The End Days draw near. The signs have ignited all over the world and are becoming clearer than ever before.

If you’re still uncertain whether these are pre-apocalyptic times we’re living or mere coincidences, well, Madonna’s (or should I start calling her “Madame X” from now on?) latest performance during the Eurovision song contest will erase all traces of doubt… 

As the name suggests, Eurovision is a European song contest where the audience decides the winner.   

In recent years, the organizers decided to spice things up and have included more international performers and additional places outside of Europe where the contest is held.

This year, the nominated location was Israel

Seizing the opportunity to present her message to a broader audience, Madonna took to the stage in an ever-controversial and prophetic fashion.

Wearing a black cape and a patch over her right eye, Madonna started her performance with her ‘89-hit, Like a Prayer.

What followed next might shock you, so you’d better get a good grip on your chair.

The second song, titled “Future,” was a blend of esoteric, prophetic and cryptic messages, both audio and visual, and was… very alarming and disturbing, to say the least.

In front of the large Israeli crowd, Madonna started singing:

Not everyone is coming to the future

Not everyone is learning from the past

Not everyone can come into the future

Not everyone that’s here is gonna last (Gonna last)

Not everyone is coming to the future

Not everyone is coming from the past

Not everyone can come into the future

Not everyone that’s here is gonna last (Gonna last)”

The crowd roared for the Queen of pop music even though the lyrics were puzzling for everyone in attendance. After all, Madonna is renowned for her eccentric and avant-garde style, right?

Furthermore, visuals of priests were showcased on the huge display behind her while she sung that it’s not yet time to act upon the sins of the church (my interpretation), but a time will come in the future when an offense will be launched against church leaders.

And the song went on..

You ain’t woke

Come get woke and hear the broken

Come give hope, come give life

Only get one, so we gotta live it right (Gotta live it right)

Come make peace, oh

Come with faith and inspiration

Come complete you

Advice, positive vibes (Positive vibes)

Open your mind (Open your mind)

Open your eyes (Open your eyes)

Yeah (Yeah)

Two dancers displayed the Israeli and Palestinian flags on their outfit, although this was expressly forbidden considering the ongoing conflict in the Middle East.

Yet, Madonna defied backstage instructions and made her point even more clear in the following verse.

We can light up the dark, everyone has a spark

Don’t tell me to stop ’cause you said so (Oh, yeah)

Your future is bright (Bright), just don’t turn off the light (Lights)

Tell the sun not to shine (Bright) ’cause you said so

Madonna performed a very interesting act of rebellion here – the very idea promoted by New World Order advocates. 

It’s interesting how she also mentioned the Sun – the dominant godly symbol in nearly all religions.

Then she urges us to open our eyes and minds and pay attention to the signs (if we want to make it into the New World).

And then she ambiguously foretells what’ll happen at some point in the future… and it’s incredibly scary and confusing.

I hope you know (Know), my life is gold (Gold)

I drip that ice (Ice), I see the signs (Signs)

Just free your mind (Free)

Welcome to the future, it’s a culture ride (Ride)

Too much pain inside

It’s an override (Yeah, yeah)

You’ve been puttin’ too much time tryin’ to survive (Tryin’)

Don’t like the person in your past, so you let ’em die

L-L-Let your light shine (Yeah, yeah)”

What she implies here is that you should let go of your old self and allow your newer version to step into the new world…regardless of the pain you’ll feel within.

Madonna also acknowledges that she sees the signs, which alludes to the events (discussed at large in the Bible) about to take place in the near future.

Then she keeps repeating the message that the new order of the future is not for everybody and… towards the end of her show, dancers wearing gas masks fall to the ground as a huge mushroom cloud lights up on the big display.

It’s the future where we come from, bein’ stars

It’s the future where we come from, bein’ hard

It’s the future where we come from, beat ’em all

It’s the future where we come from, bein’ boss

It’s the future where you gotta pay the cost (The future)

It’s the future where you come from, bein’ lost (The future)

It’s the future, crucifixion on a cross (Woo)

But you know that I’ma rise above it all, yeah”  

You see, the future will not be for everyone. Those who will not conform to the new world order will be thrown out of existence. 

Those who won’t willingly accept the mark of the beast and become part of a system of full control, with no more privacy as the watchful BIG BROTHER will be inside their minds (literally), won’t find their place in this new world.

Of course, I could dissect even further these cryptic lyrics, but it’s already too obvious that forces are at play…it’s an ongoing battle for your mind, the right of freedom and ultimately – your life.

I leave you now with what, at least for me, represent a gruesome glimpse into the future.

The eye winks at you on top of the pyramid just as the show ends.

Feel free to engage in discussion about this controversial topic. 

And don’t let this satanic influence get to you.

If you’re preparing for the worst and you’re keeping a kind, fighting spirit, getting back on your feet again whenever you fall, and not letting the bad influence get to you…I congratulate you for the final battle is half won.

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