One of the most worrying TEOTWAWKI scenarios involves some type of military warfare. Most usually we are considering an attack with a weapon of mass destruction, be it nuclear or biochemical. In order to contain such threats, there are international agreements that countries have adhered to, as such global issues demand more transparency from each country involved.

There are only a few countries that either have had nuclear missile in the past or are currently believed to own some or know how to build one. Any country developing nuclear programs is required to report internationally and may be held accountable for its actions.

This is especially important if we are considering military nuclear programs, which have all been officially halted or reduced. Or at least that’s what we are told. There are some countries that are known to have had a nuclear military program in the past and claim to have stopped developing it after entering international agreements. For the past years, North Korea has been announcing through state owned media channels that they own such military technology.

ln_65.3Recent events involving North Korea have put the U.N. Security Council on alert. At the beginning of January, they announced to have launched and successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. According to the Atomic Energy Agency, the nuclear launch is very regrettable and violates U.N. Security Council resolutions. Although the test could not be independently confirmed, the U.S. Geological Survey reported a sizable earthquake near the alleged test site. However the size of the explosion and the measurements were much smaller than they should have been in the case of an actual bomb. Judging by the size of it, Kin Jong-Un is either lying when he claims to have done a successful hydrogen test or the hydrogen part didn’t actually work as planned. It is possible they only used a more efficient fission weapon.

At the moment, there are samples from the atmosphere above the test site being analyzed. Since the data is tested for radioactive materials, it seems the Korean peninsula has a high potential for military and political turmoil.

ln_65.4Only a month had passed since the test and last Saturday North Korea announced another successful mission, this time involving their space program. According to state run media, they have placed a satellite on the Planet’s orbit and they used a ballistic rocket to do so. The launch was also reported by other countries and international media channels, such as BBC. The official U.S. National Security Advisor’s position was that the even threatens our interests, including the security of some of our closest allies. The U.N. Security Council will probably go into an emergency meeting to discuss the launch and we’ll get an official resolution in the following days.

North Korea has always claimed that its space programs are only for scientific purposes, however recent events are worrying. By owning advanced military technology and the ability to deliver it at very long distances, North Korea definitely represents a threat to our national security. This is especially important since maintaining diplomatic relations with North Korea can be very difficult. If the space program manages to successfully place a satellite on orbit one month after a successful detonation of a weapon of mass destruction, there’s no telling what could come next.

What do you think should be done to contain this threat? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. I submitted my rating because all stars were filled, but the rating recorded as 0/5. The stars should start out as blanks. Then it would be obvious they have to be checked.

    If we had a real man as President and not this leftist girly man, we would have told China to either shut North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs down peacefully or we will do it militarily. It is called preemptive action to prevent an all out war. I do not doubt that we would destroy any missile heading our way long before it was close enough to harm us. But, our allies in the immediate area, like Taiwan, Japan, S. Korea, The Philippines, etc. do not have the defense systems nor would they have time to react. China is getting stronger every month. There will be a time in the near future that they will not fear us. Then it will be too late to threaten anything. The same goes for the deal with Iran. Just listening to Obama and his minions warning us not to make our enemies mad because they might do something to hurt us. Really? That is weakness, and our enemies thrive on weakness. The only thing they understand is strength and the power to impose it. The likes of China, Iran and North Korea respect strength and laugh at weakness. Tell you one thing, I’d love to sit in on a poker game with Obama, Kerry, Ash Carter and Valarie Jarrett. Talk about a bluffers’ paradise;^)

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