There are a lot of issues that affect women, but none are more devastating to one’s self-esteem then the stubborn cellulite.

This silent ego assassin does not discriminate. It striker merciless women of all ages, races and shapes. You can be thin as a whistle and still suffer from the orange peel phenomenon.

The wellness industry know the extent to which this effects women and so they offer all kinds of spa procedures and cream that promise to give you the tight-tone skin you want and deserve. Put all of these have a hefty price tag attached to them and most of them don’t guarantee success.

So one must ask: “Why spend a small fortune on treatments that may not work?” Most fall into this trap due to the constant barrage of commercials, articles and other advertisement channels that the industry uses to sell false hope to desperate women all over the world.

What’s even worse than the costly treatments not working is that some of them contain chemicals that aren’t really that healthy. So this got me thinking if there aren’t other ways of removing the cottage cheese look from our bodies.

In my researched I’ve found an article by an expert at Women’s Health that talked about applying a mixture of ground coffee with water and a little olive oil to the affected region of the body. Apparently you all you have to do is mix the ingredients, then massaging the paste into your skin in a circular motion in the shower for two to four minutes. This home remedy has a moderate effect on the unsightly cellulite that has taken root in your body.

As it turns out there are numerous natural home remedies that you can use to remove cellulite from your body. The best part about these remedies is that they virtually cost pennies and you can test them right in the comfort of your own home.

What other natural treatment for cellulite you know of?

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