Our commander and chief has betrayed us all. His actions boarder on treason, but most of our fellow Americans are oblivious to this undeniable truth.

They blindly trust in the big media corporations that feed the public with nothing but half truths, disinformation and poor justifications for what our current leaders are doing.

If you take a moment to actually think about what the Obama administration has been doing in regards to ISIS, you will come to a grim and awful truth: The current U.S. government is protecting and possible arming a terrorist organization.

I know that this is real hard to swallow, but I am just looking at the cold hard facts. Let’s take a look at some of them:

1. Barack Hussein Obama is a practicing Muslim. While this alone is not a crime, being part of a religion that is known for its radical and fanatical views, must raise some question marks. He could have easily turned to Christianity, if he truly was a God fearing man.

divider2. The first person he called once sworn into office was the President of the Palestine Liberation Organization: Mahmoud Abbas, a known supporter of Hamas. Hamas sole purpose is the annihilation of Israel and it is a well-known fact the Muslim commander and chief has no love for Israel.
divider3. Over the course of his presidency Obama has met with members and affiliates of the Muslim Brotherhood hundreds of times, and every time, the meetings were kept secret. The Muslim Brotherhood’s own documents call for the destruction of our beloved country and a worldwide caliphate, so it begs the question, why is the President of the United States of America secretly meeting with a group known for radical views and worst, terrorist ties.

Following the events that took place in Egypt in the Arab Spring, the Muslim Brotherhood has been officially labeled as a terrorist organization, with the Egyptian courts dissolving nearly all of its institutions, organizations and charities.

4. The Arab Spring has been orchestrated by Obama in order to remove from power people with no desire to attack Israel. Let’s be honest folks, the U.S. has had understandings with every dictator in the Middles East. It was something in the lines of: You play ball, we leave you alone. Both former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi were allies of the U.S. and had no wish to invade Israel, and that’s why they had to go.

And everything was done by Obama with the help of his Muslim Brotherhood buddies. Don’t buy into the propaganda that they were evil men that oppressed their citizens and that’s why the Arab Spring happened. Yes they were bad men, but let’s face it, in that part of the world there are only two types of rulers: bad and worst. The treatment of the citizens was no news, it had been going on for decades, but now it served as a good excuse to execute a plan that will remove elements opposing Obama’s agenda and place instead loyal supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Such was the case with Egypt were, after Mubarak stepped down, former spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohamed Morsi, ran and won the presidential elections. To further help his Islamist friend, the Obama administration send $ 1.3 billion to aid Morsi in shaping Egypt into a base of operation for the Muslim Brotherhood. Unfortunately for Morsi, his term was short lived as he was overthrown by a coalition led by the chief of the Egyptian military, Abdul Fattah el-Sisi.

This did not set well with our president and might be the reason he is so hell bent on removing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from power.

isis-obama-shhhhhh5. The lack of response in light of the tragedy at Benghazi. In 2012 four Americans were brutally slaughtered by terrorists, among them Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens. And what did our Muslim leader do? He ordered the military to stand down.

In an interview with Lou Dobbs on the Fox Business Network., Adm. James Lyons says that Barack Obama intentionally conspired with America’s enemies to stage a bogus attack on the U.S. compound in Benghazi, Libya, and the bogus kidnapping of Ambassador Chris Stevens. According to the plan, Obama would successfully “negotiate” for Stevens’ release in a prisoner exchange, which would bolster his then-mediocre approval ratings just prior to the 2012 election. This plan would have ensured the release of Omar Abdel Rahman, the ‘Blind Sheik’, the leader of Al-Gama’a al-Islamiyya (also known as “The Islamic Group”), a militant Islamist movement in Egypt that is considered a terrorist organization by the United States and Egyptian governments.

6. The White House has been infiltrated by Muslim Brotherhood members. Once in office, Obama took great care to place several of his Muslim friends in key positions of influence over U.S. policies. Among them Mohamed Elibiary is the one that stood out the most.

From 2011 to 2014 Elibiary was positioned as head of Obama’s Homeland Security Advisory Council. Nice right? We had a known Muslim Brotherhood member, a supporter of Ayatollah Khomeini’s ideology (considered the face of Islamic terrorism) and a long-time friend of Hamas terrorist leader Shukri Abu Baker, who Eliabiary also considers his mentor.

What’s even more shocking is that he didn’t shy from expressing public his believes in regards with America, Christians and Jews. In October of 2013 he actually took to Twitter to announce that the U.S. was a shariah-compliant Islamic country.


Other examples of disturbing tweets are these:



Currently Eliaiary is back in Texas working a new homeland security think tank, but in truth this is just another scheme to further racialize and desensitize Texans to the hard-line Islamic ideology.

7. Obama’s ties with ISIS. The Egyptian Minister of Religious Endowments insists that ISIS was birthed by the Muslim Brotherhood and that was one of the reasons Egypt has labeled the Brotherhood as a terrorist organization.

isis-obamaWhat does Obama do in response to this? He appoints known members of the organization in key positions in the White House, he has hundreds of secret meetings with the leaders of the Brotherhood and he invites know ISIS supporters at the Summit on Countering Violent Extremism.

One of the Summit’s attendees was the Islamic Society of Boston (ISB) an organization with extensive ties to terror, including former Cambridge mosque worshipper Ahmad Abousamra who is currently ISIS’s top propagandist, as well as the Tsarnaev brothers who carried out the Boston Marathon bombing. The Cambridge mosque, ISB’s first house of worship was founded in 1982 by Abdulrahman Alamoudi, currently serving a 23-year prison term for his conviction as an al Qaeda fundraiser.

8. The curious case of the missing military equipment. Last year $ 420 million worth of military high end equipment went missing in Afghanistan. No one knows how or where, they just vanished into thin air. David Copperfield could pull this trick off. The working theory for this disappearing act is that they were purposely miss placed at the orders of Obama in order for ISIS to find them.

You don’t think this is possible? You believe that he is opposing ISIS? Let’s remember what was the reaction of our Muslim president to the massacre of the 21 Egyptian Christians that went to Libya in search of jobs carried out by ISIS. He received a letter from his long time pals at the Muslim Brotherhood asking him to denounce retaliatory airstrikes by Egypt on ISIS. What did he do? Exactly what they said, he went on American television and reprimanded Egypt for striking ISIS.

9. Obama keeps referring to ISIS as ISIL. As you might know ISIS stands for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, while ISIL stands for Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Wonder what’s the difference? Well the Levant is the historical name of a large area in the eastern Mediterranean. It includes Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Sothern Turkey and… Israel. So in Obama’s continued use of ISIL instead of ISIS he is showing even more disdain for Israel, and this may very well be the most damming evidence that supports the theory that Obama is involved with ISIS.



10. The shielding of ISIS. Anyone in the military can tell you that Obama is more than cautions when dealing with ISIS and basically prefers to do nothing at all. What even worst is that he doesn’t even help other allies that are willing and able to do something about this fanatical group. When asked by Egypt and Jordan for intelligence and weapons to fight ISIS, Obama denied the help. And please don’t believe that those airstrikes he orders do any real damage. Most of the time they hit empty buildings.

I believe that the evidence speaks volumes in regard to our Muslim leader’s view on ISIS and the Islamic terrorist threat. With Muslim Brotherhood members infestation the White House, the seemingly shielding and supporting of ISIS, the lack of aid given to our allies that want to destroy ISIS, one can truly begin to think that Obama’s ultimate goal is to turn our beautiful God Blessed country into an Islamic caliphate.

But I for one trust that we will not let this happen and we will not take it laying down.

What do you think Obama’s true intentions are? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.  

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Can You Really Go Online And Order A Wife From Various other Country?

In the event you aren’t serious just a few relationship which has a Thai lovely lady or the like, then get started on researching the topic seriously. Understand in regards to the culture from well known resources. Look to the experiences more who’ve departed earlier than, keeping away from the problems they have produced.

How Much Does it Cost You To have a Ukrainian Better half?

Also they will don’t seem to be that amazing lovers nonetheless do demonstrate sense of trustworthiness and attention that Western women do not need00. I here’s half South African and half United kingdom so I experience travelled and dated a great deal of ladies coming from different areas, races and culture thus i do know what I am speaking about.

Find an individual nearer to yours age, very likely a girl who will be divorced and should have children. Even within this case, your woman may currently have other triggers aside away of your good looks and persona for coming into the relationship, although take pleasure in will develop because you accept this kind of and throw away your self with her.

  • Truly, a politician in Asia just recently suggested young girls there to marry foreign people as a way away of “a life of misery”.
  • Life is very difficult now there so you simply cannot blame the ladies too much; for people ladies, many experts have both an option between endorsing their our bodies to a great deal of males or perhaps only one.
  • It is possible to myths floating around about Thai women, a lot of that are absolutely wrong.
  • Everyone knows it goes on and has been for years.

That could achieve you respect of their eyes and the sight of the family group which you is likely to be subscribing to. That an wonderful thing consider me if you would like maintain your new partner joyful. Thailänder wives will be subservient to meant to a diploma as they see it as an obligation to look after all their man on the other hand ever women personality is completely different. My personal companion is normally both subservient and submissive but I use met other folks who’re subservient regarding how they watch their responsibilities inside associated with their house and husband on the other hand positively use the jeans beyond that.

Going to Thailand as a traveler and falling in love with a youthful, splendid lady is a frequent story. The remark simply by Girl1234 is incredibly clever and all of us blokes need to take it on board. It has the true you were weak when you went to Thailand. Coming out of a damaged romantic relationship is possibly the worst the perfect time to be trying to find new absolutely adore, especially incredible new appreciate. You have to permit time combination to obtain a few perspective.

Against the backdrop of representatives of different countries, they don’t suffer from things at all. Yet despite the riskiness, they do not like to spend some money at all — they’re cost-effective and money grubbing. That’s why regardless of how a great deal cash consumes a man on the Dutch girl in a cafe, she can stay unattached to him.

There are various kinds of Thai ladies and the great types will decide to wait until russiancupid review after matrimony for any lovemaking relationship. This kind of additionally is applicable to women just how have been committed prior to. Whilst they will bend the foundations be aware that if you don’t get married to them they could carry some decree of shame in others eyes so try to be sincere.

While there is still simply no formal requirement of a minimum salary, the sponsor must provide evidence of income (such as the T4 tax slip via an employer) with their IMM 5481 Sponsorship Evaluation.


Meet exquisite Cambodian deliver order brides to be. Driving this kind of trend is certainly China’s skewed sexual intercourse ratio — a product within the country’s one-child policy and a long-lasting cultural inclination for man children. China’s 2010 nationwide census exhibited that for every 100 unmarried women made after 80, there were 136 unmarried males. Experts forecast that by simply 2020, 31 million Oriental men should be unable to find a spouse.

This issue was brought to the limelight as a result of a large number of seniors men being released in from To the south Korea. That they lifted the ban a few months soon after and some fresh laws were put in place. The goal was to control the inflow of Koreans coming into the region and giving with Cambodian women.

When you start dating these types of Cambodian girls they are really known to go with the flow. Even though Cambodian ladies may differ with the males dating them on several issues, they help keep themselves interested to the guys as much as possible. They recognize that the dating moment are good instances to find out the character of their men.

In urban areas such as Phnom Penh (Cambodia’s busy capital), family members are more westernized, with females becoming increasingly self-employed. These young ladies will likely fidanzato, maybe have boyfriends, to see genuine appreciate on the road to a fulfilling relationship and wedded life.

A common rhetoric that’s remained in a lot of Asian countries — Thailand and Cambodia included – is the fact white males come to the country being a sex traveler. Which is each and every one well and good. Each and every one countries have got a old side. The only difference is that over the past few decades, an increasing number of prostitutes are people under the age of 18.

Frank Shanty, Patit Paban Mishra

Fulfill beautiful Cambodian mail order brides. Appreciate comes in various ways, from unique places. Like is not limited to continents, race or perhaps countries; absolutely adore is comparative across the world. Men and women alike have longed for your soul partner that’s going to really like them for realistic and truly. So many males are looking for the right bride to generate a home with. Cambodian women of all ages are everything a heavy man will need to want and need; its for these reasons men should certainly focus all their search on Cambodia. For any man looking for love so total, so real and so comforting, Cambodia is a place to go. 2 weeks . known fact, that with the obligation woman, plus the right man, a happy residence is definitely unavoidable.

The following gain to getting in a romantic relationship with a woman from Cambodia is the fact that local girls are hard-working. If you think that by getting married to the Asian women, she will to use home and expect you to buy hr, this is not true. Cambodians are very hard-working and they are not scared of difficulties. Even though these types of charming gals are so filter and attractive, they are actually very hard. They are also very smart and intelligent, they crave designed for knowledge and like to develop new skills. Do not get surprised if the Cambodian ex-girlfriend will tell you that she would like to work.

AsianMelodies is actually Cambodian great choice to discover the best Cambodian ladies for marriage. Most of the young ladies signed up over the worldwide internet dating website happen to be family-oriented and also have a significant romantic relationship. Every Cambodian marrying a cambodian woman bride-to-be undertakes necessary confirmation, along with progressed search formulas establishthe best go with. All modern day resources, including video clip contacting, are actually presented for interaction witha companion. The negative aspect is actually the minimal number of complimentary qualities.

Cambodia seems to be a hardly noticeable small corner worldwide. It is hard to say Cambodia is normally popular pertaining to anything but ladies. Cambodian ladies, akin to dark horse, against the objectives of many, are increasingly gaining popularity. The next paragraph clarifies the reason for the Cambodia women’s popularity.

When you attempt to find Cambodian wedding brides online, it’s important to know that overseas dating is still in its early days in Cambodia. At this time there aren’t many online dating sites from this country, although it’s not impossible to enroll the help of a Cambodian wedding brides agency for locating just the right female for you. An increasing number of alluring Cambodian girls are looking at marriage firms in search of an appropriate foreign partner.

All Oriental girls adore men who have are eager to perform nice details for them. Don’t get it wrong. Cambodian women of all ages don’t expect pricey stuff pretty much all they want is definitely attention. By sending wonderful text messages, enhancing on their seem, ordering flowers delivery and calling through video every now and then will help you to conquer the center of a very sensitive Cambodian child at a dating site.

Thus far down-to-earth and understanding Cambodian girls is an excellent option anybody can ever help to make. In case you aren’t taking into consideration of dating this sort of young lady or perhaps trying to find Cambodian mail-order brides to be, then bestasianbrides. com really should be pick. All of us present a secure internet set up with your obtainable Cambodian spouse-to-be. Alert that set of top rated relationship websites is normally accomplished by the group and represents our subjective view exclusively.

Last month, the U. S i9000. State Office labeled China a Tier 3 human being trafficker, saying the country would not fully fulfill the minimum benchmarks for the elimination of trafficking and it is not making significant attempts to do so. ” China and tiawan was downgraded from prior years and now joins countries like Mali, Iran, and North Korea on the Tier 3 list as the worst traffickers in the world.

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Delightful Cambodian email order birdes-to-be are perfect for going out with and matrimony. Although it is actually just explained that a lot of Cambodian brides want to become mothers and wives, you will need to mention that it should take some time to use online human relationships to this kind of level. Generally, a Cambodian brides get married to only once. Therefore , one can recognize that choosing the right man requires a lot of time and efforts. Even though online dating is quite convenient with regards to learning about other people as much as possible, it is actually still only a way to discover a person better. Therefore , you just need to be ready for continuously developing contact.

Although these kinds of marriages could be powerful, in certain conditions zuzügler wives or girlfriends are roughed up, misunderstood and separated from their Korean husbands. One technique men work with when choosing ten years younger ladies as spouses is much like a examine in a elegance pageant, the man interviews the ladies, most of them twenty years fresh than he, and makes a selection”.

Regrettably enough, in countries like Cambodia, women uncovered the brunts of the burden carried simply by men trying to prove themselves manly, sometimes with catastrophic consequences. While the West experience it sort of locker for the most part, it can something especially prevalent in Cambodia.

The tradition of arranged partnerships is centuries-long in Cambodia. Surveys executed today demonstrate that over 50% of Khmer females had no saying in who they would marry and a lot of them simply met all their husbands on the wedding day. Currently, more and more Cambodian single women are going on-line to find a suitable match instead of just leaving up to their parents to choose a husband your children. This gives them a sense of empowerment and to be able to take all their destiny within their own hands. Doing it within a legal fashion and not falling victim to smugglers is important. It also provides them a real opportunity to live their moms and grandmothers can only think of.

It is not even weird right now to find your love online. Cambodians also stick with the times. They will accept fresh challenges and new opportunities. The latter is easier to put program. Especially, mainly because it allows you to make use of various products to make your self less alone. One problem is still start: What websites are good for this? You are to find the platform carefully.

In case heated girl by Cambodia falls into love with you, she will be yours and only yours. It is hard to find such a devoted wife who will often take care of you and know all your interests. She’ll do her best to make a shelter you always want to return. Keep in mind that dumping such a lady is probably the hardest thing you can expect to ever do.

But true satisfaction is actually a stable household and also loving little ones near you. However just how to choose the best partner if the relationship withother girls has not been successful? There is actually a great actually remarkable option that permits you to find true satisfaction — Cambodian ship order wedding brides.

One infographic published by the state-run Beijing News tendencies young bachelor’s to check beyond China’s region and comes with a chart detailing the countries just where they have the best prospects. Based on the graphic, Ukraine is a good choice due to the downturn in the economy and the volume of beautiful women of all ages. Other good countries consist of South Korea, Japan, and Russia.

Sole Westerners almost never mind to buy costly aircraft tickets and flight for several hours to find out the stunning thing relating to Cambodian girl with regards to marriage. Should you wish to fulfill a good, lovely, properly-mannered, patient and ardent child, this country in South-East of Asia will help you to choose ideal come true. These types of single Asian girls actually are fiercely loyal to the types they absolutely adore. When it comes to style, women and more radiant ladies in Cambodia are by natural means stylish and possess a particular ‘gentle’ of their personal. Their uniqueness distinguishes all of them from the females of all ages inside the rest of the globe.

Who owns ChristianMingle?

ChristianMingle. com also has a secret examiner part just like Spark. com, where you can easily point out to a part that you are considering them. You are displayed photographs of numerous members and you could choose “Yes”, “No”, or “Maybe” to point that you are their particular secret économiser.

For starters, you need to understand that Christian Mingle doesn’t give partial reimbursments. So the moment you’ve paid for six months, in that case your membership might run out when these six months are up. You can closed your account prior to 6 months happen to be up, even so Christian Mingle won’t be paying you back for just about any unused component of your a regular membership. That’s pretty much exactly the same across the board together with the net courting websites.

How much does ChristianMingle cost?

At that point I started receiving the “smiles” and a few messages. I just fell to get the “my subscription goes to end can I even have your number? ” At that time the whole actually feel and tone of the authoring modified.

Of course , all this motion attracts imagine profiles, also, but Christian Mingle might delete artificial profiles that get flagged — in addition to unsolicited mail messages sent to you by faux users. Most Christian Mingle queries result in hundreds of profiles while the additional two sites lead to countless numbers. You can speak to the ChristianMingle. com consumer assist personnel by e mail or phone number, which is special as a result of several on-line marriage websites just supply e-mail assist. They even have an extensive FAQ section on their website and a search program which should let you discover methods to most of this question.

If you choose “Yes”, then a member is notified that you’re interested in them. If you choose “Maybe”, then your affiliate profile is certainly saved so that you can take a look at in the future. ChristianMingle. com has a community section the spot you can post messages to see what other participants are approximately. They also maintain stay in-particular person occasions every month offering you with another option to meet Christian singles.

Real Life Review

That might be a big deal to the people over a limited profits, even so it’s on top of that one thing that may be carried out of all on-line dating sites, consequently Christian Associate isn’t completely different. When we have been conducting our Christian Associate evaluate substitute, although, all of us arrange a brand new account. In doing so , we realized that Christian Mingle shows reductions round holidays to new customers commonly. When we evaluated eharmony, one of the points there were was the inability to take cost of your own matches. What eharmony is lacking in in management, Christian Mingle truly permits intended for.

If you probably can’t discover an answer, their very own support staff is ready to help you. We received a response using their company email support inside 1 day, which is a suitable turn rounded time. If you’re logged into your ChristianMingle account with the online relationship site or the ChristianMingle iphone app, your online relationship expertise ought to be just about identical. You’ll have gain access to to a prolonged record of single Christian courting dating profiles, and you can slide or swipping by way of the images and bios of 1 Christian Associate member after one other.

Initially red flag was when he started out asking problems that we reviewed earlier. Second pink flag was when he despatched photos and it absolutely was a unique person than the profile picture! He called for my photographs, and if having been the individual about the profile page he would have seen my own footage. Christian Mingle differentiates itself from competition which has a diversified, employed and excessive-high quality account pool. There are several single Christians and all of competition seems to induce Christian Associate members to stand out — meaning there are numerous profiles with footage and crammed-out facts.

We don’t have any ensures that they’ll supply discount in regards to holiday break; we’re simply saying we have seen it happen sooner than. For instance, inside the one all of us saw, a one-month membership rights didn’t bear a reduction; it absolutely was nonetheless the common price of $29. 99. However , the conventional three-month health club price of $18. 99/month was reduced to $14. ninety nine/month.

ChristianMingle Review May 2020

A 6-month membership of $13. 99/month was decreased to $8. ninety nine/month. Is necessary to note that whenever you buy multiple month, you will be charged in one payment.

Today My spouse and i obtained bombarded with females reaching out to myself and all looking for me to e-mail the uncle. I obtained for least https://over40datingsites.net/christianmingle-review/ 15 email from contrasting women almost all with the same uncle’s email. My name has been changed from Kathy to Raymond and my own birthday changed by eventually. There was simply no approach to gain access to customer service from app, i really googled it and set about an internet chat. Chip H couldn’t help me till I offered him the quantity and genuine date I just began my own subscription.

Not only is it given complements based on your Color Code and account preferences, you may have many ways to seek for paid members. You can speak with any affiliate, though you do want a paid membership to converse. You can also search based mostly upon all contrasting look and lifestyle features, as well as search who’s on the web now and consider ChristianMingle. com’s picture gallery.

How do I speak to the ChristianMingle buyer group?

ChristianMingle is normally mobile-friendly and has a mobile version in the site which in turn can be accessed via any smart phone browser, offering an auto dvd unit of the site that’s improved for mobile use. Users on-the-go can easily search single profiles, view images, view fits, examine all their inboxes, read messages, and ship happiness. A Christian Mingle relationship app which in turn presents identical options can also be obtainable designed for the iPhone/iPad on Apple iTunes, and Android phones on Google Enjoy.

Is ChristianMingle free?

As with most courting websites, you’ll more than likely get out of Christian Mingle the things you put into it. Take the time to submit your profile completely, and also you’ll stand out from the majority of users on the positioning and can potentially garner extra curiosity. Much like many courting web sites, fraud accounts really are a problem about Christian Associate, and many earlier users mentioned that they seldom acquired mail messages from severe members, actually after several weeks on the setting.

A distinctive characteristic to ChristianMingle. com can be their Worship Center which usually takes you to and is a location the place you will get non secular steering or go through bible pathways or content encouraging sales messages and praying. I subscribed to the three month registration and thought that all might give me time to go looking and with any luck , meet a lot of attention-grabbing individuals. Primary, I live close to a significant city space, however when I searched within a hundred miles there was No Suits available. My own search conditions was available and completely to be expanded to 500+ miles to get any kind of matches.

Country-specific Info

After 3 negotiation rounds, the technological negotiations with Ukraine are generally concluded in 2009. The Ministerial Council, on the other hand, made the membership depending on legislative changes. An Association negotiation (AA) among Ukraine and the EU was negotiated from 2009–2011, and should exchange the existing PCA. The LUKE WEIL goals intended for political alliance and monetary integration, includes a “deep and comprehensive no cost trade space”, and works parallel for the negotiations for a visa-free routine. It doesn’t contain a membership point of view for Ukraine, though this recollects that as “a European region with European identification” and says that “the EU acknowledged the Western aspirations of Ukraine”.

United States

On twenty-four Dec 2013 Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Leonid Kozhara mentioned that “at the present time” his Ministry’s “and other government agencies’ efforts are targeted on further more negotiations with the EU to offer situations for the purpose of implementing the affiliation agreement”. He added that “Ukraine will job application the transactions on this settlement after the vacations” and that the text message of the Union Agreement by itself wouldn’t end up being changed, however that Ukraine meant to target the problems relevant to its rendering. The very similar day President Yanukovych said Ukraine will “do its finest” to satisfy the EU’s requirements.

At the time President Yanukovych was additionally in negotiations with Russia to “discover the very best mannequin” for cooperation while using Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia. But in addition on 25 February 2013 President on the European Fee José Manuel Barroso achieved it clear that “one country can not at the identical time be a person in a traditions foreignbridesguru.com union and be within a deep consistent free-commerce space with the Euro Union”. Kostiantyn Yelisieiev, Ukraine’s Ambassador for the EU, responded in March 2013 by simply rejecting virtually any preconditions by EU designed for signing the AA. However , on twenty two February 2013 a resolution was accredited by simply 315 from the 349 registered associates of the Verkhovna Rada stating that “inside its powers” the parliament would make sure that 10 Dec 2012 EU Foreign Affairs Council “recommendations” are executed. That is why Ukraine has a specific view within the Eastern Relationship project.

  • Viktor Yanukovych and his federal government were removed from their put up by parliament after the 2014 Ukrainian wave in January 2014.
  • The Committee of Permanent Reps gave their approval in November 2016.
  • Visa-free structure, that may let Ukrainians using a biometric passport to go to the Schengen Area for any period of stay of 90 days in any 180-day period, would probably come into travel as soon as it can agreed and formally implemented by the Eu Parliament and the European Authorities.
  • The visa-free regime package was arranged by the EUROPEAN UNION Parliament and Council about 28 Feb 2017, accredited by the MEPs on six April and by the Euro Council in eleven May possibly.

On 29 March 2008, the EU Office Jacques Barrot and Ukrainian officials found in Brussels to roll-out transactions on visa-free travel. Kiev had been requesting a “street map” to visa raising, including journey document safeness, irregular migration, public buy and overseas relations. But the EUROPEAN UNION justice office prevented to supply any specific dates. Moreover, the Ukrainian facet contended that the 2007 visa aide agreement seriously isn’t fully completed by the EUROPEAN UNION member claims.

That is why Ukraine has a selected view of the Asian Partnership Job. According to the Ukrainian presidency, it will correspond, in the event of his nation, to the ideal international insurance coverage goal, we. e. the blending with the EU. Yet, the Eastern Alliance paperwork (the European Authorities Declaration of May 2009) don’t deliver order star of the event confirm this sort of priorities as personal and financial integration or lifting kompakti?kas. During an Eastern Joint venture summit in Riga in-may 2015, EUROPEAN UNION agreed on a €1. almost 8 bln mortgage to Ukraine. On you January 2016, the Profound and Comprehensive Free Operate Area among Ukraine and the EU created pressure.

By simply April 2016, the Group Agreement had been ratified by Ukraine and everything EU affiliate states apart from the Netherlands, which in turn held a referendum upon approval belonging to the treaty. Following a rejection of your agreement in the referendum, Excellent Minister on the Netherlands Draw Rutte mentioned that ratification would be positioned on maintain during negotiations considering the other occurrences to the treaty to find a skimp. In Dec 2016, a call on the heads of state or perhaps government of this EU member states was approved which will made legitimately binding interpretations of the agreement to deal with the concerns raised inside the referendum.

Especially, it declared it would not commit the EU to grant Ukraine EU account candidate located, provide security assures, army of monetary support, or free motion within the EU. The determination might enter into drive if the Netherlands ratified the agreement, which in turn wanted to end up being permitted by simply its legislative house. At the end of January 2017, the Nederlander authorities designed a invoice to verify approval of the negotiation. The Dutch House of Representatives approved the bill on 3 February 2017. On 20 December 2013 Chairman for the Verkhovna Rada (Ukraine’s parliament) Volodymyr Rybak did not rule out the potential for placing your signature to an Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU without the creation of a free commerce place (FTA).


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  1. Who did NOT know this????

  2. I knew he was a traitor before he was even elected.

  3. I will not moderate my comment!

  4. As an American convert to Islam, I agree with 90% of this article on how Obama is plotting to bring down America. I believe his first and last thought of each day are “What can I do to destroy America?”

    I do not believe he is a good man, but rather a coward is who always is protecting his ill conceived ideas about America. He was raised by Communists, taught by them and continues to associate with radicals.

    May God save America from this terrible man.

    1. I agree with all of the above comments. Obama is not a good American. Hie is a Muslim.

  5. Well known, nice that you
    are not afraid to lay it out so well.

  6. I agree, if only our political people in the Senate and Congress had a clue.

  7. How is it these many bullet holes have pierced our Constitution and no one has been Impeached, or brought up on Treason charges?

    1. i agree 100% of your thought.tell me how can a woman who has done many many federal crimes not be in prison and yet is still running for president.have the people no shame or thought?how does a president shame to a news media story but doesn´t know what really has happened?all of the government employees are leeches.they do nothing.give themselves raises and vacations.none are on obama care.the usa government has become 1 big trash bag and it needs to be thrown out


  9. I have studied prophecy for over 30 years and have been teaching it for over 13. I sensed from the very beginning that Obama’s main objective was to destroy America. I know other Christians that felt the same fear. His preference for Islam became apparent early on in his administration. He is backed by billionaires from the Arab countries and of course, George Soros. I’m afraid that the Republican party is afraid to stand up to him because most of the older establishment is all for a new world order and they would be fighting the powers that be to stop the progressive agenda. The young conservative “tea party” types are fighting an uphill battle. Our country is reaping what it has sown and Israel stands in the balance.

  10. Anyone with half a brain came to this conclusion months and months ago thanks for saying it.

  11. He stated in his book that if things took a bad turn, he would side with the Muslims.
    Apparently he is doing just that now.

    1. I have always thought he was giving them money and “accidently” dropping guns for them. He is definately a terrible president .

  12. more than a few facts I didn’t know but ISILs real meaning was a shocker

  13. This articles needs to be distributed to every home in the USA.

  14. — Some of us Some of us have known from the beginning that obama was trained , and education paid for by the ” Illuminatti , for the purpose of DESTROYING our America ” !-!!! —-The ” Illuminatti ” consists of the Bildergs , a worldwide group of the ‘super wealthy’ who intend to own the world with their , ” One World Government Cabal ” – !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- – -This information was posted numerous times online by institutions such as – – World Net daily , Atlas Shrugs ( Ms Geller ) and others !-!-! over a period of a few years – !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I have felt for years that Hussein Obama is a muslim

  16. Hussein obama is a muslim

  17. Add another fact: his mother openly consorted with communists, his grandparents were communists, he was taken to visit Frank Davis at least once a week during his childhood in Hawai’i, he studied under Saul Alinsky while in college (oh yeah, so did Hillary Clinton) in Chicago, Bill Ayers and his father actively financed Obama’s activities and may well have financed some of his college expenses, his oldest and closest “advisor” Valerie Jarrett is an openly declared Muslim and communist………and we wonder why he is so set on destroying this country???? I don’t. It’s as plain as the nose on my face. He is a Muslim first, a communist second hell-bent on destroying this country.

  18. Makes me want to puke! Some president!! I just have to remember that nothing happens but what God allows.

    1. What God allows??? Really? Seriously? Most of everyone posting on this article has missed the core ingredient. This whole plan is Satan’s. If God is ‘allowing’ the Earth to be controlled by Satan then there is a pact between them. You need to get a clue. We humans are just just lab rats for the insidious game that God and Satan are playing. The joke is on all of us. Religion is a control mechanism for humans. Look at the world. Has religious dogma actually helped the world? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! I believe we are on our own. The question is ‘what are you going to do about it’? If you think God is going to save you maybe you should ask those innocent people who are survivors from the horrible things done to their families by the evils of war who were praying to God to help them. They got nothing but silence with unanswered prayers. By all earmarks that doesn’t sound like a loving, caring God. Oh, and you take the ‘God works in mysterious ways’ concept and shove it.

  19. I have never thought Barrack Hussein Obama had the necessary credentials to be even considered for president of the United States. It has been obvious from the start that some dark force was financing his climb to power. He was a nobody, was educated by communists and socialists, was never more than a community organizer, no one that he went to college with knew him, he couldn’t even produce a REAL birth certificate (all that think he did need to think again), no one investigated him, the newspapers praised him without even having a thought to investigate him and dig up dirt like they did for every other person who has run for president, what friends and acquaintances he has are all either Muslims or Communists or BOTH. Need I say more? Nothing this shell of a man does surprises me anymore. What surprises me is that our Republican majority lets him get away with it irregardless of what those that elected him think or want.

  20. I also firmly believe that Obama is a Muslim, but I also firmly believe that Obama was born in Kenya.
    Look at all the facts, a fake birth certificate, a false Social Security number from Connecticut, a State he has never live in, fake Hospital records from Hawaii, listing him as a “African American” in 1961 ???? and so on. Sworn statements by his grandmother and high ranking officials from Kenya who said they were present when he was born. I know that Bill O’Reilley would call me a “Loon” for saying that, so what. One thing I do believe, he promised a transparent Administration, that he did, for when ever he opens his mouth, one knows he is lying, That is transparent.

  21. OB. is human. To err is human too.
    Are’nt you guys crying over spilt milk?

    The God of the Bible is Sovereign. So is Our Lord Jesus Christ.
    None can thwart his overall plan for Humans. He will destroy evil men/women by the word of his mouth. Not weapons !
    Whether OB. is a fan of ‘isis’ or not. I care the least.
    ” As many as received him (Christ in their hearts) to them gave he the power to become the Sons/Daughters of God, even to them tat Believe on his name”. This is what matters.

    Remember , the Rapture is imminent.

  22. Mr.David Burder, You are correct that “God is Sovereign”, You are also correct on your statement about “As many as received him”. However your statement of “OB. is human”. Tells us a lot about you. You clearly don’t want to acknoledge the evil this man is willing or capable of unleashing on the citezens of America. I do have a problem with that! As a christian I do believe we are to expose darkness where ever we see it. Which beg’s the question, are you truley saved? Seems to me you are more interested in defending Mr. Obama! Sir! You give yourself away and in who’s camp you are really in, by your statement “Aren’t you guy’s crying over spilt milk”. Don’t hide behind your lies, you are doing a very poor job of it. Admit the fact you are an Obama supporter.

  23. Mr. David Burder, would you please answer a question I have for you! I would like to know your bible ref. to your statement of ” the rapture is imminent” I don’t recall this statement in scripture! Please respond.

  24. I have thought that all the statements here are true. I also believe there will be no 2016 Presidential Election, because Putin will be allowed to destroy our electromagnetic field and we will be in darkness with no communications or transportation and unable to have an election. Pontus will declare martial law and announce he is continuing as President.
    He is pure evil and has been able. To do all this because nonchristians have been blinded. I think only true Christians see the truth.

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