A heated debate is ongoing about whether or not climate change is a real thing.

And while there seems to be no imminent resolution to this controversy, another blazing concern is giving us plenty of reasons to stay on our toes.

The Arctic is burning folks

There are wildfires in the Arctic engulfing areas that span the length of more than 100,000 football fields, according to the World Meteorological Society (WMO).

One fire even stretched the length of 300,000 football fields. And all this chaos is happening in the once-frozen regions of the Arctic.

You see, the planet is undergoing massive changes that are putting all our lives at stake.

And the destructive process has accelerated and continues to do so ever since the start of the 21st century.

Are all these events trying to send us a message? Do the end-days draw near?

According to some researchers, it may seem like it, and there’s never been a better time to prepare for what’s to come.

Let’s discuss what’s happening in the world right now.

The WMO, an organization advocating FOR climate change has attributed the recent fire outbursts to global warming effects.

Their logic is that constantly growing temperatures and lack of precipitation in recent years have bled the Arctic environment dry.

And now the forests are blazing into what’s become an unparalleled ecological disaster.

As hundreds of fires have lit up so far, experts say that something like this hasn’t occurred for 10,000 years in this region.

To get a better idea of the disaster’s proportions, the amount of carbon dioxide released so far has exceeded the greenhouse emissions from the last eight years combined!

And the situation is getting worse. 

As wind carries the ashes across the arctic region, the particles land on snow, whichs allow more sunlight to be absorbed, therefore accelerating the snowmelt and setting the stage for more fires to occur in the near future.

However, the real problem cuts both ways. Forests collect the carbon dioxide from the air (and other pollutants) and convert them into oxygen.

Now that huge tracts of land are burning, the carbon dioxide is released all at once, and there are no more trees to absorb it, nor to create oxygen.

This has multiple implications. First off, it affects the wildlife that rely heavily on lichens as a source of food. 

Secondly, it affects the local populations that need to flee to safety. The wildlife migrate in search of food as well.

And this trend looks like it will only continue and accelerate. As the latest reports show, the arctic regions are warming up at a rate twice as fast as the rest of the planet.

With more future fires, the atmosphere’s pollution will increase significantly. This will have dire implications for the health of all living organisms.

With everything that’s happening, we could soon resort to buying “fresh air cans” from the supermarket, just like what happened in China. But this time, it will be on a global scale.

And this isn’t the only alarming news from the Arctic – the poles are shifting! 

The magnetic north pole is moving ten times faster than before, and this is giving scientists’ headaches since they can’t explain or predict where this is going.

At present, the north pole is in motion at an average of 31 miles a year. 

Even more, we know that pole shifts are a common occurrence in Earth’s history. 

On average, they occur every 450,000 years or so. The alarming fact is that the last pole shift happened roughly 780,000 years ago, and now all signs point towards another shift in the making.

If this occurs, then the climate and environment will become chaotic, and it’ll wreak havoc on Earth as the planet seeks to reorganize itself.

If this occurs, we must stand prepared to withstand whatever nature will throw at us.

It’s going to be the biggest challenge humanity has faced so far.

Just like in the end-days, or better said the end of a new earthly cycle, these destructive signs are precursors of what’s to come.

Will you heed their warning and prepare? 

I’m also curious to hear your thoughts on climate change.

Do you believe global warming is real? Are the greenhouse emissions we’re causing to blame for the increasingly devastating events that occur around the globe each year?

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