A Faraday Cage (or Faraday Shield) is a sealed enclosure that has an electrically conductive outer layer. It can come in the form of a box, a cylinder, or any other closed shape. The material from which the container is built can have conductive properties or not. This doesn’t really matter that much, since the entire box will be wrapped in a conductive material (such as aluminum foil).

Basically, this is how a Faraday cage works:

  1. The conductive layer reflects incoming fields.
  2. The conductor absorbs incoming energy.
  3. The cage acts to create opposing fields.

All of these principles work together to safeguard the electronics inside from excessive field levels.  Although the Faraday cage works better in case of a high-altitude nuclear explosion (aka EMP attack), it’s not bad to have it at your disposal in case of a solar EMP. The solar EMPs do a lot less damage then a nuclear EMP would do, so for that, we are thankful, but as you just read, the CME left a lot of people without electricity so you can never be too careful.

Building Your Own Faraday Cage

Let’s get right to it. You will have a means of protecting your electronics in no time.

This picture actually represents the building steps of a Faraday cage. It’s really THAT easy to build and it’s tested against EMP pulses

Building Your Own Faraday Cage

How Thick Should The Conducting Layer Be?

The skin effect already determined the thickness of the conductive layer before we ever had a chance to do so. The skin effect describes the tendency of the current to flow primarily on the skin of a conductor. As long as the conducting layer is greater than the depth of the skin, it will provide top notch shielding because the absorption loss will be high. So, wrapping a box in a couple of layers of heavy duty aluminum foil (about 24 microns thick) can be a good idea if you want to protect against high-frequency radiated fields.

You don’t have to worry on what type of conductor you’ll use for your cage. The conductivity of nearly any metal will be good enough to allow the carriers to easily realign to cancel the external fields.

Another question that causes confusion when building the Faraday Cage is whether the cage should be grounded or not? Grounding the cage has little to no effect at all on the field levels present inside the box. Grounding only helps the cage to keep it from becoming charged and perhaps re-radiating. Long story short, an ungrounded cage protects the contents from EMF (electromagnetic fields) as well as a grounded one.

I Have a Lot Of Electronics And I Need A Larger Cage!

Faraday Cage Concept Scaled UpIt’s true that in this day and age we all have a lot of devices and electronics that make our life easier from day to day. Storing them might require an entire room. The engineers trained in elecromagnetism often use these kinds of rooms to conduct experiments because they filter out interfering signals.

You can make a shield room right at home by using a closet. You’ll need to cover it up with heavy duty aluminum foil on all four walls, the floor, the ceiling and the inside of the door. Make sure that you place a piece of plywood or cardboard on the floor so that you can walk in it without damaging the aluminum foil.

Overlap and tape the seams using cellophane tape as there can be no conductive penetrations into the room. Cover all electrical outlets, light switches, etc with aluminum foil and DO NOT PLUG anything into the electrical outlets.

You should have by now a decent comprehension on what EMP is and what kind of damage it can do to our country. Because we don’t know much about EMP and EMC (research was conducted in other departments which are more likely to cause disasters like atomic bombs and such) it makes the phenomenon the more dangerous.

Let me know how your cage turned out. Are you aware of other means of EMP protection? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. Would a metal building, i.e. garage work in the same way as a Faraday Cage? If the building was grounded, would it be able to dissipate the charges of an EMP and protect a car’s electrical system?

    Thanks for your information.

    1. It would only work if the building has a metal floor and there are no gaps in the metal anywhere — walls, roof, floor. Being grounded doesn’t matter either way.

    2. Russia would be committing suicide to send an EMP attack our way. We have enough Trident Subs. with nuc. missiles to launch a counter attack and send Russia back into the stone age.
      And what good is saving all your electronics if the power grid is down for years? Best spend your time learning how to live without electricity.

    3. Mr. Bob; That’s the one answer that nobody realy talks about. The “saved” electronics would only be good if you are able to use them afterwords. ie: two way radios, small genset… All the items dependant on the infastructure would be total useless and therfore dead weight in a bug out senario

    4. Your box should be lead lined or outside covered by lead. It will actually work to protect your equipment; it is what uis used to protect from radio and micro waves which is what EMPs are; that’s why the technicians use lead when taking x-rays…not aluminum To answer the questions others asked, you want to do this because battery operated handheld’s and ham radios, will be your source of keeping up on what is going on, and communications between your own group.
      The government has communications set up that will not be affected by the EMP strike. The reason why your other electrical and electronic materials will not work is because the EMP fries all electronic components; that’s why you are protecting the electronic components that make your equipment work in the first place.
      And for the religious people out there, read your bible….it says Jesus will come and take the good with the blink of an eye, and those who are left behind will fight for 7 years of terror. Then he will come and defeat the Devil. These are facts that will help you, and what the scriptures say; they also state that no man will know when the hour will come, but we will see the signs, and the signs have been here and are happening everyday. Better to prep and be the butt of a joke and laugh with everyone around the fire, then to be the fool who was blind and is the butt of the joke around the fire and not be there to laugh with everyone else.
      The preppers, no matter what they are prepping for are at least trying to ensure survival, for them and their loved ones, those who are in denial need to start visiting “News before its News”. remember God helps those who help themselves. And for those who are not believers, and believe that everything came about from the Big Bang Theory, and evolved from sponges in the oceans; must ask themselves the following obvious questions:

      What or who made the biggest rock in the universe that exploded to begin with, and do you realize how big that rock has to have been?

      Whats on the other side of the black matter out there; As every educated person knows, everything has a beginning and an end.

      If we evolved, why has that evolution stopped? You cannot possibly believe that one day everything just stopped evolving because man was finally made? If so, there are those of us who hope you stay in denia, so we will not see you in the aftermath.

  2. So you are saying that a heavy foil ‘sealed’ closet could hold ones computers, phones, TV, and other things that would be effected by an EMP….so how will that help if everything that runs these things is out? Electrics are all knocked out and all internet is fried and the air waves are over charged and stuff doesn’t work anyway, how can this room help other than not ruin the pieces you put in there?

    1. It only saves the items in the room, obviously. Yes, you need to protect items that can generate power or the items will be of little use.

  3. Is there a way to protect you car (battery, etc.) from EMP?
    How about regular batteries? Will they survive in an EMP Cage?
    Thank you!

    1. A battery which is not connected to anything will likely be OK. Because any piece of wire acts as an antenna which will capture the EMP, it must be disconnected. Or, put it in a Faraday Cage. Anything in a Faraday Cage is protected. Period.

  4. When do you store the items in the Cage? After the attack? You sure would not store them in there while you are using them!
    Protect your car ? ..so you can go where, shopping, go get gas?? roads will be filled with dead cars, no where to go and nothing to get if you ever got there. Your scenario is flawed .
    ..pray to GOD for help and guidance, your only true source .

    1. Yhwh A. K. A. (god). Your kidding me right. Your going to pray to someone who let this happen in the first place. We are the only one’s who can stop this in the first place. Not yhwh. He who raped mary and has killed millions, is who your going to pray to. Good Luck. Fool

    2. Before the attack. Store your older computer, cell phone, etc.

    3. Hi Bill. You can get the gas from the stalled out cars. The idea is to bug out. Staying in a highly populated area will be a high risk. With the people looting for a can of beans or a bottle of water. It is best to get out of dodge, unless you live in an area where the people are prepared to live like the Amish. Hope that helps. God bless.

  5. What about an electric stove and washer? How can I protect my car battery and what about food?

    1. Electric stove and washer might or might not survive, as they are surrounded by metal. Older electric stoves are likely to survive as they had no electronics. No guarantees for any such items. You should put a hot plate and a microwave in your Faraday Cage.

      Disconnected car battery is probably OK; definitely OK if in a Faraday Cage. Food is not impacted. Only electrical devices.

  6. This is all way over my head. If everybody else’s electronics are wiped out, wat good would it do to have mine saved?

    1. Some electrical equipment has value even if no one else has one. For example, if you have a working laptop, you could look at files, CDs, and DVDs. And assuming that life slowly returns to normal, you are ahead as well.

    2. Hi Darryl. The idea is to store two way radios, Ham radios, a am/fm radio to listen for any radio signal from the FEMA people and not get caught by the roving recovery government people that will force you in to a FEMA Camp. Remember the Super Dome during Katrina in 2005?
      A lap top would be good to play CD’s.
      Flash lights, the wind up type, for the dark when needed.
      Car batteries. An Alternator (s) for your bug out buggy. A Starter (s) for you bug out buggy. And a computer(s) for your bug out buggy.
      A 12 volt water pump, to pump water from a lake, or stream, or well. And I suggests more than one.
      Solar panels, to make electricity. The more the better.
      An Inverter, 12 volt to 110. Or 3, or 10 each.
      A 12 volt hand drill, circular saw, air pump. Or 2 or 10 each.
      And so on and so forth.


    1. I agree; it would be better to be dead. I had hoped this end time would not happen in my life time but it looks close. On the other hand Jesus is suppose to intervien; but I do not know at what stage of the murdering and starving. We can only pray we are taken home right away………….

    2. Why bother with the Ham License. In a total societal collapse one of several situations will develop… the most likey being; 1.) the “government” will not be functioning an thus there will be no enforcement of FCC rules and regulations, or 2.) the “government” will try to use the situation to finally ban Ham Radio as they do in China and other totalitarian regimes.

      If I’m on my own to protect my family, I’ll use whatever communication devices I have available regardless of the former government mandated rules and regulations. That includes firearms, fishing and trapping, and collecting rainwater.

  8. I have seen storage buildings made of steel, would a steel building protect your electronics from an EMP attack?

  9. Ruth is clueless. Bill- yes please put your electronics in after the event. What a bunch of whiners! How about “Thank you for the clear and concise information.”?

    1. Amen Eric, Amen.

  10. A galvanized metal trash can with lid should work very. Attach a heavy duty grounding clip with braided cable without penetrating the inside and attach it to a grounding rod. Spray that rubberized waterproof sealant paint over the entire inside of the can. Don’t let any get on the top edge or the outside. Use masking tape around the entire inside edge up to about 1/2″ from the bend in the top. You want it to seal out electricity. Anyway, after it is masked off spray the sealant over the entire inside of the lid and let it all dry. Apply liberally. Then once it is dry use cardboard strips cut to fit the inside of the can and tape it together. you will have a cardboard disk in the bottom and multiple pieces for sides so the cardboard will be a trash can liner. Put a cardboard disk in the top too. Make disks out of wood with different diameters to slide in at different heights. Drill a 1″ hole in each board to facilitate taking the disks out when you need to. That will make a nice faraday cage. I recommend putting a laptop in it, memory sticks a cell phone, radios, walkie talkies ham radios, small solar panels, flashlights, batteries and anything else you want to protect. I recommend buying an old VW bug car too if you want to keep driving. You might want to buy a used fire hose and a wrench if you live near a fire hydrant as there will likely be fires from crashed vehicles and planes, blown electrical appliances, etc.

    1. Good idea. Thank you. I planed on using an old refrigerator. With a plywood liner for my solar panels. I love the fire hose and wrench idea. Great post.

  11. Why would a portable generator say 10 KW gas or diesel not work or is their something we could do to protect them?

  12. Would a well sealed cardboard box inside a metal filing cabinet work as a Faraday Cage?

  13. Knotted, You are surely an angry person. Obviously you do not know the Jesus of the Bible, and are making judgments that are not accurate. The Holy Spirit came upon Mary… after she gave her permission to bring forth the Son of God. She was chosen because she loved God and was full of virtue. She was not raped. Why would you say that?

    As far as all of the deaths in our world: God had planned to have a beautiful world for Adam and Eve, but He gave them the freedom to choose: they chose against Him and submitted to Satan, giving him the rulership of the world. He is the one responsible for all of the horror on this earth.

    By the way, God loves you: Jesus died for you to forgive you for your sins and to provide you eternal life in Heaven – a place of eternal life and love. But YOU must choose it.

    1. Amen Judy, Amen. And thank you. I to was going to reply, but you did good. I could have not have said it better, God bless. And look up.

    2. Thank you Judy – well said. Knotted- you really are loved by Him – who set us all free, your perception of the details is off kilter because your truth is a lie. Jesus is the door – and He loves you, simply invite Him into your heart, and He will show you the real Truth. ….stop listening to the liar – his only truth is to destroy you for all eternity. Don’t be fooled.

  14. Thank you very much for the great info.

  15. Would a very thick and felt lined gun safe work?

  16. I wonder if a nonfunctioning freezer would work as a faraday cage. What kind of insulation does a freezer body have besides the metal outside? Also, would cutting off the electric cord be safe enough, or would you have to remove all the internal wires wiring?

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