Myanmar destroyed over 7500 houses and ended the lives of 8 people, with no previous notice. When it comes to Mother Nature’s revenging force, there’s nothing you can do, but make sure you’re as ready as possible so that the impact will be the lowest.

So what does your First-Aid Kit look like and what does your survival pack contain?

In this article I will show you how using basic stuff you find around the house, at the market or in nature, you will be able to build yourself a proper survival pack.

#1. Natural compass

If you ever find yourself in a situation with no electronic device around or physical compass, just remember that you can guide yourself in the area with the aid of moss. Look for trees that have it on them, and remember it points north.

#2. Water filter

We already talked about how you can provide drinkable water for yourself in this, this and this article. There’s no way you will not find a method that suits your style and will be easy for you to understand and apply.

#3. Diy – stove

A can of soda could be used in much more ways that it was officially planned – a stove being one of the best alternate uses. It works with alcohol and it you can find the whole tutorial in here.

#4. Assuring warmth to your body

Besides a warm blanket, other items could have a huge impact on your body’s homeostasis – boots, hats, and gloves will make a difference. When talking about materials, avoid cotton, which will absorb the moisture, and go for easy-weight and warm material. Stay dry for as long as possible, because wet clothing will make you feel the cold at higher intensities. Also, provide your body the much-needed energy through carbs and protein snacks.

#5. Traps for wild animals

If the emergency situation you’ve found yourself in lasts more than a few weeks, and all your supplies are out, you might end up hunting your food. Luckily, we’ve already shown you a few types of traps that will help you in the wilds that can also be used in the “urban jungle”. Take a look at this article here and decide which one will be your first option if you have to fight for your food.

#6. Signal mirror

It will help you signal for help if you’re isolated in an area that cannot be reached by ground. Hold the mirror at eye level and reach for the rays, while covering and uncovering it with your fingers.

What other not-so-common basic survival tips would you put on the list and why? Share your story in the comment section!

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  1. If only moss grew on only the North side of trees! It grows on the moist side of trees, which has more to do with local topography and moisture levels than direction. Sometimes it is on all sides of the trees. Follow the sun, a waterway or a distant and tall landmark. This is a huge myth.

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