This weapon was made famous in biblical times and has been used ever since. It is mostly known from the battle of David and Goliath, a famous story of the weaker opponent that defeats the stronger, the genuine underdog to win the fight.

The sling was used in war until the 18th century when it was last used by the British cavalry. It is a low status weapon that can be devastating in the hands of an expert. It takes a little practice to master, but it is definitely worth the effort. You can use a very wide range of projectiles, from small rocks to pellets or clay balls that you can shape to your liking.


You need between 9 and 12 feet of para cord A. You can start with a longer rope and adjust it as you practice.

You may also need a knife to cut the rope and a lighter to burn the ends.

Step 1

Tie a knot at about 3 feet from one end of the rope.

Step 2

Make 3 loops of about 2 ½ inches width.

Step 3

Start weaving the 3 loops.

ep_18.1   ep_18.2   ep_18.3

Step 4

Bring the other end through the middle loop and start pulling it.

Step 5

Make sure to pull until the initial knot comes through the middle loop.

Step 6

Tighten that end and start weaving accordingly.

ep_18.4   ep_18.5   ep_18.6

Step 7

Weave it all up, working towards the other end.

Step 8

Tie the end by going across and then finish through the middle loop.

Step 9

Pull both ends of the rope.

ep_18.7   ep_18.8   ep_18.9

Step 10

Make a slip knot for your finger at one of the ends. You can use your either your middle finger or your forefinger. It is up to you.

Grab your projectiles and get ready to practice. One end of the sling has a slip knot, make a simple knot at the other end of the sling. In order to shoot, you need to put one of your fingers through the slip knot, and grab the knot at the other end between your forefinger and your middle finger.

Place your projectile in the sling and start spinning it around to gain momentum. Release the knot you’ve been holding between your fingers and watch your pellet or rock fly away. From this point on it’s only a matter of time until you master it. You can go in the mountains or by a river and just fire away with rocks.

ep_18.10     ep_18.11

Build it once so you know how it’s done. If you are a prepper you will probably have some rope at your disposal at all times. It is one of the most common tools to include in your shelters or bug out bag. You don’t need to have a sling at all times if you know how to make one, should you need it.

Would you use this sling to defend yourself or to hunt?

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