You have been wandering off-trail for a few hours now. It’s useless to try and find the others on an empty stomach, so you lay down and start looking through your backpack.

The candy bars and fruits are all gone, so you reach for the back of the satchel and come up with a variety of canned goodies.

There’s no knife inside, only a spoon. Looking around, you realize that there’s no flat or sharp surface to attempt opening the cans.

The only item at your disposal is the metal spoon. Luckily enough, you’ve just learned how to use this item to do the job of a tin opener.

You probably won’t be left wandering through the forest when you’ll have to open cans using a metal spoon.

Not having a tin opener at hand may happen at any given time and in any situation.

That is why you must know this ingenious trick. And it’s not that hard either.

While both the can and spoon are usually made of steel, the spoon’s durability will always be greater.

That means that with a bit of pressure and friction, the can is likely to open.

  • Remember to clean the spoon’s lip using a piece of cloth during this procedure to not risk contaminating the can’s content.

Now, let’s proceed with the instructions.

If you would rather see a video tutorial, head towards the end of this e-mail and access the link there.

  1. Sit down and place the can on your foot in a comfortable and secure manner. To increase grip on both items, you can wrap the spoon’s handle in a piece of cloth or wear gloves.
  2. Pick an area of the lid and start creating friction by pushing the spoon against the creases. Apply as much pressure as you feel comfortable. Keep the spoon upside down and your thumb on top of its neck. Now rub over the creases until it becomes smooth and thin.
  3. Once that area of the lead is thin enough, you can attempt to apply more inwards pressure using the spoon’s lip.
  4. Once the metal surface breaks, use the spoon as a lever by moving up and forth. Don’t forget to clean the spoon’s surface before moving inside!
  5. The job is almost done. Now adjust the protrusion’s width by peeling the lid as much as it allows you to.

These five steps are all it takes to reach your can’s content using a spoon.

My advice is to grab a couple of can openers from your local store and take them with you whenever you venture outdoors.

They are tiny and compact and will help you open cans in no time.

But, if odds are against you, the spoon trick will aid you just fine.

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