Ever since the 1970s, Iran has been developing its own nuclear program. In its efforts to stop a potential nuclear disaster, the United States have imposed an embargo on selling aircraft and repair parts to Iranian airline companies, but other sanctions entailing economic, scientific and military related assistance have been imposed in 1984.

It’s no secret to anyone that Iran wants these sanctions removed, but what ‘s indeed surprising is that Obama is willing to lift the ban, provided Iran signs the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). In other words, if Iran promises not to go through with its intentions of developing a nuclear arsenal of weapons in its back yard, then Obama will lift the financial sanctions.

But now, should we really trust Iran?


Obama’s predecessor, George W Bush strongly criticizes Obama’s foreign policy move. Saudi Arabia and Israel believe that lifting the ban would equal giving the Iran the greenlight to developing their own nuclear warheads, no matter if it pledges reducing its uranium centrifuges to 5,000, not enriching uranium, being transparent and being constantly monitored by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) or not.

Obama’s supporters state that without no deal in sight, the threat imposed by such a potential disaster is much bigger.

In a statement issued by the White House, Obama declared that:

If this framework leads to the final deal, it would make our country, allies and the world safer”. Philip Hammond, the Foreign Secretary, further stated: “We are here because we believe a deal can be done. But it has to be a deal which puts the bomb beyond Iran’s reach. There can’t be any compromise about that.”

Bush, on the other hand strongly disagrees. Not having condemned Obama’s actions up until now, the former president implied that signing the nuclear agreement with Iran is a sign of weakness shown by Obama, which will allow the new face of Iran, President Hassan Rouhani to talk Iran’s way into signing and complying with the terms of the agreement for a very short time.

Iran will benefit from the economic and military restoration and being “allowed” to secretly forge new weapons of mass destruction: “You think the Middle East is chaotic now? Imagine what it looks like for our grandchildren. That’s how Americans should view the deal.”

Obama, however, states that a close monitoring will be in place, as the IAEA inspectors will constantly verify whether or not IRAN is complying with its part of the deal. In addition, while Iran wishes for the sanctions to come off on the same day that the agreement is signed, America refuses, stating that economic sanctions will be lifted once Iran implements a verifiable system that will show a great reduction in their use of fissile materials.

While Obama is more of a pacifist, Bush seems to be more of a warrior: “In order to be an effective president … when you say something you have to mean it.” he said. “You gotta kill em”, also referring to Obama withdrawal of the troops in Irak and simply voicing threats against Syria intentions of using the biochemical warfare in the form of the sarin gas.

Whilst we are busy focusing on Obama Vs Bush, Israel and Saudi Arabia became closer and forged a strategic alliance due to the same belief expressed by Bush, alliance which aims to create a protective barrier against a potential nuclear attack launched by Iran. One Israeli representative declared the following:

Necessity creates alliances. The necessity for us and the Saudis in particular – as well as the Gulf states, Bahrain, Qatar, the UAE, Jordan and Egypt – is to be on our guard against Iran, which is an aggressive, expansionist power. We think the nuclear deal that the Iranians may persuade the international community to sign would make all of us vulnerable in this region, and so co-operation makes sense.

Then again, there is another factor to consider: Iran and Russia are allies. In the eventuality of Iran developing atomic bombs, Russia could also be launching an attack against the USA, as it previously stated, when the US interfered in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, but this is a completely different story.

Which approach do you think is better: Obama’s or Bush’s? State your mind in the comments section bellow.

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  1. this deal with iran is pretty much telling them yeah go head make your bombs so we can have a full scale nuclear war in the mid easty why not make it global . thats what the rokefelers are aiming at. they would like to kill off a 3rd of the world”spopolation to form their new world order.

  2. We need to strongly follow Bushes policys, as this means not rolling over and playing Dead like Obama likes to do!

  3. Bush’s of course! He has common sense!

  4. Sure! Iran will not build an atomic bomb. They can be trusted to keep there word. After all who are they dealing with, the most trusted president america has ever had. He will surely do what is in the best interest of Iran and Islam.

  5. Bush is right.

  6. You cannot trust Iran. No deal should ever be made with any rogue nation that unabashedly declares its intention to destroy another nation(s). This deal is blatantly politically incorrect, especially coming from our nation, which is so intolerant of political incorrectness and also the slightest hint of intolerance from any source but itself.

  7. We feel that you the President and the white house should all get down on their knees with the rest of
    americans and Pray earnstly and have “Our Precious Lord Jesus” to show what we need to do and he will
    give us the answer as he is a good “God”. Trust “God” and he will deliver. Have a special day for all americans
    to pray about this matter besides the day of prayer we already have. Please do this immediately with the
    annoucement on the T.V. radio, newspaper and etc: We all need to pray for our country as we would not have United States of America if it was not for “God” giving it to us many long years ago. I love “God” and I
    pray constantly and more so for this situation with Iran and all other countries. We need special prayer for
    Israel as well. God Bless America. Amen!!!

    1. AMEN!!! We need a new awakening in the United States. We have tossed God out of all public areas and I believe He has allowed us to do so. But we need to turn back to our forefathers vision of what American could be. We must turn back to God and PRAY, PRAY, PRAY

  8. It’s about time that President Bush got evolved.
    The cry for WAKE UP AMERICA is like one crying in the wilderness were being warned.

  9. Obama’s interest is in letting Iran develop atomic bombs to eventually destroy America. Obama is Muslim and Muslim’s main initiative is to destroy all that liberty offers. Obama is a Muslim plant and is effectively invading America and allowing attackers to live here.
    Bush is a strong, level headed American that has the ideas of how to protect our citizens but it may be too late now.

  10. There was a young Indian brave. It was time to go into the wild and prove his worth so he could be a
    warrior. As he sat in the wild, he saw a rather large mountain. He thought that he would like to go up
    the mountain and contemplate his future as a warrior. As he climbed the mountain which was colder and
    colder, he saw a rattlesnake. Looking down at the snake which was too cold to move, the snake remarked
    to the brave. “Take me down where it is warmer as I cannot move up in this cold place.” The snake made promises not to bite the brave and after the snake’s persuading the brave took the snake down where it was warm enough to move. As soon as the snake was released, it turned on the brave and bit
    him. The brave remarked, “You promised not to bite me, if I took you down the mountain”. The snake
    replied, “You knew what I was when you picked me up.”
    Object is that the agreement must not be made as we have seen Iran in action before. A friend of mine’s father was sitting on his front porch in Irac, reading his Sunday newspaper. A mortor fired across the border and killed this gentle senior.
    What’s wrong with anyone who would trust this snake? We surely know what it is and we should continue to deal with them for what they are, ruthless, destructive, and hateful.
    The whole world should know the dangers of nucular power plants as the perfect one doesn’t exist and all leak into the environment. All of ours do. Three that we know of have blown up and caused wide
    spread disease. So do these people a favor. They should hook up with the Russians who have an
    abundance of fuel for every one’s safe use. Get Smart, Pres. You’re have screwed so many things up.
    Too many to list, but don’t do this.

  11. Putting complex matters in short form won’t teach anyone anything…..

  12. Now I am starting to think we should have gone over to Iran when they took hostages, and commenced to rock and roll and take names.

  13. It is so simple, the look at history will allow most to see if America can trust Iran. Well, for one thing, they often say; DEATH TO AMERICA, and you have to think long and hard about just what do they mean by that, right? It’s like, are they just saying that to look cool to all the other muslims in the region? After all mr obama has really humped the Camel as far as those muslims over there see his history. Well, I would have to go with the reality of the statement as being very bad for America and in no way should America trust Iran.

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