The Amazon Rainforest sounds like an excellent destination for any adventure seeker, but did you know how many threats will put your life at risk? Are you well prepared for all of them?

In this article, I’m going to show you how to tackle the jungle if you want to get out of there alive. Just don’t forget these simple rules while you’re out there in the wild!

1. Find drinkable water

Despite the frequent rain falling in the Amazon jungle, most people fail to survive because of dehydration. Finding a reliable water source is just as important as in any other forest. Purify it using one of these methods and provide your body what it needs.

2. Follow the river

The rivers and streams will get you to civilization, and are called “highways” of the Amazon. They are the only solution you have if you want to get out of the jungle safe and sound.

3. Be a dynamic target

Even though cannibalism isn’t a thing anymore, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other life-threatening creatures you’re exposed to. Jaguars, Cougars, and anacondas are the last ones you want to see on such a trip, but also, be aware that smaller animals can be even more dangerous – poison dart frogs, vampire bats and even mosquitoes can spread different diseases, like rabies, malaria or yellow fever. Avoid them as much as you can, while following the river and end up not being a target anymore.

4. Your body does not need as much food as usually

The warm, humid environment changes your body’s needs and helps it not needing as much food as usually. Your dinner options might be fish (there are plenty of them in the streams) or Suri worms, which are highly nutritive.

5. Know the remedies

It is possible you won’t avoid every possible danger, as different insects or animals may hide in your camp. Check your boots and pants before putting them on, and if you get stung by one of the following, here are the remedies:

A spider – make a mix out of salt, seaweed, honey and vinegar, and the pain will vanish almost instantly.

A Scorpions’ bite will cause you nausea and fainting. Avoid getting that far with a compress made out of cold mud or with rub the wound with grated coconut.

Ticks – they will flee away at the smell of alcohol, petrol or when exposed to heat.

Leeches often carry infections, but don’t physically pull them off. Use fire or a pinch of salt to scare them away.

These are the highlights of the Amazon Rainforest Survival. Share your story with us if you’ve been there, tell us what dangers you faced and how you overcame them!

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