The implications of the Clinton SAP scandal are horrific. Special-access programs involve America’s most clandestine activities. Any disclosure or mishandling of such information is extremely dangerous for our national security.

The exposure of SAP secrets certainly involves the following. The intelligence officers responsible for the disclosed programs will end them. Depending on the program, this could mean redoing war plans, terminating and rethinking ongoing covert actions or if a source is revealed, removing it from the environment.

One of the worst scenarios involves losing a source of information. The people offering information are very important for our national security. First of all, our national security shouldn’t come at the expense of our collaborator’s or our intelligence personnel’s safety.

People in this line of duty that are exposed may be subject to grave danger. Secondly, this looks very bad for potential future collaborators. The US intelligence community is still recovering from the events that took place a few years ago involving Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning. It was difficult to find international contacts after the unfortunate disclosure of top secret information.

ln_64.3Having an illegal, off-site server with beyond-top-secret initiatives will force the CIA and other information agencies to assume all related information was compromised.

The programs will be terminated, which means they stop yielding information that keeps America secure and Americans alive. In addition, shutting down a mission typically involves relocating and possibly repatriating many agents. On top of the effort and work behind all of that, there are people’s lives and careers being shifted, and for what?!

ln_64.4Another implication we need to consider is what happened in the meantime. Ever since 2012 when word got out regarding the subject, it is almost certain that Russia, China, Germany, France, South Korea, Japan, Iran, Israel and probably others have already used this to their advantage.

It is safe to assume everybody got their hands on the emails. And it’s also safe to assume, all information since that date was compromised as well.

Once the bad guys may have found out about specific agents or sources of information, they will probably have started feeding them altered information. If you think about it, it’s been four years since 2012. It is likely that most people in a given network have been either turned to the other side or under close observation by now.

Such negligence in handling information shouldn’t be so easily overlooked, especially since we are talking about one of the main candidates for the presidential elections. If Hillary Clinton would actually be the highly capable person she is posing as, none of this would have happened.

It might be that she is not competent to handle major decisions. Not being smart enough to recognize such classified material when she sees it, or lying about it when caught should make her genuinely unfit to serve as our commander and chief.

According to Howard J. Krongard, the State Department is also lying when it claims not being aware that Hillary Clinton was using her personal email address and private server to conduct official business. It seems this was all planned in advance, since she was never assigned and never used a .gov email address. It’s the first time this has ever happened.

ln_64.5Krongard served as the agency’s inspector general between 2005 and 2008 and he points out to another interesting coincidence. During Clinton’s term, between 2009 and 2013 and for the first time ever, there were five and a half years with no permanent inspector general.

He claims this was the longest period a department has ever gone without an inspector general. This is very important information, since the inspector general is charged with investigating agency waste, fraud and abuse. Communications security procedures are also part of their attributes.

According to Krongard, FBI’s main concern at the moment is finding out how did sensitive state secrets end up in Clinton’s personal emails. Information doesn’t just go by itself; someone must have moved it somehow.

The question is whether or not Clinton’s chief of staff, Cheryl Mills or her deputies, Huma Abedin and Jake Sullivan are involved. All three currently hold high positions in the presidential campaign. However, even knowing who to follow and what to look for might not be enough. Any criminal referral from the FBI to the Justice Department must pass through four loyal Democrat women.

They are Assistant Attorney General Leslie Caldwell, who heads the department’s criminal division; Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates; Attorney General Loretta Lynch; and top White House adviser Valerie Jarrett.

Judging from similar situations in the past when Clinton’s lawyer, David Kendall, helped Gen. David Petraeus, it is likely the whole event will be reduced to misdemeanors punishable by fines.

How do you think Hillary Clinton is going to account for all this? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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