The latest news all revolve around September’s doomsday ticking clock.

It all started when self-proclaimed prophet Efrain Rodriquez predicted the end of days by stating that an asteroid of 2.5 miles will hit Earth around 15-28th of September 2015.

What the prophecy says

Efrain proclaimed that the asteroid will hit Puerto Rico at around 2 am in late September. The impact will be in the sea, between 2 islands, Mona and Mayagűez. As the location coincides with a fault line this will also cause a 12 degree earthquake.

A 2.5 miles asteroid can be compared to the size of Pocono Raceway, located in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. The average orbital speed of an asteroid is 25 km/s .The impact of a 2.5 miles asteroid at an estimated velocity of 30 km/s will be the equivalent of 50,000–100,000 hydrogen bombs all going out at once. Such an impact will likely cause huge tsunamis that will reach the East Coast of United States and also Europe. The aftershocks will induce earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

The doom date is between 15th and 28th of September because the 15th marks the end of Jade Helm Drills, and two days after Shemitah.

Conspiracy theories

Many conspiracy theories link the end of days with the Jade Helm Drills. Between 15th of July and 15th of September, the U.S military will be conducting huge military drills in multiple states including Arizona, Utah, Texas, Florida, Louisiana. They say that this exercise is for when martial law will be imposed in event of asteroid impact.

The 2015 Shemitah marks the 70th Jubilee, which is 7 years prior to the foretold year of 2022/23, because it represents the final year or current Judaic calendar. September is when the 7 year Tribulation will begin. The ending will be full on Armageddon.

Another theory is that NASA is keeping all of this under wraps in order to avoid mass panic, and only important people know the details. Preparations are being made to sustain a certain number of people alive. The majority of people involved are governmental people.

It is also believed that FEMA has already prepared body bags and coffins for Puerto Rico’s destruction.

Mass extinction happening?


Once the asteroid hits, other catastrophes will follow.

The prophet states that the impact will be followed by a 12 degree earthquake on the Richter scale.

The biggest earthquake recorded is the Chilean one in 1960 which measured 9.5 degrees. Imagine what a 12 point earthquake can do.

It reenacts the dinosaur extinction, a collision with an asteroid that caused mega tsunamis, shockwaves, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions. Short term acid rain and emission of poisoned gas is what followed. Long term consequences include a global greenhouse effect and reduce sunlight.

The earth was covered in dust particles which blocked the sunlight that meant a darkening of Earth Temperatures dropped to low levels that affected most plants and mammals. When the dust cleared, greenhouse gases created by the impact caused temperatures to reach high levels, endangering what has survived the long winter. Scientists say that due to extreme weather conditions after the asteroid impacted, it led to the dinosaurs’ extinction and also the disappearance of up to 70% of animal and plant species that were thriving at that time.

If the prophecy is true, basically life as we know it will cease to exist. Animals and plants will be the first to suffer. As big mammals will have no place to hide most of them will probably die. Without photosynthesis, plants will not be able to grow as the sun rays will be blocked, and they will wither due to extreme conditions. Food will be hard to find, as plants and crops will be scarce. Since the entire food chain will be disrupted, herbivores will suffer due to lack of plants, and a chain reaction will start. Birds and small animals have a change of adaptability until the Earth’s atmosphere will be cleared.

The Aftermath

This is what we expect if the prophecy comes true.

Remember that Efrain informed us that the asteroid will be 2.5 miles wide.

To get the big picture here, the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs was about 6 miles wide.


If a small asteroid that can reach up to 200m would hit the ocean, the tsunami created has the potential to wipe out coastal cities and this will also lead to human casualties.

If a bigger asteroid, let’s say of 1000 m will hit Earth, it will create big tsunamis and shockwaves. The dust particles will block the sunlight for at least 1 year, creating a long winter followed by the extreme greenhouse effect. After a dreadful winter, temperatures will start to soar.

Sounds like a science fiction movie scenario, but the fictional characters will actually be us.


Basic preparation steps

I personally don’t think this event will take place as Efrain does not place his prediction on actual facts, nor he is an astronomer that monitors the sky.

Here are some few quick tips on what you should do if such an event ever occurs.

1. Location

st40_3In dealing with an asteroid impact, it’s best to take shelter in an underground bunker, cellar or basement. If you have your own bunker near your home that will be good or you take cover in an atomic shelter. If you have a cellar or a basement, that is also a good place to keep cover. Remember, in case of an impact the first priority is to stay hidden to avoid shock waves and to ensure your survival.

2. Food

As nuclear winter is imminent in this scenario, store as much food as you can. After the impact Earth will turn back to the ice age, as temperatures will drop because the sun will be blocked.

In this situation gather as much canned food because it lasts longer, from a couple of years to even more. My advice is also to store tuna canned food for vitamin D. Another benefit for canned food is that it does not take up that much space, so you can store other things as well.

3. Equipment

The essential items for this situation will be:


  1. Warm clothes and blackest – be prepared for a long winter
  2. Medicine – essential to survive as living conditions will be harsh
  3. Water – mandatory and stock as many as you can
  4. Flashlights, batteries, matches, candles – due to lack of sunlight, pack as many light sources as you can
  5. Vitamin D supplements – lack of sunlight means lack of vitamin D ,which will cause osteomalacia, the softening of bones, so get as much supplements as you can
  6. Protection – weapons are necessary as chaos will be outside until the Earth will return back to normal
  7. During and immediately after the strike…

Stay indoors (in a bunker preferably), and away from the windows. The aftermath can include tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and potentially acid rain. The underground will be your safety net and in most cases will ensure your survival. The immediate disasters that follow greatly depend on where you are situated.

5. Coping with the aftermath

st40_6It is better to stay inside as much as you can, as living conditions outside will be harsh. If you need to go outside for food supplies better have a mask gas with you for potential toxic gas and ashes .Dress well for winter , pack a flashlight with you, a weapon of choice and return as fast as you can to your shelter. If you drink all your water, what you can do is to gather snow and melt it, although depending on the disasters that unfolded, it may be contaminated therefore the resulting water will need to go through a purification process (Ex.: in case of volcanic eruptions).

6. When to come out

st40_8Eventually, in a couple of years, the sun will no longer be blocked by dust and Earth will get warmer. Then it will be safe to go outside and start living again. Life outside will be different but you can start small by planting crops and help building a new society.

What we have been told until now

NASA has already declared that there is no asteroid that has Earth as its destination. The European Space Agency and NASA have the Near-Earth Object Program (NEO) to monitor possible threats, and there are no imminent impacts in the near future that could end civilization as you know it.

The Jade Helm is not an invasion, and is not a drill in case martial law will be instated. It is a military training for the Special Forces to test their skills such as escape, survival, evasion tactics while deep in the country.

FEMA denied purchasing body bags and coffins in case of an asteroid impact. They said they buy and supply all year long and build warehouses around the nation in case of emergencies. This is a normal protocol for them.

What is your opinion about the September prediction? Share your thoughts in the comment section bellow.
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  1. Everyone with common sense will prepare for winter and anything that disturbs their peace of mind. In case of this event happening most people will run out of water first….One cannot stock enough water to sustain their life and live

  2. There is no way of knowing if it will happen or it’s validity. But be observant of movements of many people or equipment. Watch traffic cameras which are observable on the internet. If you posses gasoline or propane containers get them filled.

  3. Since I am nearing the age of 70, I feel that if a disaster such as this does occur, then I am ready to meet my maker. There is no way I can build an underground bunker, and my basement has windows in it, as I live on the side of a mountain. As I said, if God wants me to survive and it is not his will for me to die, then that will happen. Otherwise, I am ready to go home to my Lord and Savior when such a disaster comes. It’s not the way I want to go, but if it be God’s will, then there isn’t much I can do about it now, is there? It’s has to be better than living under the Obama Regime. Although an activist against his unlawful administration, I just watch and see more destruction that he is doing to our once great Nation. I can only hope these predictions are wrong, and we have the good sense to vote in a true Conservative like Ted Cruz. He is the only one I trust to really restore our Nation and to clean up Obama’s mess.

    1. Really liked Ted Cruz’s remarks during the debate. He is the only one who laid out specific things he would do first if elected president. He is a true Christian, tells the truth, has great courage and wisdom. Think he would be a good president. Like Dr. Ben Carson, Mike Huckabee, Marco Rubio and others who mentioned either Jesus or God. Donald Trump did not. Although there is some truth in some of his remarks he is way too brash to be entrusted with the presidency.

  4. If this is what happens it is in line with the discription in the Bible. Honestly, I am not sure I want to live in such an afterworld. He spoke of the tribulation. Some Christians believe they will be taken just forefor this clamity and some think in the middle and some think afterward. One can look for these scriptures that the sun will be darkened and anything else discribed here. People are not taking it serious that something bad could happen in this county and do not store food or water. Then they will be out to TAKE as all crooks do. I am not sure people would have enough amonition to kill all the people that will come into your home in one large lawless gang. Maybe hope for death. I have thought of having a walkie talkie for my grown children and myself but I could not afford to buy all of those and I do not think any of them take any of this seriously although they are in their late 50’s and early 60s

  5. for $700.00 you can get a water maker. it needs elecrivty, but it will make 6 gallons of water aday. so if your worried about water, buy your self an solar generator. 1100 watts minum and a solar pane at 120 watts. bottom line if this happens you might as well die in it.

  6. Efrain is not the only person who has allegedly received revelations and dreams about impending disasters. The whole thing is analyzed at the Prophesy Club (youtube) and when there are many expressing the same, it is time to at least take heed, prepare, and above all, repent and seek the Lord of our fathers, Jesuschrist. In Him we must trust again, and a backslidden nation that now persecutes Christians in the military needs to turn around and remember Who made this nation great and blessed. Now with droughts, floods, tornadoes, inflation, unemployment, Cascadia fault, the New Madrid fault, Yellowstone caldera, weird conditions like Morgellons, and other strife, it is time to turn back to seek the Lord in prayer and humbleness because only God can intervene in the mess that man has made with God’s earth. Repent, turn to Christ, give Him our hearts, and work hard to change our society, get the community together and prepare.

  7. Given the (supposed) size of the asteroid and the number of amateur astronomers out there, there should be quiet a few people reporting it.

  8. We’re self destructing anyway. Poisoned food, water, air, medicines that harm not heal. Govt that lies, starts wars, prints false money that puts us further in debt. Oh and sells us out to the rich greedy meanies for the money to get re elected,,,,,,,,,, totally unnecessary if they’d been honest to all. This asteroid may prevent the suffering we’ve brought on others which is due to come around on us. Stupidity and cupidity rule.
    Humanity had the potential to greatness that will never be fulfilled in any case.

  9. I believe a 12 category earthquake would result in the death of most earth inhabitants. The Bible book of Revelation describes multiple disasters that each destroy a certain portion of the population. The scenario described in this article does not match Bible prophecy so I don’t believe it will happen. A 12 category quake would likely knock our planet off its axis causing death for most of us, but the Bible describes a great crowd of people surviving the tribulation. The best way to prepare for the end is to put your trust in God and His son Jesus. Confess that you are a sinner, that you repent of your sins and believe Christ paid for your salvation on the cross. He loves you and wants you to spend eternity with Him. You won’t be disappointed.

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