Since I do not like pumping my body with unhealthy chemicals I always look for alternative cures like natural remedies. I once had a pretty bad headache and not even the aspirin had no effect.

This is why I started looking for other ways to help me relieve of the pain. What I found is pretty amazing and I am going to share it with you. The answer is willow bark tree. Wondering how a simple tree can help? I will tell you right away, but first it is important to recognize willow trees among other type of trees.

The willow bark tree is Mother Nature’s aspirin. The real magic is that it is a great remedy for headaches, hangovers and minor pain. Willow bark needs to come from the branches of two or three year old trees. The good thing is that they are very common all over the world.

What makes the bark special is that it contains the chemical called salicin. When the body processes salicin, it turns it into salicylic acid, which makes willow bark the precursor to aspirin. People used willow bark tree as a headache cure way before aspirin was invented. Of course pharmaceutical companies will not encourage you to use willow bark tree instead of aspirin because of the obvious reason. Money.

This alternative method does not have the save side effects as aspirin. Aspirin can cause stomach irritation or damage, while willow bark tree used with moderation does not. This lack of side effect can be due to salicylic acid that is being created when the body breaks down salicin, instead of directly entering the body.

Willow bark tree can cause side effects only if it’s being taken in high doses for long periods of time. It it also indicated to not take it if you use blood thinners, you are allergic to aspirin, have kidney diseases or bleeding disorders. Apart from these, taken in normal amounts, willow bark tree is safe.

Think of aspirin as the copy of willow bark tree, but with more chemical compounds, while willow is all natural.

Spot the willow tree

It is very important to identify the correct tree if you want to make a home remedy. If you are not sure that it is a willow tree, then do not use it. Using the wrong kind of tree can result in illness or other damages. Only get the bark if you are completely sure it it’s willow. I will show you the 4 most common willow trees that grow almost anywhere except Antarctica and Australia.

The Weeping Willow


The Golden Willow


The White Willow


The Black Willow


Most willow trees can be found near a source of water. All these species contain salicin. The white willow tree is the most potent, but all of them do their magic. To be sure it is a willow tree you will also need to look at the leaves, they have a lance shape.

You will also need to inspect the bark of the tree. Most willow trees develop ridges and furrows. Black willow has the bark nearly black and weeping willow has long, deep ridges, and it is a slightly gray color. Here is an example of a willow bark. st_48_6

If you want to make sure you have the correct tree you can take pictures and show them to an expert like a botanist.

Once you have your tree, you can start making aspirin. You will need to have a knife with you.

The first step will be to take one branch. Cut into the tree’s bark, strip it off and isolate the inner bark. You can scrape of the inner and outer bark using a sharp knife. Wrap the piece of bark and head home because it’s tea time.

How To Make Willow Bark Tee

Once home, place your pieces of bark on a coffee filter and wrap it up. Put this wrap in another coffee filter and wrap this one up again and tie it. It should resemble a normal teabag. It is not mandatory to use 2 coffee filters, but this is how I usually do it.

Have a pot of boiling water on the stove and throw the willow teabag in it. You will need to steer it occasionally and notice how the water turns into a brownish color, which is good. It takes about 15-20 minutes for the tea to be ready.

When it is ready, pour the tea into a nice cup. To remove any solids, put a coffee filter on top of a cup and pour the tea slowly. Let it cool down, take a sip to check if it’s safe enough to drink it. You can add sugar if you want to.

A cup of this tea is excellent to cure a headache or other minor pain. I strongly recommend you to try this instead of an aspirin. You will be surprised of the results. It is also important to not overdose. Do not drink more cups over a long period of time because you will form immunity and it can have harmful effects. The advantage of drinking a willow bark tea is that it is 100% natural and it will not cost a dime.

Using this tea in moderation can make a good alternative to aspirin.

Do you know other beneficial effects from the willow bark tree? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.
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  1. Great article, have a willow near by, will give this a try.

  2. Never knew this. Thx

  3. I make oil with willow then use it to make salve. It is great for pain.

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