Although survivalist communities are growing, we are still a small percentage of the country’s population. The vast majority of people have no idea what to do in an emergency situation. They just carry on, living their lives, pretending everything is fine and looking away from the real threats that loom upon us.

As soon as a disaster or a crisis strikes, the masses will rush towards the same places. The riot will target some key stores or building in desperate look for help, supplies, and safety. You’d best stay away from these places as much as you can. You don’t want to get involved in panicking mobs that start looting whatever they find. Moreover, you don’t want to live anywhere near one of these key locations, which will be the first to get emptied once SHTF.

In a crisis situation people will become more vicious, as they will have to struggle for their lives. They will also make a list of things they either need or have always wanted, for some reason. As chaos installs, gas stations, grocery shops, hardware stores and hospitals will be the most popular targets. People will go scavenging supplies, medication and tools as quickly as possible. Do yourself a favor and keep clear of these locations.

All of your prepping efforts will be futile even against a small or medium-sized desperate mob. You could even consider relocating if you are living near one, or at least build a shelter or a safe house somewhere else. Make sure it will be easy for you to slip unnoticed to get there, and that it’s properly supplied.

#1 Check-Cashing & Quick Loan Offices

Places where you can cash in paychecks are known for having large amounts of available cash. These places are used because they don’t require identification. They are also used by people without a bank account. In a crisis situation, it is certain that such places with a lot of money and low security will be some of the first targets for looting.

#2 Auto Parts Stores

Hardware stores and auto parts shops will be some very popular choices. People will want to make sure they’ll be able to move around the country. They’ll get all the consumables they can for their vehicles and all the tools they’ll ever need. A similar thing happened in Los Angeles, in 1992. The auto parts stores were emptied in a blink of an eye, with everything from motor oil to brake pads and spare parts gone.

#3 Shoe Stores

They might not be the most obvious targets, but it has happened before. When conflict broke out in Panama in 1989, many shoe shops were looted. People seized the opportunity to get the quality shoes they have always dreamed off, but could never afford.

#4 Convenient Stores

Convenient stores offer a wide range of products that looters might be interested in, from supplies and provisions to drugs. In addition, these shops also have low security and are located literally everywhere around the country.

#5 Sporting Goods Stores

By sporting goods, I mean mainly guns. There might have been some tennis enthusiasts among the rioters. However, most people seized the opportunity to get guns and ammunition free of charge, and without having to register. This also happened during the Los Angeles riots of 1992.

This would be a great time to analyze your surroundings. Make sure there’s enough gas in your tank at all times, and that your vehicle has some emergency supplies. You could keep some dried foods there indefinitely. Make sure there’s always a first aid kit in your car as well. Maybe you never paid attention to these facts, but you should make some plans and scenarios for your survival. If your town ever breaks out in unrest, you’re going to thank yourself for taking the time and preparing in advance.

Are you prepared for social chaos, riots & looting? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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