Being among the wisest indigenous tribes of Norther America, the Cherokee have gained extensive knowledge of plants with potent healing effects across the centuries.

They used these in their ceremonies, as well as for healing their tribal peers.

Besides the practical knowledge of a plant’s effects, they Cherokee have also nourished the natural ecosystem by harvesting plants in a responsible manner.

By cutting only the third plant they would come across, the natives have ensured that the plant’s ecosystem would thrive and become more plentiful by the year.

Masters of alternative, natural medicine, the Cherokee have fortified themselves to withstand the ages. Now they are sharing this knowledge so that we may learn to value nature more and to ward ourselves from sickness.

Here are some of their traditional plants used in medicine:

1.Buck Brush: Traditionally known as ‘hummingbird blossom,’ this bushy plant can treat a wide range of conditions like inflammation, cysts, various throat problems, and can even regulate blood pressure.

In order to make the healing brew, you must place both flowers and leaves inside a recipient with boiling water for about 5-10 minutes. It’s also important to drink the brew while it’s still warm.

2. Blackberry: This plant can calm a nagging stomach and nurture your bleeding gums. Unlike other plants which require a boiling water infusion, the blackberry leaves require only chewing. They are also rich in vitamins such as niacin, riboflavin, vitamin A and C, and elements like iron.

3.Sumac: Commonly known as qua-lo-ga, each part of this plant has a medicinal purpose. If diarrhea bothers you, simply turn the qua-lo-ga bark into a balmy mixture and sip it. In addition to this effect, it can also calm an aching throat. Moreover, the sumac leaves can be turned into an effective cure for ivy poison only by crushing and ingesting them.

4.Mint: Most of you know of mint and its highly beneficial effects already. The Cherokee often used it to enhance digestion and to treat rashes by turning the leaves into an applicable mixture, or by bathing in minty water. Mint is so potent because it packs many essentials like potassium, fibers, calcium, vitamin A, and vitamin C which act as powerful antioxidants.

5.Yarrow: Traditionally known as ‘squirrel tail,’ this plant can help coagulate the blood on wounds and its leaves can put a halt to severe bleeding.

6.Wild Black Cherry: When a tribe’s woman would give birth, the Cherokee healers would administer a special brew made of this plant to mitigate the pain experienced by the mother. This way the women would withstand labor pains much better. Therefore, if you suffer from headaches or back pain, it might be a good idea to use this Cherokee remedy.

7.Wild Ginger: Commonly known as ‘big stretch,’ this leafy plant was turned into a brew able to cure various stomach issues like colic and intestinal gas. Other Natives would often turn the wild ginger leaves into a powder and use it for treating ear infections.

8.Wild Rose: Also called ‘jisdu unigisdi’ by the Natives, the fruit of this particular plant was commonly used by the Cherokee in dealing with flue and other cold related sicknesses. The high vitamin C content was garnered by drying the fruits before turning them into a hot drink through infusion.

9.Partridgeberry: Few weeks before mothers gave birth, they would drink a tea obtained through boiling the partridgeberry leaves and it was said the effect would speed up the child birth.

10.Mullein: The fumes released through burning the leaves and roots of this plant would calm the lungs and open the respiratory pathways. Its most common use was for threating asthma.

These are but a few examples of medicinal plants that have passed through the hands of Native Americans frequently.

Of course, since the tribes had skilled healers, they would often combine the effects of plants to enhance their healing properties or even to obtain additional effects.

Even with the limited knowledge we have at our disposal, we can take care effectively of a plethora of afflictions that would otherwise require synthetic drugs to treat.

Needless to say that natural medicine works best for you due to the lack of side effects and variety of benefits they provide.

By seeking alternative ways to shield and heal your body, you will experience life on a more positive note and even find straightforward and efficient cures for whatever bothers you.

If you find this information useful, don’t forget to share it with others.

Until next time, stay safe, stay prepared!

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