Buckets are very useful items. They can free up plenty of storage space if you choose to place your food provisions within, then burry them in your yard or stack them all up.

Besides this widespread use for buckets, there are multiple other reasons to have as many such recipients available as possible.

If you’re living in a rural environment, a few other examples might have already crossed your mind.

And if you’re more of an urban dweller, know that buckets will serve you well even in the concrete jungle.

Most importantly, buckets will become your items of choice for an abundance of chores when disaster strikes and you won’t be able to rely on modern infrastructure.

To understand the importance of these underrated items, let’s dive right into their potential use cases.

1. ” Washing machine

In a scenario where electricity is scarce or not available at all, you’ll be able to wash your clothes using a bucket. Just throw in your clothes, add hot water and detergent, and seal the top.

Since it will be hard to find a decent bucket sealant after SHTF, you should think ahead and buy gamma seal lids while they are still available.

With the bucket sealed, all it takes is a bit of shaking, back and forth, for a few minutes. After you’re done, dispose of the soapy water and repeat the process until your clothes are clean.

2. Grow Veggies

You don’t have to wait for a cataclysm to apply this trick. We all need food to survive, and we love homegrown organic food. For this reason, people have designed entire gardens in multiple 5-gallon buckets.

The process is extremely easy and becomes almost automatic when the buckets are intertwined and connected to a water source, reservoir or river.

3. ”Trash Destroyer

Again, there’s no need to wait for the end-times to dispose of your trash this way.

Here’s the trick: Grab a 5-gallon bucket and stuff all trash in there. Grab an identical bucket and place it over the trash, then press it with your foot until the trash becomes compact.

This is a great way to not pile up trash in your yard. You can use this if garbage collection units fail to appear on time or at all.

4. Collect rainwater

This trick is very intuitive. Just grab a bucket and place it at the end of your gutters or simply on an open field when it rains.

Use the fresh rainwater to wash your clothes, water your garden or cook.

5. Build a rocket stove

Yet another brilliant use case for buckets. You’ll require a metal bucket for this one, but the advantages it provides are priceless.

Rocket stoves are extremely efficient and don’t hurt your pocket to make. In case you don’t know what a “rocket stove” is, here’s a detailed guide to it. In case you’ll do this using a metal bucket, apply the same principles and replace the bricks.

Use this invention to heat water, food or even cook. Fuel it using twigs and firewood.

6. Make a backpack

Pretty much a last resort in a post-apocalyptic scenario. Just attach straps to your bucket and you’re ready to hit the road.

Use this to salvage mechanical parts or to gather food supplies and medicinal plants.

7. Build a water filter

Add another use for that collected rainwater – transform it into drinkable water.

All that you’ll require are a few buckets and PVC pipes. Turn them into a biosand filter and you’ll have plenty of water to stop your thirst.

The purifying mechanism conveys water through sand, charcoal, and gravel and delivers it free of heavy metals, viruses, and bacteria.

The filter is also very durable, holding up for several months before replacement.

To learn how easy it is to build this biosand filter, have a look at the instructions on this PDF.

8. Use it as a toilet

This one is pretty self-explanatory. All that it requires is a bit of cat litter scooped inside a 10-gallon trash bag, which is then placed at the bottom of the bucket. You can now sit on the “throne” and do your stuff.

You may experience difficulties sitting on the toilet bucket without a lid. However, you can make your seat as enjoyable as a normal toilet seat if you make these basic adjustments.

It also suits most buckets, so you won’t have to be picky with any of the items.

9. Improvise a shower

Showers have become part of our daily routines. There’s nothing better than dusting off after a long day in the fields (thinking end-days).

So, what’s there to do if the pipes are drained and you have no other shower system in place? Improvise, of course.

With the help of a 5-gallon bucket, a few PVC ball valves and a nozzle, you’ll have a working shower device in no time.

Check out the video below if you plan on building one.

10. Mischellaneous use cases

No, you haven’t seen the last bucket use case. There are just so many, so I’ll write down the most trivial of them.

In case disaster strikes, it’s likely that you’ll rely on buckets for the following activities: storing water and dry supplies, heating up water, fighting a fire, and for raising chickens.

Yes, you can turn buckets into an automated chicken feeder. These docile birds will be in great demand once modern society collapses.

I haven’t covered all the ways in which you can make use of buckets, not by far, but you’ll first have to let this abundance of information sink in before moving on to the next nifty trick.

P.S.: Not all buckets are good for storing food or water. To check which ones will do, simply verify the triangle-encased number inscribed on the bottom. Food grade buckets are highlighted by number 1, 2, 4, and 5, with 2 being your best option due to its high polyethylene content.

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