Winter is here and the cold is ready to bite at your face and body whenever you venture out in the open.

Winter preparedness can save you a ton of trouble if you foresee the possible outcome and try to prevent or mitigate its effects in case something bad occurs.

Knowing what to do when accidentally falling through ice, how to properly drive a vehicle in snowy conditions or building a shelter if need arises is essential to any real prepper.

Since there are many things to keep in mind, I’ve kept the list short and to the point.


  • Try not to sweat and keep yourself dry. Not only it leaves you dehydrated, sweat also amplifies the cold sensation exponentially. If you’re dressed in tight layers your skin will require to breathe and sweat, behaving just like an air conditioning system of the body.
  • Drink snow only as a last resort. Or at least melt it with something else than your body parts. Your core heat will drastically deplete the moment you put snow or ice inside your mouth to melt it.
  • Proper clothes layeringWith adequate layering when dressing up you’ll have pockets of heat keeping you warm and will make you less prone to sweating by regulating body temperature.
  • Remain sheltered whenever possible. Exposing yourself to the cold elements outside can affect you in many ways like freezing and eventually catching the flu. Avoid going outside under extreme conditions.
  • Use snow as insulation. Yes, snow can serve you well if you remain trapped in the wild and there’s no shelter nearby. First shelter you can improvise is with snow. Although you’ll crawl inside a frozen burrow, the extra degrees will make the difference between life and death.
  • Don’t use alcohol to warm up. It won’t actually work. Alcohol will dehydrate and slow you down.
  • Maintain your position unless you’re forced to leave. If you remain stranded during cold weather conditions, you’ll have to think of the most visible spot and await rescue. Never attempt abandoning positions during a winter storm.
  • Hydrate whenever you feel the need. You’ll require water during cold weather just like during hot conditions.

These basic survival rules will increase your awareness this winter and will offer you an extra layer of protection against unfortunate scenarios that may occur.

Do not neglect going outside during the winter. Your blood flow will increase and make you feel more energic and joyous.

Staying indoor too much will make you lethargic, so embracing winter at least when the weather is friendly will benefit you greatly.

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