After creating a “gene drive” that can eradicate an entire species selectively, DARPA is now funding mind-reading technology that will expand the possibilities on a future autonomous battlefield.

The invasive technology seeks to instantly read soldiers’ minds in order to send rapid signals to the machines they’re controlling.

Genetic engineering is one of the tools researchers are using in their pursuit to create sophisticated “thought-controlled weapons.”

DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) revealed back in May that six teams of scientists will receive the needed funding under the Next-Generation Nonsurgical Neurotechnology (N3) program.

Its aim is to enhance the receiving and response speeds between the human brain and machines.

Imagine someone who’s operating a drone or someone who might be analysing a lot of data,” says Jacob Robinson, assistant professor of bioengineering at Rice University, and one of the team’s leader.

There’s this latency, where if I want to communicate with my machine, I have to send a signal from my brain to move my fingers or move my mouth to make a verbal command, and this limits the speed at which I can interact with either a cyber system or physical system. So, the thought is maybe we could improve that speed of interaction,” he explains.

The narrative supports the idea of improved combat experience, but the main objective is reading soldiers’ minds with worrying accuracy.

The technology, once developed, will have the potential to peek inside a person’s mind and control or react to their thought processes.

DARPA seeks to cross new borders in non-invasive or minimally invasive brain-computer interfaces (BCIs).

In doing so, they are training systems that will read and write inputs of the brain with a latency no more than 50 milliseconds.

The timeline for accomplishing this daring task is set to four years, and Robinson is well aware of the challenges that lie ahead.

When you try to capture brain activity through the skull, it’s hard to know where the signals are coming from and where the signals are being generated,” he says.

So, the big challenge is, can we push the absolute limits of our resolution, both in space and time?” he told Live Science.

Although they sugar-coat this information to make it sound like a positive advancement for the human race, the reality is far from that.

There’s no positive spin when it comes to mind control,” one DARPA insider admits.

This invasive technology ultimately seeks to enslave the only place where there is still free will – the mind.

And we’re closer to this ominous reality than most of us want to believe.

Dr. Robert Duncan distressingly admits that researchers today “are brainwashed into believing that everything we are doing is of benefit to mankind, but look who pays our bills? The military. It’s all for war, it’s all for control, for government control…”

In the presentation below you can see the alarm bells triggered by Dr. Robert Duncan in a last-minute wake-up call before we reach a point of totalitarian control from which we’ll be unable to escape.

The fat cats have been working at mass control and manipulation of the human brain for over 60 years now, and the worst part – they’re getting better and better at it every day.

In the wake of this impending danger, which most people are unaware of, we remain defenseless as division is propagated through our ranks.

The time to act is now, and preparedness is your key to freedom and survival.

We’ll eventually reach a point in time when all cards will be on the table.

When that occurs, the safest place will be your bug out location, so make sure you equip it tight.

War is knocking on our doors. Its nature isn’t just political or economic –  it’s evil to its roots. It’s a war for your mind. Will you stand prepared?

This information is not meant to promote fearmongering – its purpose is informative and aims to make you aware of the lesser-known threats lurking outside your door.

More on this topic can be found here.

Featured Image Credits – Sputnik International

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