If you’re into superheroes, then you’ll be thrilled to know that you can master a very special superpower.

And you can do it literally in a breath.

I’m not playing with you. If you have read my previous e-mail about Wim “The Iceman” Hof, you should know by now that humans with extraordinary abilities are nothing taboo anymore.

If you don’t know about this man with over 20 Guinee’s Book world records related to coldthen you can catch up by reading this blog article.

Now let’s get back to those superpowers.

The one we’re going to talk about today is cold resistance.

Would you not, as a true survivalist, like to endure cold to a point where walking barefooted on snow or ice, or even meditating on the immaculate snow coating, would not make you shake one bit?

In other words, would you mind accessing your inner sun to warm up during the most freezing of scenarios?

I bet there’s no doubt about the answer.

Especially that it’s so simple and free to tap into this superpower.

As you will see, there’s no extra catch to it.

The only thing required is to master an ancient breathing technique called Tummo.

Since remote times, breathing was used by various global cultures to enhance overall health, to live longer, and even to achieve enlightenment.

Looking at it through science glasses, breathing has the ability to oxygenate your blood, which subsequently benefits the brain and also every organ in your body.

Breathing in a specific way comes with various other benefits.

Because of the oxygen pumping in your blood, your body enters an alkaline state, time during which all cells start healing and regenerating.

Science has shown that our bodies are prone to contracting disease whenever the blood becomes acidic.

This occurs when you consume sugars, acid beverages, caffeine, unhealthy foods, as well as when you overstress.

When you start hyper breathing, you alkalize the blood and will enter a healing state which benefits all living cells of your body.

Even more, the Tummo method will cross you through states of welbeing, and will teach you how to access and channel your inner sun to provide heat even when everything is freezing around you.

Can you imagine the benefits this technique will offer during a crisis scenario?

Like if a major volcano or nuclear event would cover the atmosphere, hurtling us into a mini ice age.

Or if you fall prey to a winter landscape and will have to keep warm to survive.

Even without these extreme events, you can use the Tummotechnique to heat your body whenever you feel the need.

And the best part is that you can also teach your friends and peers how to do this.

But don’t believe me.

I want you to have e brief look at the theory and mechanism behind this.

Simply try it for a day or two and see what happens.

You’re likely to experience the effects from day one.

At first, you will feel light-headed and possibly even euphoric.

The inner heat will follow soon after.

You can integrate this Tummo technique into your yoga routine or morning ritual.

You can gradually try some cold showers right after the breathing exercise and see how you feel.

Ultimately, you can experience the effects first hand in the winter, just like these two enthusiastic Tummo practitioners do it.

Would you strip naked in the middle of the winter and have a meditation session in the snow?

I bet you wouldn’t have thought this possible earlier.

But would you try this now that you know of Tummo breathing technique?

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