We all know how much controversy the Iran nuclear deal ignited. And we all knew how determined our Muslim commander and chief is to see it signed. Or did we? What hit the press lately showed us that the truth is much, much grimmer then we thought.

Former  U.S. ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton, declared that Obama is threatening with political consequences any Democrat lawmaker that votes against the international nuclear agreement with Iran. This latest outburst of the would be caliph shows how desperate, obsessed and invested Obama really is in regards to Iran’s well being.

What’s even worst it clearly shows how he views his relationship with others: “Do as I say or there’ll be hell to pay”. What was the name of that thing were one person held the power and the rest had to do his bidding ? Oh yeah … communism.

And let’s not forget that Obama declared that he will veto any congressional attempt to block the implementation of this deal. As his mandate approaches its end, we are starting to see more and more of his Muslim teachings surface to light.

Even his own party can no longer abide his behavior and many have publicly stated that they will vote against the treaty. After Sen. Charles Schumer said he is opposing Obama on this deal, several key Democrat lawmakers have started to question the wisdom of following Obama blindly.

In response to this, MoveOn.orf, a George Soros funded radical group threatened it will “organize grassroots progressives across the country to withhold campaign contributions from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and from any Democratic candidate who succeeds in undermining the president’s diplomacy with Iran.” The goal is to withhold $10 million in contributions within 72 hours after this campaign launches.

I would lie if I said I’m surprised. I’m not, not when I know that MoveOn.org was one of the groups invited to attend Obama’s conference call with several progressive groups in the country, that took place last month.

Also, Associated Press revealed a secret deal, which states that Tehran can use its own inspectors to investigate the Parchin nuclear site where Iran has been developing the nuclear bombs. So let me get this straight : they will use their own people to monitor that they will not build nuclear bombs ?! I wonder who negotiated that deal.

AP reported that the document had the name “Separate Arrangement II”, which means there’s another one that no one knows about.

Well, not no one, Obama sure knows about it and that’s why he’s putting so much pressure on the Democrats to vote in favor of the treaty. Whatever it is, you can imagine that it’s anything but good news.

Everyone knows that if the sanctions on Iran are lifted, billions of dollars will be released and Iran can do whatever it chooses with them. So by a show of hands who thinks they will …… invest in agriculture ? No one? Ok ….. How about in industry or technology or R&D ? What?! No one again? …. Ok …. Then … Do you believe they will begin financing terrorist groups and develop nuclear bombs in secret ? All of you, aye?!

And that’s the truth of the matter, Iran will never use the money for the betterment of their country or their people. They will begin supporting terrorist organizations and they will invest heavily in weapons and turn their diabolical gaze upon Israel.

Hussein Sheikholeslam - Foreign affairs adviser to Iran -
Hussein Sheikholeslam
– Foreign affairs adviser to Iran –

Hussein Sheikholeslam, a foreign affairs adviser to Iran parliament speaker Ali Larijani, told Iranian media:

Our positions against the usurper Zionist regime have not changed at all; Israel should be annihilated and this is our ultimate slogan.

This is Obama’s new peace partner folks. This is the country for which he threatens American elected officials with dire repercussions. A nation that is hell-bent on wiping Israel off the face of the Earth. Are you surprised ? Neither am I.

So maybe this is what Obama’s end game is: releasing Iran from its shackles and set it loose on Israel.

The thing is, that Iranian officials have stated that the sales pitch Obama is giving back home, is full of lies and it’s meant to mislead the public and the lawmakers into accepting the treaty. Is there anything else left to say ? Even they are laughing at us and the way our Muslim “president”  systematically betrays every last syllable of the Constitution.

Want more “good” news ? Through the recent history there were 2 moments that have similar characteristics with the one we are facing right now :

In 1938, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain gave the famous “Peace In Our Time” speech, jubilantly waving a signed promise from Adolf Hitler not to invade Poland. Guess what?! a few months later, WWII began with Germany’s invasion of Poland.

In 1994, US President Bill Clinton bragged that paperwork had been signed guaranteeing that North Korea would not obtain nuclear weapons. Within just a few short years, North Korea became a nuclear power.

Here’s a video that will better put the whole thing into perspective:

See what I mean ? Those documents had the same value as toilet paper has and I’m afraid that the one Obama is pushing so hard to get approval on, will suffer the same fate.

We are living in dangerous times and it seems that with each passing day, things take a turn for the worst.

Why do you think Obama is so determined to see the treaty signed ? Share your thoughts on the comment section below.
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  1. Well, he certainly doesn’t have our (USA) interests in mind and neither does he care about Israel. Think about it: Putin hates and disrespects him,China ignores him,Israel and he don’t get along etc. The only country he seems close to is Iran but, even they laugh at him yelling, “Death to America” before the ink on the deal is even dry. So, what is his agenda? The great deceiver and divider in chief must have his relationship with the Prince of Darkness and his love of self. What else could be motivating him to,at the same time,downsize our armed services,not protect our borders,agitate racism by driving a wedgebetween blacks and police hoping for civil chaos,spending without a budget putting us trillions in debt,passing Obamacare which we now discover is costing tax payers even more money with higher deductibles—–Is he trying to trash the US?

  2. He is impeachable so when are we going to do it?

  3. Can’t blame Barry. He told everyone what he planned to do. And those of us who were paying attention and sending out the alarms and dire warnings were criticised ala Alinski. So, thank all those useful idiots who wouldn’t listen during the run-up to 2008, and THEN doubled down on 2012.

    1. People just refuse to listen. You are unfriended or unfollowed by “friends” on Facebook if you share ANYTHING they don’t believe in. People are so brainwashed!!

  4. I don’t see why anyone would be surprised by his actions! He is and always has been a Muslim! He went to Muslim schools as a youngster and was trained to be first and always a Muslim. This implicitly means that he can lie to everyone ie the American people, congress. the western world that he is acting in the best interest of this country when in reality he is acting in the best interest of the Muslims in Iran and the entire middle east. I find it most surprising that the dumb Dems are following the Muslim Pied Piper over the cliff in the destruction of this country. It has been clear over the years that he has no interest in advancing this nation but only in as he said in his first campaign “level the playing field” his whole two terms have been designed to lower our nations power and standard of living to that of a third world nation. Frankly I believe he has been successful. Given the state of our economy and the costs we will pay in the future there is little doubt that we have been destroyed from within by this Muslim. Clearly he has not been able to accomplish this by himself. People with money and power have supported and groomed him his entire life. People like George Soros and other one world supporters probably including the Bush family have been behind our demise. Any elected official that supports this treaty is truly blinded to reality or is no more than a scared pawn afraid that the Muslim will exercise his power to take away their perks and prevent him/her from being reelected. Frankly its time for the American public to understand just how deceived they have been by their leaders and take appropriate actions.

    1. What everyone is saying is true. Prior to his first term; in a speech in another country; he said, “I am not a citizen of the United States but a citizen of the world.” He lost me right then; I had been listening as I figured I would vote for him. I suspected he was the one to come just before the Anti-Christ. When he was re-elected I knew he was. Truthfully, I think our own government, Democrates and Republicans both suported him……behind closed doors because they also want a one world government. Look at what has been done, everything… to lower America, both sides had to help him. There are secrete societies (very very rich) that want a one world government. There will then be THEM, the rich and the rest extremely poor. That is if you live; because what use are the elderly and infermed. Every country needs slaves….people talk about slavery……which started in Africa and went to the Bahamas prior to America, that was cake compaired to what is going to happen. A lot of people poo poo the Bible, but look how many things were foretold and has happened. I understand that even the BIBLE code tells about Hitler among many other things. The poor, old and ill will be rounded up, put in a camp and killed; no one will know what happened to you; there is nothing they can do. According to prophy it is too late to do anything…………I had wondered why the WHITE HOUSE was stormed a long time ago; and apparently they knew that was coming as they put a high iron fence around it. Once upon a time the WHITE HOUSE was considered to belong to the American people and could strole by…..

  5. Answer these questions and you will see why we have this moron in the WH. Why didn’t the RINO’S mention the 57 days it took to allow the Dutch oil sweeper into the Gulf? Why didn’t Bobby Jindle tell BHO to go to hell and ask the Dutch to send the boat in and protect it with the Louisiana Air National Guard? Why wasn’t the 53 states comment put up in TV ads with a comment that there are 53 Muslin countries? Why wasn’t the fact that the WH had about 19 Muslin Brotherhood members WORKING daily in the White House? The low life that caused the RINO party to NOT allow these and many more questions to be shown in ads, then made sure NO precincts where NO Republican votes for Romney appeared should have been investigated? I heard that if Trump wins the election Al Sharpton will move to AFRICA. Do you need any other reason to vote for Donald Trump??? Love the police and our Vets.

    1. Liked your comment; He may be all the things people say, arrigant, etc. but I believe he loves America and will try to do what he can for it as he is NO POLITITIAN. But he will not be able to do much; if he did he would be murdered like Kennedy and probably Lincoln….that was probably political also.

  6. Typical of a hardnosed Muslim. It’s time for Removal from Office.

  7. The man is determined to destroy the United States. He has promised his handlers that he do just that which is how he managed to get the presidency. He is under pressure from his handlers to get the deed done. Apparently, he is not moving fast enough for them or getting the results they seek. . While he has gotten everything he has asked for from Congress and has broken or ignored the law to get the rest, his expression is grim, his face is lined, his hair is gray. All of that is telling.

  8. Obama is, has been, and always be a liar. I hate him as do most of my people. He wants to be king for
    life. He is planning to declare martial law, making it so we will be stuck with him forever. His thugs and
    goons are planning to make such racial violence it will make the civil rights riots of the 70’s look like
    a picnic. So contact these lackeys in congress and threaten to vote them out if they don’t finally work
    for the people who put them into their cushy pork-filled jobs. Obama isn’t the entire problem. It’s
    also these cowards in congress who’re shaking in their shoes when His Majesty King Obama makes his
    threats. He can do NOTHING if congress doesn’t back him. When Prince Charles came to the US for a
    visit, he had an audience with Obama and Obama asked Prince Charles if it were possible for the
    US to have a monarchy and Prince Charles told him it would be very difficult because of our US
    constitution. And Obama said, “Yes, but it’s doable”. What does “doable” mean? It means that fraud
    in the white house will do whatever it takes to be king forever. King, dictator, call it what you will,it’s all the same. Obama is racist, hates everyone who isn’t black, and has succeeded in making most of the
    taxpayers pay for his programs that are tearing this country apart. Reverend Wright, at Obama’s
    confirmation, said, “We are going to turn the white house into the black house”. My people are
    black, and we don’t trust him. Reverend Manning is black and he told us years ago for the white
    people to “rise up”, as he put it, and force Obama out of office. My folks and relatives are all
    middle class and because of the horriffic burden of Obamacare, we can barely make ends meet.
    Obama wants rich and poor only, and him being king Thanks to him we have become a third world
    country. There are over 400 million people in this country. How about if 10% person march on
    Washington DC? That’s 40 million people. A 10% sit-in to impeach Obama and scare the life out
    of the corrupt congress? It’s “doable”.

  9. Re: “And let’s not forget that Obama declared that he will veto any congressional attempt to block the implementation of this deal.”

    The only reason he can do this now, is because the chumps in congress (including Ted Cruz) all voted for his onus-reversing “fast-track” legislation.

    Before this unconstitutional treason was signed, a two-thirds majority in the Senate had to VOTE to approve any treaties; now, two thirds have to actively vote to disapprove of one!

    Therefore, he can now veto what no president before him ever could. Thanks, congress!

    In other words, they all voted for “Silence means consent!”


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