We’re almost two decades into the 21st century and our reality has shifted equivocally.

World governments and corporations have been stacking up on essential resources and have achieved technologies far beyond our understanding.

With so many breakthroughs on the line, it becomes much more difficult to grasp at what the future has in store for us…or should I say present?

To get a hold of the current state of affairs, I’ve decided to make 2019 the wake-up call for all of you brave and dedicated preppers.

For this reason, we’ll approach more controversial topics that I believe should concern any “woke” human being out there.

First on the pipeline is the until-now futuristic technology of directed-energy weapons, or simply DEWs.

What is a DEW and what is its purpose?

Directed-energy weapons are high precision, high range devices of immense power that focus beams of energy (laser, microwaves or particles) at a target.

They have been in the making for decades and will soon come out in the open, as their experimental architecture is finally close to maturity.

These sophisticated weapons will be used to tackle both new and old threats.

  • High-power microwaves systems will be able to annihilate an entire drone swarm.
  • Laser beams fired from satellites will be able to pierce the thick shell of intercontinental ballistic missiles.
  • Due to these weapon’s accurate aim, optical devices will be rendered obsolete.

The hype regarding directed-energy devices is at peak, with organizations like the Pentagon, DARPA, the Air Force, Navy and U.S. Army’ special research facility developing them.

I’m not counting here the private companies and other foreign states like Russia, China, the UK and India who also stand at the forefront of directed-energy weapons evolution.

Close to the finish line, the U.S. military aims for an undisputed victory in terms of perfecting this technology, and have requested a budget increase for the years to come.

You’re going to see, in the upcoming budgets for missile defense, a renewed emphasis on laser scaling [meaning scaling up the power of laser weapons] across several technologies,” said Michael Griffin, defense undersecretary for research and engineering, and former NASA administrator.

If this technology was expected to reach maturity during the mid-2020s, Griffin asserts that “we are no more than a few years away from having laser weapons of military utility” able to “roll out tens of kilowatts.”

It means that soon enough, military vehicles will be upgraded with directed-energy weapons to better engage foes on the battlefield.

Even more, the U.S. will have the first missile-defense satellite system able to send precise blows from above, but this news will become public only “when the administration is ready to share it,” according to Griffin.

So why should we be concerned about this breakthrough technology? Shouldn’t we rejoice and praise the government for this instead?

Well, as you might already know, the government knows how to wrap things up elegantly, with a keen interest of boasting the advantages while sweeping the dirt under the rug.

Why we should be concerned about DEWs

  1. If the ruling class has a sudden change of heart and decides to use this technology on its own people, there will be little we could do to escape this threat.
  2. If other states develop this technology and decide to use it during a war, the civilian population will be left helpless against this invisible force.
  3. Having godlike weapons at the tip of a fingertip could lead to serious abuse and destruction.

There are various scenarios that cross my mind about how DEWs can be abused.

Now, imagine yourself during a SHTF scenario. You and your family have reached safety behind the fortified walls of your remote bug out location.

However, digital eyes are peeking at you from above. Not only can they see your thermal print while indoors, they can also zoom in and track your every move while you’re outside.

Suddenly, a beam of charged particles blows off your cover, literally. Or you wake up in the middle of the night and the forest surrounding you is blazing. Your vehicle has melted mysteriously. There’s no way to run.

Although these scenarios are only fiction, I’m only trying to raise awareness of these DEWs capabilities.

Since most of you know that today there’s an ongoing economic and social war for our mind and freedom, it’s unlikely that something of sorts will happen soon.

However, a war theater must exist so that the grand players can test their new toys.

With Trump’s administration pulling military forces out of Syria and the rest of the conflict zones, it’s likely that war will erupt somewhere else.

And while we’re waiting in confusion for the next major event to unfold, the military might already be testing this powerful tech on peaceful grounds.

I’m talking about the recent Malibu fires natural disaster that has sparked controversy over whether the wildfires occurred naturally or were in fact deliberately caused by DEWs.

These wild accusations were backed up by plenty of photos showing trees still standing near the properties that had burned.

Ravaged cars that require far greater temperatures for the metal to melt.

As well as this pic of an entire mansion burning in the middle of a forest.

While this claim might seem preposterous for some of you, I believe the possibility of DEWs being deliberately tested on Cali soil shouldn’t be ruled out.

If this is so, then you have a first-hand example of what and how silently these weapons can operate.

While DEWs are a great addition to the U.S. military, I find them a double-edged sword that one can play with.

Unlike the grave repercussions of atomic bombs, DEWs are silent assassins that can pass the guilt ball from one state’s yard to another.

In this case, we might assist to a real-life Game of Thrones scenario in the near future.

As preppers, to overcome these new threats, we must look ahead and adapt.

With new technologies emerging, it is vital to acquire new gear and devices that can buy us a bit of time and cover.

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