If you are looking for ways to start a fire without the use of matches or a lighter, then you will definitely enjoy this DIY.

Lighting up a fire can serve many purposes, reason why the lighter is among the essential items in a backpacker’s arsenal.

However, such a small item can easily fall from your pocket or run out of gas. So if you ever find yourself in a situation where you have no traditional fire starter, know that there’s an ingenious fireless way to ignite a fire.

All you need is a battery and a gum wrapper to start a fire in a blink of an eye, literally.

Although your fellow backpackers may have a spare lighter or set of matches for the job, doing it this way will sure boast your survival skills.

Before we go into details, let’s watch the demo video showing this life hack in action.

You see how easy it is? If you are wondering how this is possible, let’s have a look at the principles making this all possible.

The items needed are a charged battery and some gum wrappers. Be careful when picking the gum wrappers as they must contain foil. This helps conduct electricity, so without the foil coverage there will be no way for the energy to travel.

Why do you need to thin the middle of the wrapper? So that electrons transiting the conductive foil generate more heat when they reach the trimmed section. This process is similar to concentrating sun rays through a magnifying glass.

The heated aluminum foil ignites the underlying paper, allowing the flame to consume the wrapper in both directions. The broader sections offer more fuel to the flames.

Tip: If you struggle to find suitable gum wrapper (coated with aluminum foil) you can do this trick using the wrapping of a butter pack.

The butter wrapper design is very similar to the gum wrapper, with a layer of foil and wax paper. The butter itself is an excellent fire extender, so this type of wrapper might serve you even better.

Now that you know this trick, why not work some ‘magic’ the next time you go backpacking in the great outdoors and garner the admiration of your fellow survivalists?

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