I don’t know about you, but all this bitter cold is getting to me.

To make up for it, I’ll be spending my time cruising across still, warm waters.

I always enjoy recharging my batteries in anticipation of Christmas and the New Year.

And I can think of nothing better than getting some fresh tan on a tropical island at the start of this winter season.

Although I enjoy cold to a certain degree, the warmth of the Sun has always been my favorite.

And since it’s summer in the Southern Hemisphere, I took my wife and son to enjoy a few days of pleasant sun baths and fortifying Vitamin D.

Since I’ve raised my son to be a survivor, one of the first questions to come out of his mouth before departing was “What are we going to eat and how are we going to cook if we remain stranded on one of these islands?”

I giggled and patted him on the shoulder and said “If that happens, we’ll eat better, tastier meals than on the mainland.”

I couldn’t contain my laugh as I saw my son’s face lighting up and displaying a mouth-watering smile.

Maybe the average Joe will find it difficult to provide food while stranded on an island and, even more, cooking it.

However, the skilled islanders at Primitive Culture know lots of ways to gather food and cook. Even more, they’re doing it with style.

When I saw their method of cooking eggs inside bamboo tubes, I couldn’t help but share it with everybody.

After all, there are plenty of birds on a tropical island, which means there are plenty of eggs to be found inside their nests.

There’s also an abundance of fragrant plants that can turn a simple meal into a finger-licking feast.

Now, you might be wondering “Why should I cook this inside bamboo tubes?”

Thing is, bamboo is widespread across areas of Asia, Australia, North and South America, as well as sub-Saharan regions.

It basically adores tropical climate, so you are likely to encounter this formidable plant on an island.

I’m not going to dive into the many uses of bamboo, just those that pertain to cooking.

So, here’s the thing: If you hold a fresh bamboo stick over a fire, it will create a steam bath inside, which is very similar to what happens inside a steam oven or steam pot.

I bet you can imagine what cooking potential bamboo has. Let’s now move to the fun part.

Before moving further, I would like to mention that you can cook a variety of things inside a bamboo tube, but we’ll focus on eggs or, if you prefer, omelette.

Here’s how the island chefs do it:

  • Cut an oblong opening in the bamboo tube. Needless to say that you’ll require a knife for this task. Otherwise you can improvise using a sharp rock or object. Mashing is also an option in case you’re missing these tools.

  • Crack open the eggs and place them within. If you’re a fan of omelette, then stir them using a stick. Season the content using whatever herbs you may come across. Better eat them as is if you don’t know your spices.

  • Seal the recipient with the bamboo lid that was previously cut out.

Now it’s time to make a fire. If you don’t have a lighter, matches, a magnifying glass or other objects that may start a fire, then you can use a bamboo stick and a dry wood to light up your tinder.

You’ll also require a drawbar made by cross-joining two sticks. Place one on each side of your fire.

With this done, you can place the bamboo tube on the drawbar and further fuel the fire. Check from time to time to see how the food is doing.

You’ll have a delicious meal in no time.

I guess that any survivalist would be fulfilled after eating this. I know I would, and I’d be happy living for months or even years like this. In case I’d end up stranded on a tropical island, that is.

Here’s the full video of how these islanders, masters of survival, do it.

If you would like to try the bamboo method at home or in your backyard, you can order a bamboo tube online. Don’t forget to use them while fresh, otherwise you risk causing an implosion.

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