Something of utmost importance that history books teach us is that civilisations reach their peak and then commit suicide or end up conquered by other mightier civilisations or they fall victim to spontaneous cataclysmic events.

The common ground for all these SHTF scenarios is that affected humans return to a state of initial development, where they will most likely form communities such as tribes.

Standing at the mercy of the elements, the remaining humans will have to start building a shelter from scratch, provide water and food supplies, tend to their defences and train their fight-or-flight instinct.

Today, if a catastrophic event of epic proportions would occur, the most conscious of preppers would run for their lives, seeking refuge into the backcountry at their bug out locations.

However, most people do not have such an emergency spot, so they will either try to occupy another shelter by force or will try to build up their own with what they have.

Of course, the latter option wold be the wisest, since every conscious prepper has a room full of guns and ammo and would rather die than give up the bug out spot to looters and cut-throats.

However, modern society has made it so convenient for most of us Westerners that our survival instincts have almost entirely vanished.

For this reason, many people will not make it in case a destructive event unleashes upon the world.

You, on the other hand, being a conscious prepper with knowledge acquired constantly, will find the best solutions to whatever may come up.

To help you in your endeavour, I have compiled a series of bushmen practices that will take you a long way in case the need will ever arise.

Today, you’ll see how the bushmen, still living today on different corners of the world, are developing their own survival shelters, for now used as resorts.

Survival House Villa

Probably some of you are aware of the Tube Unique Wilderness YouTube channel that, in my opinion, has overshadowed the Primitive Survival channel and all other replica attempts.

In this outstanding video, the protagonist bushmen forages materials, prepares ground, and builds up a grand survival fort that would make any Western prepper either jealous or make his or her jaw drop.

The best part: he does this all on his own.

No need to believe me, just watch this amazing video and see this man’s achievement with your own eyes.

Secret Underground House with Swimming Pool

Equally as impressive as the first survival fortress (some would say even more impressive), this secret underground place is, undoubtedly, every prepper’s wet dream…literally.

This time two younger bushmen take on the task of setting up this impeccaple covert shelter.

The end result is just amazing. Not only they have covered up the shelter completely so that no one could find it, but they have also created very decent (and why not relaxing) conditions for living.

I’m already making plans to build such a place, even if it would be just for the weekend retreats.

Until that grim day arrives when you’ll have to abandon your conventional life to carry on with living, you could learn from these talented bushmen and experiment with your own survival shelter(s).

I know I’ll be doing so.

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