Talking about the economic meltdown that has become somewhat of a pass-time activity for many.

Some like to say it’s all hot wind put forward by the media in order to sell papers, while some say it’s a complicated systemic fault that’s too hard to understand. Either way, we grew accustomed to discussing about the meltdown in terms of theory.

Actually, we all like to think that the world will remain pretty much the same from now on and that it will just be a rough couple of years, but nothing will change in the big picture.

This happens because the worse part of the crisis is not here yet. We’re now experiencing an economic decline and a general sense of austerity, but that’s not the worse it could happen.

The worse is yet to come. That is the meltdown. And it’s coming, either you like it or not.

Economic meltdown

If we’re to be metaphorical, the meltdown will be like a storm. It will hit hard

and many won’t make it to see the light the day. Things will gradually
settle down, but that initial impact will be dreadful.

Those who won’t be prepared to survive the storm will drown; those smart enough to have at least an inflatable boat might make it out alive.
It’s the same during an economic meltdown if you’re prepared, you have a better chance of surviving.

The shocking truth is that most Americans are not ready at this point.

In fact, cold hard facts show that most people would crash and burn if the meltdown (a disintegration of the economic and social system) would happen tomorrow. Here’s why:

Most Americans don’t have a minimum amount of money set aside in case they lose their job or something unexpected happens. More than 40 percent of all Americans don’t have even 2000 dollars set aside for gray days. More than 60 percent of Americans don’t have enough money to make it through three months of unemployment. Most people are hardly coping with daily expenses and spend more on paying taxes than they spend on buying food or clothes.

Less than 10 percent of all Americans own valuable metals, such as gold and silver. That’s the currency that will matter in case a meltdown comes knocking (for starters, anyway).

A recent report shows that only three million Americans are “preppers”, meaning they’re actually preparing for really tough times. That’s a very small number considering the total population of the US.

What about these horrible numbers? According to a recent survey, 45 percent of Americans don’t have access to a first-aid kit, 50 percent do not have any kind of emergency supplies and more than 50 percent of people don’t have a three-day supply of emergency goods in case something happens. Sitting ducks.

I am not pointing fingers and I am not blaming people for this. We are all victims of a dumbed-down society, that aims to produce sheep rather than citizens.

But you can always turn your life around. If you find yourself in one of the vulnerable categories I’ve listed above, you should consider reshaping your lifestyle. There are simple things you can do that won’t break the bank, but that will make all the difference in the world once we pass the point of no return.

And don’t doubt it: That moment will come sooner than later and it won’t be for the fainthearted. What side of the barrier will you be?

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