You’re in the middle of the night and suddenly hear a weird noise coming from downstairs. You hear steps on the floor, and you know it’s someone who is not very familiar with your house. A few moments later, without a doubt, you know your house is being broken into.

Will you freeze and do nothing because maybe the robber has a knife or a gun and you will be completely defenseless? Or will you get one of these homemade weapons out of the safe and stand up for your life?

In this article, I am going to show you how everyday objects can turn into self-defense weapons if used right, and how to create a few survival weapons, like pepper spray.

In the bedroom or living room

Aim for long, heavy/resistant objects, such as a fireplace poker or a tall lamp. They will come in handy to hit the attacker (preferably in the head) while keeping away from him.Also, you can use everything that’s already club-shaped – tall vases, feet from chairs or tables (chairs can also be used to pin him to a wall).

Look after any decorative item that is heavy or pointy enough to cause some damage and
use it with no hesitation( flat iron works both plugged out, but it can also use as a skin burner after being plugged in)

In the bathroom

You have plenty of opportunities in here, and the most efficient option to choose is hairspray. The standard contraindications include spraying into the eyes, but that is exactly what you need to do to disarm the intruder and render him blind.

Another option is using a lighter with the spray and directing the flame towards his chest (or face, if the flash is not very powerful).

Last resort – plug in a hair straightener and proceed like with the flat iron.

Towel racks are ideal when used as clubs or spears, depending on their shape.

In the kitchen

Kitchens are usually full of long, sharp objects, but unless you are a self-control master, I wouldn’t advise you reaching the knives. If the attacker is more skilled than you are, you can be easily dispossessed, and the situation can take the wrong turn. But here are three options that work just as well:

  1. Go for small objects that can break easily, like cups, glasses, or plates, and throw them towards him. That helps you distract (and maybe even hurt) the attacker while staying at a safe distance
  2. Aim for the heavy objects, like frying pans or rolling pins, that will cause severe damage, but also require self-control and strength.
  3. Reach for the handles of brooms or mops and use them as spears.

Creating your pepper spray

If you know you’re prone to be robbed, or if it’s happened to you before, then it’s vital you have one of these with you. You will need

  • hot pepper,
  • rubbing alcohol,
  • baby oil,
  • coffee filter.

Place two tablespoons of hot pepper in a glass and pour rubbing alcohol onto it, at the level of 1 cm. Stir well until you have a homogenous composition, then add the baby oil, just enough to raise the level with 0.5 cm. Stir once again, and after the composition is well mixed, pour it through the coffee filter. You will obtain a clear solution that can be placed in a recipient with a spray cap, and used as a pepper spray.

If you don’t use it for a long while, shake the container to ensure the ideal homogeneity.

What other ordinary objects did you use as weapons? Share your experience with us in the comment section below! 

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