I believe that being human means acquiring as many useful skills as possible to standout against any challenge and come out victorious.

You’ll never know what life may throw at you, so your skill set has to include a variety of abilities.

How does lock picking sound to you?

I have this know-how on my bucket list and I’m practicing the art of opening locks for some time now. I have to say that I don’t want to break into anyone’s home, I’m doing this for fun and to increase my dexterity.

You’ll never guess how much lock picking works your brain. If you have similar cravings or simply want to try this out of curiosity, I have written a guide that will help you become a novice lock picker.

Just get your hands off all those gadgets and try to learn the old ways for a moment.

To begin with this practice, you’ll require tools, handy fingers, willpower of steel, the know-how, and basically lots of practice.

If you are interested in picking locks, here’s the best community I could find that you can interact with and make your journey more convenient and enjoyable – http://locksport.com/.

They also have a great explanatory PDF that you can download by accessing this link.

Now that you’ve been steered on the right path, I’ll begin with highlighting the basics of picking locks.

Let’s start with this video.

Now that you’ve caught a glimpse, let’s move onwards to the Bump Key lock picking. It essentially involves unlocking using only a key black and a screw driver.

The following video details this technique all too well.

Now, besides the common items required for this sport, art, or however you wish to call it, you can also purchase some highly advanced gadgets.

Since you’re a prepper, I bet you’d enjoy more assembling a device yourself. The best and most enjoyable way to do so is by adapting an electric toothbrush. This way you’ll have your own vibrating lock pick. You won’t believe how easy it is to crack those mechanisms using this device.

Here’s a comprehensive guide.

Are you still with me? If so, you’ll love this other trick.

Because successfully picking up a lock may lead to another obstacle in the form of a sliding chain lock, it’s good to think ahead to unlocking both.

There’s no need to learn some complicated technique for this, nor purchase sophisticated items. All that is required is a simple, yet resilient, rubber band.

This video shows exactly how it’s done.

Without further diving into complex details, I would like to point back to the previous guide on Locksport International. They have one of the best novice lock breaker courses I’ve seen, and the community is strongly knitted and willing to help.

From this point onwards, if you have enjoyed these tips and tricks and are willing to practice this further, you should get your hands on as many locks as your pocket can endure and try breaking them up.

After you have seen a lock’s interior it will become extremely easy to dibble their mechanisms. Be smart, master this skill well, as it may come extremely handy in times of need.

We might be relying exclusively on gadgets for the time being, but you’ll never know when things become messy and we are taken one century back. In case this happens, guess who will have the upper hand?

If you don’t believe in end times scenarios, you can simply practice this for fun. Your dexterity will soar and your dopamine receptors will be thrilled about what complex riddles you’ll throw at them.

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