Have you ever had bears sneaking into your camp at night and giving you the scare of your life?

How about people trespassing your land? Or maybe wild animals sneaking past the fence to try their luck on your livestock?

Maybe you don’t like police forces or unwanted guests ruining your night sleep or catching you off-guard?

You can now rest assured, since there’s a simple fix for all these scenarios: the trip-wire alarm.

Depending on your needs, you can adjust this basic, yet ingenious trap to ward off unwanted beasts, robbers, and even alert you beforehand if somebody is creeping on your property for one reason or another.

And it’s also incredibly easy to piece together. Not to mention it’s extremely inexpensive.

So, if you are a DIY fan, this practical tutorial is for you.

If you’re only seeking to reap the benefits of the trip-wire, then you must know that you can achieve this in as fast as five minutes. And you may already have all the required items laying around your house.

Shall we give it a try? Let’s start with the items required to assemble a basic version of the trap-wire, and then proceed with possible enhancements.

Make sure you have the following:

  • One AA battery
  • Metal push pins
  • Few wires
  • String

Now all you have to do is glue one end of both wires on both sides of the battery, and bind the other two heads together using a material that easily catches fire like wax, resin or pitch.

Stick the wires on a metal push pin and interrupt the circuit between the clams of the push pin using a cardboard sheet, plastic piece or other adequate items.

Tie it to a wire and set the trap in place. When someone will step or trip over it, the cardboard sheet will be pulled off, therefore closing the circuit.

You can see everything step by step in this YouTube video.

Now, there are many ways in which you can enhance this basic trip-wire to respond to your specific needs.

For example, if you are trying to ward off bears or other critters, you can glue firecrackers to the push pin so that they ignite when the trap activates.

It will work just as well with fireworks, but the firecrackers offer additional flexibility.

You can apply this method in case you are trying to keep night visitors off your property.

In case you want to detect someone coming from a distance, you can set silent trip-wires connected to an indoor alarm. This way nobody will ever surprise you in your own house.

Whatever the reasons for setting up a trip-wire, this simple device will offer you a relaxed night sleep, and will save you a lot of trouble.

It’s also extremely useful to learn how to set this up if you are encountering a regional crisis or worse – an end of days scenario.

Master the trip wire and you’ll be able to set up explosive traps in case SHTF and you’ll have to defend your positions and those you hold dear.


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