Slingshots are very efficient and silent weapons that can help put food on the table during a crisis.

Widely used for hunting critters like birds, squirrels or rabbits, these nifty weapons require no particular ammunition and are also suitable for children.

The trickiest part in mastering the slingshot is its aim. For this, you’ll need decent hours of practice.

The good thing? Ammunition can be found everywhere in nature, especially if you’re sitting on rocky terrain.

Although slingshots might seem like child’s play at first glance, they can actually be modified into lethal and silent weapons that play both a defensive and offensive role.

If you’re into DIY and don’t want to spend the dough on a premade, expensive “sling bow,” than the following video will help you assemble one yourself at a much lower cost, and also teach you the basics of using it.

Ready for the Sling Bow 101?

Dave Cantebury has compiled a thorough guide for his YouTube channel Pathfinder School that will help you turn a regular slingshot into a weapon powerful enough to take down large game.

The difference between a regular bow and his “sling bow” is that the latter offers a great deal of long-range accuracy compared to the normal bow.

Other important aspects to consider are the light weight of the “sling bow” and the fact that it can fit with ease your bug-out bag.

If you are intrigued by the idea of building one yourself, keep in mind that it does require hours of training to improve your accuracy.

But what can be more pleasant than a weekend of target practice with your new and improved weapon?

And here’s some cool modifications that will add even more functionality to your sling bow:

If time isn’t on your side, but you would still love to have one of these “sling bows,” you can take the shortcut and purchase them online.

The Marksman Pocket Hunter is a great example of premade sling bow.

And don’t forget about the heavy duty pull bands and arrows if you’re aiming for that large game.

Once you master these silent weapons, you’ll never want to remove them from your bug-out bag.

And for when SHTF, you’ll have a useful “ally” close at hand to deal with whatever problems may arise.

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