Since the presidential elections are around the corner the Obama administration has started a massive campaign.

One that you will not like. The White House officials announced that legal immigrants are encouraged to become American citizens as soon as possible.


Once they are 100% Americans they will also be able to participate in voting the next president. This will mean more voters.

The number of legal immigrants currently on US soil is pretty huge. All together, eligible immigrants to become American citizens, add up to almost 9 million. It makes you wonder how many more of them are illegally running around in our country, hidden under our noses.

How Easy It Is To Become A U.S. Citizen Nowadays

Since The White House is in a hurry to add more people to the nation, they are offering as much help as possible. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services offers not one, but two methods as Obama wants to guarantee their citizenship as fast as possible.

One way will be the possibility to take the practice tests on their phones. So, this way, immigrants will be able to learn about the United States faster and easier. They will be able to simply download the US Citizenship Test Civics Practice straight on their phone and start practicing anywhere they go.

Another method of helping them consists of places where immigrants can train and receive help for the actual exam. The naturalization fee costs about $680.

The White House is establishing about 70 citizenship workshops nationwide. In the following week there are expected to be about 200 naturalization ceremonies.

This is not all that is planned for immigrants. There is more to come.

Obama wants to make them feel more welcome so there might be a revision of the Justice Department regulations so that other people can help the immigrants take the tests. US citizens will be able to provide assistance in an attempt to increase the number of candidates that pass the tests on their first try.

One might miss the fact that Obama was heavily voted by Latin and Asian people. 60 % of the eligible immigrants are Latin and 20 % are Asians. So there are 7.2 mil Obama lovers waiting to become certified American citizens. It’s great that he can’t run for office a third time. But then again, having 7.2 mil people that would agree with whatever he does may prove to be problematic none the less.

This campaign is massive, you can turn on the TV and one of the ads will likely pop out. They consist of welcoming messages for the immigrants and convincing them to become US citizens.

They will have the power to vote and decide this nation’s future. We will be overwhelmed by immigrants who will take our land, our jobs and possibly our future.

Donald Trump’s opinion on immigrants


Back in June, when giving a speech regarding the presidential campaign, Trump touched the sensitive subject on immigrants. He said that if he is elected he will build a wall. Not any kind of wall, but one that will be across the Southern border, to separate us.

“I will build a great, great wall on our southern border and I will have Mexico pay for that wall,”

This is one of Trump’s ideas for America if elected.

Well he is not exactly wrong here. Due to Obama’s generosity, more and more people are getting in without any supervision. And now he welcomes all of them suddenly with his arms wide open. Why? Maybe because of his agenda to turn this nation into something else.

In the opposition here, Trump says he wants to deport all the illegal immigrants. He states that more than 11 million immigrants are undocumented. Once they are gone, some can selectively return.

This Campaign started by Obama is nothing new. He first announced in November 2014 his plans to secure the immigrants future in America. He had a plan to provide work permits and protection for deportation to about 5 million undocumented immigrants. How generous of him! This plan was followed by a lawsuit supported by 26 states which put a stop to this campaign, therefore blocking it from taking place. This was one big victory for us law abiding citizens.

We all worry about the Syrian immigrants that will soon have camps all over US, but what about the ones that we are currently hosting? Obama’s administration plans to make all the non-American citizens now legal.

I for one do not like this new highly rushed and dangerous campaign. If America will be overrun by other nations, what will become of us? Instead of working for the US, Obama is still pushing against the people in his final hour of reign and acting for his own benefit. He appears humble on TV, but in reality he is a tyrant acting like an emperor. He wants new people so that he can buy new voters and steer the presidential campaign in the direction he wants to.

We know of his affinity towards the Muslim Brotherhood and now he turns his sympathy towards immigrants over Americans. This was the whole point of Obama’s reign, to implement policies and acts that corrupts the whole U.S.A. One big pile of corruption and deception, that comes from only one man.

I will open a bottle of cold beer once Obama’s administration will be all over.

What is your take on Obama’s latest immigration campaign? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. Trump is spot on! we cannot even take care of our own let alone millions of invaders coming in simply to take advantage of our system.

  2. This manipulating of immigrants is tantamount to indirectly “buying votes”, perhaps even directly and the President’s program should be investigated by Congress, FBI, state election commissions and local DAs. Also, immigrants (and ignorant citizens) following the President’s lead are merely “useful fools”, in that once the socialists and or Muslims are in power those who so voted, will be reverted to “infidel” status. Then, the socialist (or Muslims) in power, will dictate all who wish to continue to live in this country , must convert to Islam or lose their heads. If this obvious attempt at socializing our Republic and freedom way of life continues on its present course, there will be much “blood in the streets”. Now, is the time to stop this attempt to destroy the greatest social and political experiment in the recorded history of this planet—The United States of America! Remember, without the United States, there very soon will be no free-world. Most all countries now under Muslim control or influence have been forced into the Muslim/Islamic “fold” via a combination of misinformation and deadly force.

  3. Obama needs to arrested and jailed for treason immediately. Political correctness is stupid and deadly.

  4. Mr. Obama’s latest immigration campaign is a Ruse. First and formost he not interested in Democrat’s winning the election by those new instant citizen votes. What he wants is to devide the populas to a point of civil war. If he can succeed in bringing about civil war, he can then implement marshall law. Something he has wanted from the begining. Marshall Law guarentees his stay in the oval office with the power to change law’s without Congress Approval. The first thing to go will be the thorn in his side. The Constitution. With that out of the way he can then introduce his true agenda. SOCIALISM! Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  5. How do we know that Obama will leave the White House in 2017? We don’t. We can be certain he has no regard for the Constitution and only follows laws and regulations that support his agenda. It’s highly likely that he will use some catastrophic event to postpone the 2016 election indefinitely; and this will be supported and promoted by virtually all the national media as well as the political elites of both parties.

    Obama is a globalist and could not care less about the sovereignty of the United States or the survival of America as a global economic power. I am not confident that the next election will happen or mean much if it does. The global banking elites have all the puppets in place needed to proceed with the new world order; no matter which pathetic American political party pretends to be in power.

  6. The Constitution is the law of the land. If anyone breaks the law they should be held accountable. Congress needs to hold unlawful executives to the letter of the law. If the
    laws are not enforced we do not have a country…maybe that’s the plan.

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